Friday, June 1, 2012

Matthew Boyle tries to get Romney Campaign on record about the Gunwalker Scandal. (You guessed it -- they ain't talkin'.) OTOH, either Romney can start talking about it on his own or it can be fixed so that he will be forced to talk about it by events.

"Congressman: Romney should be pushing for Fast and Furious accountability."
Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar told The Daily Caller on Friday that he thinks former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney should help push for accountability in the aftermath of Operation Fast and Furious.
“I think he does [need to be more vocal],” Gosar said in a phone interview. “I think that people, as they find out about this, are outraged. I think Gov. Romney, with his platform of accountability, needs to bring this forward to explain what is wrong and why his administration won’t be anything like this, outlying the checks and balances that he sees and how the Department of Justice’s role is not a legislative one, it’s about enforcing the laws that are on the books not picking winners and losers.”
Romney has brought up Fast and Furious only twice during the current election cycle. In December, he demanded Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation over the scandal after initially balking at the question. In early April at the NRA convention Romney repeated that call and praised Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley and House oversight committee Chairman Darrell Issa for their work on Fast and Furious. . .
Many questions about this scandal remain unanswered as the White House and the Department of Justice have resisted talking about it.
The Romney campaign has resisted talking about it, too. Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul has not returned requests for comment from TheDC for months and the presumptive GOP presidential nominee hasn’t mentioned the scandal in about two months. . .
Romney’s decision to highlight another Obama administration scandal, Solyndra, this week has sparked significant mainstream media coverage of the failed solar energy investment and the appearance of cronyism behind it. Romney put that scandal in headlines across the country – coverage that has led to an embarrassing gaffe from White House press secretary Jay Carney, and renewed interest in unanswered questions about Solyndra.
Gosar thinks Romney could help put national focus back on Fast and Furious, especially considering how Holder has demonstrably failed to comply with all 22 parts of a congressional subpoena for documents relating to the scandal.
“The more the media covers it, the better,” he said, praising several media outlets who have covered Fast and Furious in depth. “The problem is this love affair the mainstream media has with this administration and this president and trying to hide the facts of how inadequate their policies and understanding of our government actually is. . .”
“We need this to come to the forefront and we need accountability from the media as well,” Gosar added. “They’re here to report responsible, unbiased dictations to the American people, and I think once we can get that, we’re going to see a lot more streamlining of information as well as accountability for these individuals that have been so egregious in their attempts at destroying this country and its Constitution.”
Gosar said he thinks that if Carney was forced to answer questions about Fast and Furious in a similar manner to how Solyndra came up this week, the White House press secretary would only be able to utter a cartoon character response: “That, that, that’ll be all folks.”
“Then, I think what that does is it puts the focus and the spotlight under the magnifying glass,” Gosar said. “And, first of all, that’s why they’ve stalled: They have no answers. It’s because their hands are tied to the cookie jar. . .”
Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul did not respond to multiple requests for comment for this story.
Note: Either Romney can start talking about it on his own or it can be fixed so that he will be forced to talk about it by events. The clock is running.


Roger said...

I think, (really, really hope) that the republicans (I won't call them conservatives) are holding the information, putting it all together and building a case to be used later on in the election lying contest. The hope is that the scandal can be used to help unseat not only the socialist in chief but many of his fellow hangars on.

Anonymous said...

Look`s like the fix is in , figured as much ,Obama or whitewashed Obama.Not much of a choice unless you write in Ron Paul.Holder has served his master`s well , and know`s where the skeleton`s are buried .The hack`s of both party`s know it , therefore to keep his mouth shut they will cover his ass.

Anonymous said...

I just don't see the downside here. This is not a "Birther" issue or calling the communists, well, er....Communists. It is mainstream stuff. Ma and Pa six pack can understand massive corruption even if they won't follow the dots to F&F's real purpose.
Romney is either an idiot or still believes in banning weapons.

Anonymous said...

The only differences between Romney and President Obama are:
1) the obvious and irrelevant pigmentation differences.
2) The president has, since his first days in public office, pushed for socialized health care. Romney, as the chief executive officer of a political state, signed socialized healthcare into law.
3) The president has, since his first days in public office, campaigned for and voiced his support for infringements on the 2d Amendment. Romney, as the chief executive officer of a political state, signed permanent bans on several types of firearms....
I get accosted a lot with claims that Ron Paul is stealing my vote from Mitt Romney. Nonsense. That's not possible, because I simply won't vote before I will vote for Romney.
Nous Defions!
John Mosby
Somewhere in the mountains

Anonymous said...

Mr. Mosby has hit the nail right on the head. Do not be fooled by Romney's words, but be educated by his deeds.

He signed into law freedom-killing statutes. He will do it again. He is not someone who can be trusted to get to the bottom of F + F.


Anonymous said...

if they dont push it out into the open and make an issue about it..and enforce the need to prosecute for this..than it solidifies my feeling that the Dem party is just as crooked as the Repubs..and they both need to go in 2012.
we are being played, or I should say those thaat think one party is better than the other are being played...two heads of the same beast.
the dems want to take away your guns as much as the Repubs..they are playing all of us.
well, some of us..aint fooling this 3 percenter one fuckin bit

Anonymous said...

Could it be that he's not that different than Obummer?

Anonymous said...

To John Mosby,
Dear Sir,
Surely you know that not voting for Romney is exactly the same as voting for Obama. The worst thing about 4 more years of Obama is the additional supreme court justice(s) he will get to appoint. If that happens, the second amendment and much more of the Constitution will be gone! We always must vote for the lesser of two evils in our system. If you don't vote for Romney and Obama wins, you will have to share the blame for that. Ron Paul lost! Please think logically now and vote for Romney in November!
- Old Greybeard

Toastrider said...

Greybeard's right. We do not need a repeat of 2008's election.

Yes, Romney is a crappy candidate. Yes, the established GOP is composed of lifers who barely comprehend how angry conservatives are.

But just ask yourself this, before you check that ballot off:

Are you so pissed off that you'd rather give President Zero a second term? Or can we settle for kicking him out, and continue trying to pack the state governor positions, House and Senate with tea party candidates?

Rome wasn't built in a day, and fixing this will take more than 'the perfect candidate'.

Anonymous said...

There are only two choices in this election - everything else is crap.

You either vote for Romney - or you vote for Obama.

There is no middle ground.

Anonymous said...

We are in somewhat of an abyss imo regarding Romney. We don't know how much is hyperbole, rhetoric, programmed, where & how much he's conflicted/corrupted or colluded w/ Banking Cabal & Neo Con/UN disarmament agendas. Both parties Repubs or Demos are in on it.

I'd suggest to those these two EXCELLENT Docs for more valuable insight as to what the End Game Agenda is:

"Freedom from War"
Doc circa 1961'

"The United States Program for General & Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful world"

& Lincoln P. Bloomfield's Docs circa 1962'

March 10, 1962

Study Memorandum No. 7

These two DOCS lay it ALL out there. They can be found by GoogleFu as they are not classified etc.

They should resonate w/ most as to the trajectory/azimuth w/ Obama in power of where we are headed. I can only hope that it will change w/ Romney. Paul would be my choice but it looks like that will only be in futility to divide & conquer imo.

Great blog BTW.

Anonymous said...


What assurances do we have, aside from wishful thinking, that Romney will appoint anyone better than Kagan or Sotomayor?

SWIFT said...

We will be the most fortunate people to have ever inhabited this planet if we even get to the elections. The ruling elite have long known a crash was coming; as well as members of the unwashed masses who have a discerning eye. Lies from government, Wall Street and MSM notwithstanding, our slide into the abyss is eminent, yet so many still believe an election will reverse things. As Solomon once said, "All is vanity". Forget the elections and spend your time prepping to defend you and yours! Nothing else comes close to being as important right now.

Anonymous said...

All you guys saying "vote the lesser of two evils" do realize that EVIL still gets elected, right?

Those of you that claim to believe in a Christian God also realize you're going to have to stand before your maker at some point and give account for WHY you voted for evil, right?

Ron Paul sucks too.....look at his inability/unwillingness to be honest with the Amerikan people about the financial crimes that have gone on....look at the fact that abolishing the Fed isn't a magic cure all for the country's woes.

Bill Still is the best candidate few people have heard of.....

Gunny G said...

Toastrider, you stole my thunder! Perfectly put.

johnnyreb said...

Anon, we have no assurances he won't appoint the same to SCOTUS.

But what we DO have is the certainty that Barry will appoint even worse.

John in MI said...


We hear this line of crap EVERY four years. We are always told, "just hold your nose and vote for the 'R'. This election is far too important..."
We will hear the same thing four years from now, and eight, and tweleve.....
If Romney wins this election in four years he will run against Satan himself (so we will be told) and if we vote for anyone other than Romney than we must hold the shame of voting for the Devil.
In eight years the Repubs will put forward their idiot again and this time he will be running against Stalin reincarnate! Now THAT election will be far too important to vote your convictions, just vote the 'R' that time and then later we can move in the right direction.
In twelve years the 'R's will run against ______ (insert villian here). Now don't mess that one up and vote your conscience, you can do that next election. This one is FAR TOO IMPORTANT....

Anonymous said...

The best reason to know the supreme court justice(s) Romney would appoint would be infinitely better than those Obama would appoint is very simple: No matter what you might think of Romney, he is NOT a Marxist and we all know that Obama IS a Marxist. I'm extremely surprised that you haven't figured that out on your own already.
I repeat - get your ass to the polls and vote for Romney. To do anything else is sheer illogical folly!
Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

Old Greybeard, what kind of person signs into law statutes that control your healthcare options and limit your access to firearms? If Obama does it, it's because he is a Marxist. If Romney does it, and he did, what, then, is he?

The Aussies were blindsided by a conservative government who took away their firearm rights. A vote for Obama will open the door to do the same. What will a vote for Romney do? His past actions have me justifiably concerned.


Anonymous said...

Old Greybeard-

Both partys are pulling out their pigs with lipstick and insisting they are high class hookers. A pig is still a pig, lipstick or not. So.. The choices are:

Democrats (communists): Pig with lipstick.
Republicans (pinkos): Pig with lipstick.

Where's the choice? None. Either 4 more years of the Arab or 4 years of a softer gentler pinko from Massachusetts. Or.. A vote of NO CONFIDENCE- write in Ron Paul. I'm going with the no confidence option because I have no faith in either party. Neither party honestly cares about the United States anymore. One party wants to take away my rights and freedoms wholesale, the other party compromises and hands them over in bits and pieces.

Get a clue- the elected elite are setting in motion a war on Joe Public with executive orders and blatant legislation. It's coming. Be ready.

Anonymous said...

Old Greybeard,
Let's put it this way...I'll cast my vote FOR Obama before Romney. Sacrilege? Heresy? Perhaps. But, at least if Obama gets it, we KNOW the shit's hitting the fan, and we can expect no quarter. Romney getting the nod just allows too many people who should know better, to stick their head back in the sand and go back to jerking off over American Idol.
"It is in vain, Sir, to extenuate the matter. Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace! -- but there is no peace. The war is actually begun! The next gale that sweeps from the North will bring to our ears the clash of resounding arms! Our breathren are already in the field! Why stand we here idle? What is it that Gentlemen wish? What would they have? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery! Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! " If its going to happen (and it IS), I'd rather it happen now, on my watch, than on my children's watch.