Friday, March 2, 2012

Kerodin proves my point.

Hope you rot from the inside out you rat commie bastard. Your cancer is Karma. See you in hell you fat traitor. -- Bill Nye, Kerodin's buddy.
There have been a variety of communications back and forth between concerned parties seeking some sort of accommodation between myself and the convicted extortionist Kerodin (not his real name) who claims to be an authentic Three Percenter and leader of same. In response to one of these pleas, I wrote:
I note that Kerodin has not offered to do so (abide by a truce), and he won't, simply because that has been his mission from the beginning, it is his reason for existence. He is now on record as claiming I am an ATF asset of some sort and I doubt very seriously that he will withdraw it, or cease attacking me. I must say that the longer this goes on, and the more he and buddies like Nye attack me and wish my death, the more he discredits himself and that's just fine with me. His latest proposal to pull something in Birmingham in October is hysterically funny. In any case if he shows up anywhere where there are firearms and so much as touches one, how can he do so without putting everybody else in jeopardy of prosecution of providing a felon access to firearms? You are, I believe, both seeking the impossible and mistaking that the two of us represent different philosophies of the same movement. We are very different, believe me, personally and in our moral foundations. He will not cease fire because he cannot.
Pete at WRSA, having taken Kerodin under his wing from the beginning, responded:
For the record, do you have any information at all (real, hard stuff - not innuendo or other bullshit) that Kerodin is a government operative? I think I know the answer, but I will show you the courtesy of explaining what you have.
In the meantime, Kerodin responded to someone else in the string about his charge that I am an ATF informer.
Well, Coord (Sorry, I don’t know your real name, only your handle),
Have you not read my critiques? They are chock-full of enough circumstantial evidence that if they were crimes against the state a Grand Jury would be convened, and if they happened in George Washington’s encampment, he’d either have Mike horse-whipped or hanged.
And you do not need to read my critiques. Read Mike’s own words and overlay a timeline of circumstances: Absolved drafts excoriate ATF. Mike catches a gun charge. Gunwalker breaks (fed to him by an ATF Agent, by Mike’s own admission). Mike starts nuzzling up to ATF active agents and praising them publicly (including the pablum “John Dodson, I salute you, sir!”), Mike skates on a weapons charge (and gets his pistol back, for those of you well-versed enough to know the system), then gets his permit…all the while trying to convince the poor souls who read his blog that the proper response in such circumstances is: “If you try to take our weapons, we’ll kill you”.
Is this proof? Nope. Is it more than he has on me? Yup.
Of course, this discussion is an exercise in futility. Mike started the snitch thing because arguing logic and reason is not his strong suit. He goes for hyperbole, bluff, tough talk, lies made of whole cloth, and ad hominem.
Coord: No offense to you or anyone else on this email list, but this matter is pointless in email. Mike has agreed to a truce several times in the past, many people on this email list have been here before, and he breaks every single one. If he responds at all it will not be with evidence for which CA has asked, it will be a refutation of what I wrote. So be it.
I have chosen my path.
See you all in Birmingham, if you can make it. Mike, I personally invite you and will offer you the opportunity to run your mouth to my face. Being a geriatric, crippled old bag of useless meat does not mean you get to let people on your blog intimate they will shoot me from 800 yards away, and it certainly will not stop me from holding you accountable for your filthy mouth.
I responded to Pete's demand thusly:
People tried to tell me YOU were an ATF snitch because of your participation in the Appleseed imbroglio.
I didn't believe them.
People tried to tell me to watch out for you after you vehicle full of arms and ammunition was seized at the Birmingham airport and, after you and your lawyer chatted with BPD and DHS, your property was returned and no charges were filed.
I didn't believe them.
People who knew "Kerodin" back before it was his new name told me after his first attacks on me that he was a con man, a thug and previously non-political. They told me their best guess was that he was an informer.
I believe them.
Now Kerodin charges that I, Mike Vanderboegh, with a twenty year record, with no secrets unconfessed, am an ATF snitch.
And you believe him?
Since it is now history, and forms the crux of Kerodin's allegation, let us talk about the pistol charge. You will note the date of the original incident, 2 September 2010. Although originally told I would receive the pistol back pending outcome of the case, that was denied to me. The outcome of the case I described here, over a year later. Throughout we tried but failed to force the prosecution to give us the name of the road rager whose allegation in front of the conveniently-assembled police cars formed the probable cause of my arrest. I had been told that the ATF had put him up to it, and this was why the County Sheriff, who now understood his department had been used by the gun cops as a tool to take me down through the suborned Deputy Cornelius, was eager for a deal.
Even then, after the case was settled, I ended up having to get the personal attention of the Sheriff in order to recover the weapon, and later, again, to get my pistol permit approved.
Understand, there was never a felony charge on the table. What we were fighting for all along was sunlight regarding how the incident unfolded and then the recovery of son's pistol. For THIS I am supposed to have "gone over" to the ATF?
And then of course there is the timing and what happened in the intervening 13 months -- the Gunwalker Scandal, which I was instrumental in bringing to the fore. Kerodin's slander fails simple logic, but that has never stopped him in the past.
There are those who say that that the public disagreement between Kerodin and myself is a "circular firing squad." That presumes that we are on the same side. We are not and haven't been since the beginning. Kerodin's assigned task -- self-assigned or by others -- is to attack and discredit me and my interpretation of the Three Percent. It has been since the very beginning. Yet no one asks "why"?
There are those who characterize this as a matter of "ego." It is not. Kerodin's kind came and went during the 90s and always left, at best, disillusioned followers in their wake. That is a matter of principle, not personality, although it does take a certain con-man personality like Kerodin's to pull it off, even for a little while.
There are those who say that this should be kept in the dark for fear of "helping the enemy." I disagree. The only way people can understand the issues at stake is to have these set-tos in public.
If Kerodin believes that I am slandering him, he is welcome to sue me. I will find discovery far more amusing than him.


Anonymous said...

You still haven't answered the question.

Anonymous said...

Somebody wiser than me once commented "Want to find the snitch? Look to the fellow wanting to start a fight, bomb a building or kill a cop" We are praying for your continued good health. God Bless you Mike.

Anonymous said...

Being a geriatric, crippled old bag of useless meat...

Wow, just wow.

I think the appropriate response is, sure, you're a geriatric crippled old bag of useless meat. But at least yer noggin is intact.

;-) ;-)

The flame thrower, not so much.

Get well soon, Mike.

bubba said...

Con men believe their own BS; just look at Clinton or Obama for example. There are people in all walks of life that make their living by deceiving others. They are able to do this because they find a way of being a mirror for the gullible and they have the ability to say what the gullible long to hear.

I will only seek out people who speak and act honestly and who have proof of years of integrity behind them. These people will not have been slaves to vanity or addiction; I do believe in forgiveness through contrition and atonement. I believe God has given me the strength and skills to weather the challenges before me but whether I succeed or not He has left that up to me.

Scott J said...

You can't be an ATF snitch. You don't iron creases in your blue jeans or press your t-shirts.

You don't wear the right shoes either.


pdxr13 said...

Mike, you are correct on the one point of fact not in dispute, that a felony conviction in ones' past makes a person much more subject to blackmail by Federal Officers, regardless of if this is actually going on at the present.

The nature of the conviction (as mentioned by K, "constructive possession" of an unregistered 10" upper while also owning a legal AR-15 rifle of standard civilian dimensions) is a Bravo Sierra charge, but was (or should have been) well-known as a "honey pot" item for the ATF to get convictions from. Being convicted of such a charge leads me to question the judgement of anyone who would allow themselves to be placed in or seek/keep possession of items well-known to lead to felony charges.

I have been handed such things: shoulder stock for a Glock pistol (instant unregistered SBR), select-fire kits for FAL, select fire kits for M-16, almost-done muzzle accessories for hearing protection, etc. After the first time realizing what I had, I got rid of it to a dealer/manufacturer ASAP. I wasn't going to do forms, and I wasn't going to have that stuff present. No Freaking Way am I going to make it easy to get a conviction like this. Besides, a short-barreled .223 is a stupid thing, for concealed carry close-range self-imagined street ninjas. That cartridge needs a 20" barrel minimum. I'm too old to get started on mystical black arts and their special toys, and I'm way too old to do a nickel or dime in a cage.

Keep the faith. They are running scared from you.


Anonymous said...

I find it hilarious that he cries about you using ad hominem attacks, yet he seems hell-bent on cramming as much invective and ad hominem in every sentence possible.

With any luck, this troglodyte will have a stroke or a heart attack from his anger management issues.

Anonymous said...

@ pdxr13

Sorry....constructive possession is hardly unbeatable in court.

All you have to point out is that all males in the room have a penis and are therefore in "constructive possession" of the tools necessary to rape.

Doesn't make you any more likley to use those parts for that purpose.

As you said, constructive possession is a BS need to worry about the ATF or FBI on that one unless you're actually dumb enough to assemble the upper and lower.

Anonymous said...

Kerodin's argument makes NO SENSE.

So Mike as a secret government snitch.....has a job where he's supposed to tell people to bide their time and NOT do anything like a Ft. Sumter? How exactly is he supposed to gather a group of "hatriots" who are actually going to do something with that kind of rhetoric????

Seriously? This is the best Pete, Bill and Kerodin can come up with? Really?

On the other hand....Pete and Kerodin are always saying how enough is enough and we should start "taking the country back".....oh sure, they're a little more subtle than advocating sniping politicians....but they certainly allude to such acts an awful lot.

Now, who's the one fomenting an 'uprising' that could actually lead to some arrests?

F**K people.....this should be obvious.


SWIFT said...

I have had some experience dealing with snitches and undercover types. First thing I noticed was their hands were soft as a babies ass, when I shook it. Another give away was the well manicured nails, like a girl, and, inevitably, they had more money than most patriots in my experience. Anonymous made a good point about their shoes. Also a dead give away. On a couple occasions, I let them hang around so I could learn about them. Once the initial infiltrator thought he had established himself, an undercover operator would move in. This is where the regular haircut, shoes, girly nails, money, lame employment/job excuse came into play. (Around here, they tried to pass themselves off as cellphone tower erectors. Remember the baby ass hands?) My wife is my backup system. I'm not saying she is clairvoyant, but damn near. She can talk to a person for 5-10 minutes, then she announces,"he's dirty". She just flat out knows things! Too cash strapped to have her meet Kerodin, but she'd know!

Anonymous said...

Well, after reading some comments on another blog (something about a patriot from the northern area) I guess whoever (if anyone) is the gov't operative, their job has been accomplished. Nothing like sowing some discontent amongst the opposition.

enough said, just ignore this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Kerodin has tried to co-opt the Three Percenter slogan, although it was Mike’s historical observation that popularized it through his blog. It is apparent that Kerodin is jealous of Mike and Mikes abilities, and has tried to gather his own following using Mike's concepts with his own twist of bravado BS, that will in the fullness of time get his “followers” killed or imprisoned for a very long time. Apparently Kerodin believes if he can discredit Mike, he will become the defacto leader of the Three Percenters – a delusional dream of grandeur at best.

There is a lot of anger in the country right now, and rightfully so, due to the abuses of this government over the last 40 years. Kerodin is pretty good at tapping into that anger and redirecting it for his own use. And his brand of “Patriotism” appeals to the worst kind of people, as well as the worst in the best people who get sucked into his circle. Bill Nye is a good example of the worst kind of people, and his vile, baseless rhetoric bears that out. CA and Pete are, by all appearances, good people who have allowed their anger to be used against them by a con man.

Kerodin, who ever he really is, would have us believe that since Mike didn’t get into a shoot-out with the police over his having a pistol in his vehicle, that Mike must be some kind of ATF stooge. I’m sure that he would have loved nothing more than to see Mike gone from the scene, so he could proclaim himself the leader of the merry band of Three Percenters, and then bemoan the loss of the late leader who died for the cause. I’m pretty sure that Kerodin would not have done what he accuses Mike of failing to do; that is, fight a senseless battle for some kind of Pyrrhic victory for the “Patriots.”

Mike’s other sin? Exposing Fast and Furious using his contacts in the ATF, and, heaven forbid, acknowledging the bravery of those agents that went against one of the most evil branches of the Federal government and putting themselves and their families at grave risk of all kinds of retaliation. Kerodin has done nothing, but he would have us believe that it would have been better to start a shooting war with the ATF rather than discredit them in the eyes of public opinion, which is the only way to really win support for our cause. Kerodin? Not a shot fired from him as of this date, though I’m sure he’d like to get some other sucker to do that for him.

Let Kerodin and his band do what they will, but make no mistake, they are not the moral descendents of our country’s original Three Percenters. Indeed, they have no principles at all beyond their own self-aggrandizement and false bravado.

Mike, our prayers are with you.


Anonymous said...

If Kerodin's book is so important to "the movement" then why is it not FREE TO DOWNLOAD?!

The current excuse is "we need the $ to finance the movement."

FINE. Then why is there no "cut-out" method available for accessing it?
I mail him a money-order, with a "hushmail" or similar anonymous e-mail address. He sends me a link where I can download the copy.



Given his status as a convicted felon, he MUST know this is a bad idea even if his motives are pure.

He's also been around the "publishing" thing long enough to have come up with this "anonymizer" method all on his own.

If he REALLY wanted to "grow the movement" then why not put the book on amazon? He'd still "raise money for the movement" through sales, but then HE WOULDN'T HAVE A LIST OF BUYERS!

Why must **HE** control everything?

Mike INVENTED the "threeper" thing.
Kerodin showed up out of the blue and set about to co-opt it.

Kerodin never volunteered his past, and even changed his name to try to hide it.

I'm not accusing Kerodin of being a rat, but I can't help noticing what looks like a tail, some whiskers and some beady little eyes - not to mention that he seems to leave a trail of little black pellets everywhere he goes...

Only time will tell - I sincerely hope you folks who are trusting him are making the right decisions!!

This alone makes me question his true allegiances.

Slobyskya Rotchikokov said...

Every time that I read one of his demented scrawlings, it reminds me of nothing more than a rabid monkey, or a mentally ill toddler, hurling lumps of feces. "Crippled old bag of useless meat" - wow, what CLASS! What a tremendous command of language skills! What a piece of human excrement!
This lunatic bastard comes more and more unhinged, practically foaming at the mouth it would seem, and his sycophants and toadies can't wait to run over here to post their notions of wisdom or repartee, on a par with "Oh, yeah?" and "So there!"
His rantings are much more in keeping with the verbal vomit of the Occupy Movement, than any three per centers. of course, as long as he makes a few bucks peddling his merchandise and his books, why should he even make an attempt at appearing like a civilized human being?
What a joke. And IF the SHTF, I have no doubt that he will be one more lod mouth REMF, yelling at everyone else, Go get'em, while I stay in the rear with the gear, and oh, by the way, buy my book before you head into battle.

Anonymous said...

I have given you 100's of dollars because I believed in you. No longer. Please use your skills to heal this..otherwise, I can no longer support you. I have had enough of this bullshit.


Anonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing about K, but I have to admit it is wise to keep this feud in the public eye. To put it nicely, K isn't the brightest bulb in the box. He claims he wasn't aware what he was doing with the white paper could be interpreted as extortion. He also suggests he wasn't aware of the law when it comes to firearms. Despite having been convicted for wrong doing on his part, he still believes this was an injustice against him.

What does one do when released from jail having the reputation as a con with no legal firearm rights? Why, seek to become the leader of an armed group and ramp up the anti-government vitriol, but of course! Nevermind what accepted leadership thinks of him, he'll seek to redefine the group to fit his vision of what it should be. To K, it's all about him, drawing attention and money to himself in the process, doing what he wants to do regardless of what others think and nothing else matters.

K is everywhere with his many names, URL's, and numerous pursuits of money through various efforts and businesses; not to mention his mouth. Combine a criminal past with high visibility in a curious cause which draws attention to someone having a lack of knowledge about the law and inability to discern how others perceive him and you've got a recipe for disaster.

K will eventually cross the line in a big way. Whatever that situation may be, everyone will want to know if he is associated with the same Three Percent group found on Sipsey Street. Keeping this feud public documents for the record he was never one of us.

Happy D said...

Considering how K reacted when I pointed out how this mess happened just when the Progs needed a distraction.
I now wonder what he is up to.

Take Care Mike.
You were right to doubt him and I was wrong to have given him the benefit of the doubt.

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

"Kerodin"? As you and I both know, Mike, there's as much nobility in being despised by the despicable as in being admired by the admirable. Kerodin, therefore, honors you, if unintentionally.

I am curious as to how you provoked the enmity of The Science Guy. He always seemed such a genial type.

ParaPacem said...

Just a note offered in friendship, so that you do not embarrass yourself in the future, in other circles:
Whenever anyone includes a statement to the effect of ' Hey *I* gave you MONEY and now I won't, so there!" - and I know that is a paraphrase, but it IS the meaning of your words in a public post - it only makes you look like a rather petty person who feels that others can be manipulated or hurt by your withholding money from them.
I am suyre you are not really that type of person, deep down inside, but to avoid having others read your words and onscreen handle and assume you are a classless fellow, consider either writing such notes PRIVATELY to people with whom you have a beef, or else leaving out the "Look at ME I was PAYING you, so you should have done what I said!"
Best wishes,

pdxr13 said...

A good lawyer with a good team can often beat a BS charge, but unless you have some thousands of dollars to get started, you won't have a lawyer. Public Defender is often less useful than defending myself (a fool attorney and fool client) and like being in a car accident with someone using the same ins. company. Even if you do get everything right, the prosecutor may be out to "make an example" and assign unlimited manpower and money to your case when you refuse to accept a guilty plea & "deal".

This is personally very expensive and life-destroying, even when you "win".

Being accused of "rape" is very similar to being accused of having the ability to assemble a non-complying weapon. Thanks for the example.

2 crimes that can be done with minimal skill, tools, time, and are also easy to accuse/fake. No one needs to see or remember anything, and there you are. When you get convicted, it becomes a "fact" rather than the truth. Go from there.

I've spoken with wimmin who believe that all M-F sex is rape of the F due to the "unequal power ratio". Common sentiment, even, around pdx. You don't want them on your jury.

I've been on convicting juries where I was the lone voice of questioning the official version and testimony that didn't add up. They convicted over my objection at least once. I got $40 and bus money and didn't have to do it for 24 more months.

Get a longer bag, like a hockey stick bag, instead of a shorter barrel. NHL logo with at least 8" letters.
Go Pirates!


Anonymous said...March 2, 2012 12:06 PM
@ pdxr13

Sorry....constructive possession is hardly unbeatable in court.

All you have to point out is that all males in the room have a penis and are therefore in "constructive possession" of the tools necessary to rape.

Doesn't make you any more likley to use those parts for that purpose.

As you said, constructive possession is a BS need to worry about the ATF or FBI on that one unless you're actually dumb enough to assemble the upper and lower.

Pericles said...

All things being equal, I'd rather hang with the crowd that is capable of putting together multiple coherent sentences using the English language.

I conjure that those folks are more likely to try to win while keeping as much of the FREEFOR alive as possible in the process.

udaman said...

In the immortal words of Rodney King, "Why can't we all just get along." I would like to believe we are on the same side, so why do we have to play the "who's is bigger" game. Understand that there are more fronts in this battle and one tactic will not work for them all. We really have to realize our differences and play off of each other's strengths. Let's not destroy ourselves when we could be much stronger together.

Scamp1776 said...

People tried to tell me YOU were an ATF snitch because of your participation in the Appleseed imbroglio.

OKAY... I am an Appleseed Qualified Rifleman.... what Imboglio?

By the by the BATFE is loving all this internecine BS... which is me and mine stay in our towns and hollers and train... the informants and other will reveal themselves by and by... as will the operatives. Know who you are and speak the truth and none of the subversive bone-heads can hurt you or yours.

oughtsix said...

I have (probably) wasted a lot of time and effort over at wrsa trying to defend you, Mike, and expose the fallacies that are "kerodin."

I am happy to do so, however frustrating are the responses there, from folks who I would have thought should have known better.

Here, if anyone cares:


Pete's very title of that post is disgusting and shows his utter bias. It is just incomprehensible to me, from him and AP and several others, that they can be so obtuse and lacking in discernment.

Fear and anger cloud judgement, is all I can see. Lord knows there is plenty of both with which to contend.

May God Bless you, Mike, and keep you in the fight for Liberty.


John Smith. said...

Kerodin does not understand that if he was right he would have been dead a long time ago. That would be the only logical outcome from the criminal he tries to point you out to be... Yet that does not reflect the reality of the situation.. Some people are fools because they are ignorant. Some are fools because they are stupid... Which fool is Kerodin....

Anonymous said...

How many 100's, Pickdog?.....that way I'll know how much to send in your stead.


Anonymous said...

The hate that these three spew is incomprehensible. I have disliked a few people in my life but I have never hated anyone nor have I wished someone dead. I will never follow anyone that hates so much. They would not be freedom fighters instead they would be murderers.Imagine what they would do if turned loose on the innocent American people. I can only think of one word..."genocide" and the return of Nazism. Our movement is not about hate it's about freedom from tyranny and restoration. I rarely comment on blog sites but these people make me want to hurl. I have never heard Mike write of hate. If these people want to go on a killing spree fueled by hate then let them, they'll surely lose and end up dead or in prison and they'll do it without my help. Mike has yet to let me down and until he does, I trust Mike.


Excuuuuseee Meeeee, but can you bring us newbees up on what this Kerodin/Nye shit is all about ? Is the Nye the same Nye as the science guy ?

For what its worth..
I've got something growing in me too, now the size of a softball and hurtin every day. Been putting off surgery 'cause the last time in the OR they came dam close to killing me. So its day by day.