Friday, March 2, 2012

I am accused of making people "leave the movement" in disgust.

To which I replied,
Anyone who "leaves the movement" out of ideological conflict was hardly serious to begin with to see it through. In so far as trust, I agree. Don't trust me, don't trust Kerodin. That's why you must organize locally, with people you can establish trust with by looking them in the eyes. Don't look for leaders to trust, BE YOUR OWN LEADERS. Trust then becomes a non-issue. If you were looking for a social club so you can elect a grand pooh-bah, try the Elks.


Female III said...

That must have been written on toilet paper because they are full of shit.

Anonymous said...

LOL, excellent! I fully agree, good work man and get rid the alien softball.

Chaplain Tim said...

I don't know Kerodin, and I only know Mike from what I have read in the last few years. Neither is the only place I get my information from, but then again I'm not looking to be led.
The internet is like a buffet, pick out what you like and ignore the rest. No need to throw a tantrum just because someone put garbonzo beans in the salad- simply don't eat it. There's plenty of information to go around and no shortage in the near future, so digest what you can and give the hysteronics a pass.
Coming from a large extended family, maybe I just have more experience at dealing with people I have to be around that I don't really care for. Every family has some black sheep or some overbearing elder- treat the "flame wars" around the internet like you would a visit by your drunken aunt, smile and nod your head knowing that it will all be over soon.


Anonymous said...

mike, sorry to hear that you and "softball" will be playing together for awhile, prayers for a safe surgery and speedy recovery!


Pat H. said...

I have found, over many years of activism, that anyone saying that has been looking for an excuse to leave the movement.

For everyone of those people lost, it's like gaining two more.

Anonymous said...

"leave the movement"???

Uh, I thought it was a mindset.

"...there are men among them who know very well what they are about."

Sedition said...

One can't leave what they were never a part of in the first place.

Fox7.62 said...

I became aware of the movement through you. I agree with your comment on organizing locally as I realize you cant do anything for me and I cant do anything for you. Except for the $5 I sent you a year ago.

bondmen said...

A man is known not only by his friends but by his enemies. You are now in good company.

Torque said...

Well said; clear, concise and simple to understand. This movement is about an individual's responsibility for freedom and liberty. The result will be the hard earned fruit to be shared for all.

For those interested, re-read the story of the Colonists III'pers. They too had a version of "dandies" who found fashionable applause and attention while voicing support in the movement.

Until, things were about to get real. When ideology and the pocket book were to come to a head.



Anonymous said...

Honestly Mike I think you give Kerodin more air time than he deserves, but hey, it's your air time. I think everyone knows which side you're on by now and nothing that nitwit posts is going to change anyone's mind. If it does...well there isn't much to recommend that particular mind in the first place, is there? Good riddance.


Uncle Al said...

Quite right - they are unserious to the point of silliness or at least pettiness.

There is no one with whom I agree totally. The sane way to look at anyone is to decide whether his fortes outweigh his foibles. In your case, Mike, they do, and do so overwhelmingly.

So, not being particularly interested in the Vanderboegh/Kerodin conflict, I just don't pay any attention to it.

Curly said...

Huh. You are the reason many joined the movement. Too, I remain, Sir.

MamaLiberty said...

Absolutely, Mike! Excellent response. :) You'd love our "organization."

No "officers," no formal meetings, no treasury, no bylaws except non-aggression and a pledge to be good neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Well then they must be leaving because the truth is something they can't handle. That's the unfortunate thing, too many people want to view the world and our political and economic situation with rose colored glasses.

Thanks for reporting the truth Mike and thank you for your efforts at extrapolating the truths and the facts which we know are known to others, and simply not reported or used as propaganda in order to advance the evil they support.

bubba said...

I don't agree with the folks who think that disputes are counter productive and or damaging.

I grew up at a time when I had to defend my decisions daily; at home, in school or at work. Competition was considered a good thing back then and good people were required to be able to defend their core principles. This is how my wife and I raised our children; there would be no un-earned honors.

I believe that folks with weak positions lack the confidence to defend their beliefs and therefore they wish to avoid arguments.

Anonymous said...

Kerodin's problem is that they are leaving "his" movement.


Anonymous said...

Mike - i started reading your blog because of fast and furious. I spent the entire day reading the history of past conflicts with Christian Hyman and others(a.k.a Kerodin) His strategy is classic Alinsky. Do you know Neal Rauhauser?

Anonymous said...

Liberty isn't a movement.

pdxr13 said...

My experience as a young (39) "Worthy President" in one of the Animal-named fraternal clubs has shown me that people are not easily led. In my organization, I was at-best, a non-voting moderator, not a dictator of any kind. People had some respect for the job (necessary,and a PITA for me in that meetings were on a must inconvenient night), and after a while, would propose and 2nd motions I was in favor of. I did my best to explain to the membership what a proposal was and the effects of proposals before they came to a vote.

Topics like color of paint, bar & kitchen paid and volunteer hours, brands of liquor, hours of operation consumed many hours of official meeting time. Everything was subject to motions and endless debate. It is a perfect example of little-D democracy in action.

Who ever wishes to be a "supreme commander" will have to find someplace else besides a Fraternal Organization to do it in.


Anonymous said...

Mike, whether you want to admit it or not, you think you are the movement. The voice. The conscience.

You only speak for yourself and those who will accept that of which you speak.

Obviously, you should only concern yourself with your message and those who hang on to them. Everyone else who opposes your movement/message should be of no concern to you. Your movement/message should speak for itself despite those who disagree with you. Your movement/message will live or die by its own merit.



Anonymous said...

This 'Kerodin" punk sound`s like a cocky little smart ass.But I guess some dickhead safely sitting a thousand miles away pecking on his keyboard,can be as macho as his imagination will let him. By the way ,he now not only offer`s free advice.He now is selling T shirt`s and flag`s !. That turd just went spiraling down the drain here.We ain`t interested in in anything more he has to say.Get well soon hope it`s nothing serious.