Monday, February 6, 2012

Personal reflections on a trip to our nation's Capitol for a front row seat at a farce. "You don't understand how DC works." The problem is, now that I've seen it first-hand, I understand how it works only too well.

It was my last full day in the District of Criminals, Mordor-on-the-Potomac. My scathing TPM interview had hit that morning. There were people, I was given to understand, who were not happy about it. I should go easy on the committee, I was told, they were doing the best they could. "You don't understand how DC works," I was told.
I replied that the problem is, now that I've seen it first-hand a few times, I understand how it works only too well. As I had finally collapsed in my hotel room the night before, I was emotionally spent and depressed. I was convinced that my trip, made possible by the small and large contributions of folks who trusted me to spend it well, had been a failure and that I had not lived up the fiduciary duty required by your trust and generosity. I was convinced I had failed and it was all a waste. Readers will recall that I did not write immediately about the hearing, putting it off until the next day. That was because I couldn't put into words the abject failure I felt.
It wasn't because I had put my trust in the committee. I have always been prepared for set-backs on that account. But the rumors swirling were all in varying shades of good from promises of new, revealing emails up to and including a purported "nuclear option." When the hearing ended, finally, mercifully, with a whimper, I wasn't asking myself "what just happened?" I understood what happened. I just couldn't believe that my sources had all been so universally wrong. When I challenged those sources afterward, they came up with a one-word explanation: Boehner.
But, thanks to the accumulated exhaustion of a week of "alarums and excursions" as the Bard puts it, my body and mind finally just shut down and I got a better night's sleep -- even though interrupted -- than I had in a while. I awoke still angry but more focused. "We've been screwed" turned into "So? Screw 'em back." I had half-a-notion the night before to just chuck the day and spend Friday at the National Archives researching my continuing interest in Fort Pickering, Tennessee (1798-1866). I wanted to immerse myself in something clean and understandable. But by Friday morning I was back working the problem, and the sources, and by the time I got back out to GOA headquarters in Springfield VA, it was evident to me that we were not out of the game by a long shot.
Nothing good happens in DC without pressure from back in real America. As we go forward on the search for truth in the Gunwalker scandal I will remember that. My being there, despite the simultaneous breakdown of my free housing and transportation plans on the day of my flight out of Birmingham and the strain that it put on my -- your -- finances, in the end had made a difference in a lot of ways small and large that I mostly can't tell you now.
In retrospect, I kept faith with your hopes and that, to me at least, makes all the difference. May God bless you all. For myself, I thank Him that I did not let you down.


Torque said...

Keep up the great work!

As an esteemed colleague of mine blurted out in a political induce yammer; “The problem with the Kennedy's is, they're all related!!"

Much like much, if not all of the heads of state in Europe, they too are blood related.

Only in D.C., they all may not share the same blood lines, though they are definitely "in bed" together.

After all, ‘gotta sell the image back to the constituents to protect their jobs/wealth/power/control.



WarriorClass said...

Can you tell us anymore about Operation Headshot?

Mt Top Patriot said...

Dear Mr. Mike,

I have never doubted you, I have faith in you.

If it was not for you and Mr. Dave where would we be? Who else has the grit, courage and resolve who are doing what you two Gentleman are doing?
Sadly not too many.
It may be I'm ignorant, yet it appears in all this whole vast nation, with all its media, organizations who live fat and happy off the largess of tithes by the hundreds of millions, like the NRA, and supposed all high and mighty talking heads, and we can't forget "representative" officials by the droves and scores elected by people like us, with a system of Rule of Law, and principles of government by us said people, it is basically two impoverished virtuous guys who never give up or give in who are exposing the truth in real time on real events that have the potential to determine and profoundly change the questions of the day.

Thank you.

Matt Bracken said...

Mike, I know you are still finishing work on Absolved, and I'll read it ASAP, but I sure hope you are writing the uncensored history of Fast and Furious meantime as well.

Defender of Justice said...

Just a thought...
Think of the Global Warming hoax.
We, the working class, have been duped out of a trillion dollars of hard earned money by pols who are too lazy to do some research and critical thinking. We are now warned of a comming Ice Age because of reduced solar activity.
Sound familiar?
Now to F&F...Those same pols will do anything to maintain the status quo. They are all cut from the same cloth.
To win this battle and save the Constitution, we will have to separate ourselves from the corrupt, town by town, state by state. We must remove the Federal cancer from our force if necessary.
Let the scum rot in DC.
It will take time and it will not be easy, but the result will be a land to be proud of again.

Longbow said...

Mike, you're doing God's work. By that I mean, He has called you to do the work you are doing. Drive on with the mission. Expose the truth. Those who commit high crimes will be held to account.

Anonymous said...

To Mt. Top Patriot...
06feb12 4:44

Amen, and Praise the Lord !


Kevin Wilmeth said...

Mike, please hear this: what you have done for many of us, you did long ago. Its value is inestimable. And it cannot be undone.

"Success" is measured in as many ways as there are people to measure it, is it not? I am pretty sure that a lot of us care not a whit about the systemic setbacks that Mordor may throw at you; your bona fides and good faith are not in question. Nor, judging from the sound of rats scurrying, is your performance.

Please, just keep doing what your faith impels you to do.

Anonymous said...

Mike, feelings of failures come and go, normal part of the human condition facing adversity and set backs. But, dude, you are doing magnificently in my view.

And you reached the correct conclusion. This is not over. Please rattle the tin cup next time you need some FedRes notes. Since I am good on guns and the basics of life, I can't think of a more worthy and patriotic way to spend mine.

We are grateful for what you are doing. Thank you.

MI-copperhead said...

Keep up the good work of draining the swamp Mike.

P.S. Nice color photo of the Whitehouse with the Capitol in the background. ;-)

Millwright said...


Rattle your cup under my nose whenever you need to, Sir !

Some feed the nags. Some the casinos. I don't. So anything I'm able to send your way is my "gambling", and I've never doubted its "pay-off" ! Jeff

Chunkdog said...

Mike. I thought this was interesting. It comes from "White House Insider" on Ulsterman's blog.

February 3 - "Our friend Mr. DOJ has got some interesting announcements coming his way soon. Don’t be discouraged. The sh-t is moving slow but it’s moving. Things are going better than the outside view would appear. I know it’s a broken record to you, but we got him."

I'm still skeptical about this guy (WHI) , but so much he has said, has come true, I have a hard time believing he doesn't have inside sources.
It would be nice to know who they are though.

Keep up the good work and try not to get discouraged.

Anonymous said...

DC should be renamed Inertia City. Carefully crafted to resist enormous forces that might change the direction it moves inexorably towards... So don't be discouraged about lack of success, it's endemic to the environment.


eddymatthews said...

Thank you for all you do Mike. I am grateful!

Anonymous said...

What they said. My measly offering has procured for me, through you, more real influence --by several orders of magnitude -- than my vote ever has.

Anonymous said...


You should never allow yourself to believe you have let down all of your supporters. Many of them have demonstrated their strong support of your mission to speak the truth. All of your supporters, your family and yourself should be incredibly proud of your undaunting and selfless dedication that you have devoted to this effort without a desire of pomp and glory. You, sir, have brought great honor and dignity to all of those who have served and continue to serve for the betterment of mankind. Unfortunately, your adversaries cannot say the same. God has sent you on this mission for a reason and always remember that it is HE who is in control. Sometimes it can be very difficult and unsettling to understand why things happen in the way that they do. Unfortunately, hapless realization slaps us back to the realization that humans are imperfect creatures no matter how exhaustingly we are in our overzealous strive for flawless perfectionism. God is with those who stand for good, he will not abandon you as long as your work is for His glory and not your own. He needs men like yourself in His army if He is to be victorious over the evil invading this great nation. Remain humble, steadfast and faithful, He will see you through!

Someone who cares