Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another "Only Ones" Anecdote.

"Police officer seen on dashcam video brutally kicking motorist suffering from diabetic shock in $158,000 lawsuit."


Longbow said...

It is despicable. I noted it also,

Seems like there is a continual "spate", as David calls them, of "isolated incidents" lately.

Anonymous said...

One can imagine why a Costco shopper might be shot to death and then nothing happen to the shooters. WE, would definitely have gone to jail and lost all of our property and money. They get a pass and go back to work so that they can do it all over again.

See, there are no consequences when there is no constitution and bill of rights.

There I go making the computer list at DHS again! Maybe I should just shut my mouth now and accept that I no longer have any rights that they can't take away because that by god, is the honest truth.

We now have official enemies boys and girls and many of them are local. Might as well get used to the idea now and remove that little inhibitor as well.

It is us or them.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything that says that the diabetic driver cannot continue with criminal and civil lawsuits against the individual police "orificers" even after being paid off by the Henderson PD?

B Woodman

Jimmy the Saint said...

Promotions all around soon to follow, I'm sure.

bloodyspartan said...

Very few cops are like the Men of yesteryear.

Too many game the system to get there and care only about the Check and pensions.

Dedicated_Dad said...


They REALLY need to be outed!

RegT said...

Henderson, NV seems to be right up there with LVPD. IIRC, the pigs in Henderson harassed the lady who was Erik Scott's girlfriend/fiance. Not that I ever needed a reason to stay out of Nevada.

Anonymous said...

This is the logical result of giving average people a great deal of authority with ZERO accountability. If this money came out of their individual pockets, the po-po might act more responsibly.

Compare & contrast wit civilian CCW holders: little authority, lots of accountability (i.e., go to jail for screwing up). That's why the CCW holders' rate of shooting innocents is orders of magnitude lower than The Only Ones.