Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sipsey Street Exclusive: "The greater fear within the beast." The FBI looks "invincible, but so did the Soviet Union in 1988."

We see the beast without and
We fear the greater beast within.
But those who win, fear the least, and
Sense the greater fear within the beast.
-- Mike Vanderboegh, Dangerous Doggerel, 1997.
As a self-made military historian without much of a portfolio, I still know that you cannot understand a battle without walking the ground of the battlefield. To see the ground from the perspective of the combatants tells you almost everything you need to know to understand why they did what they did. This past week I walked the battlefield of the Gunwalker Scandal. I talked to the combatants of both sides. And now I understand both the shape of the battle to come and how it may be won.
First and foremost, there is a palpable fear on the part of those who want to get to the bottom of Terry murder and the Gunwalker Scandal of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Observers will note that despite news stories detailing the FBI's complicity with revelations about its paid, "stone cold killer" confidential informants divvying up taxpayer dollars to the straw buyers, providing them money to keep the Kalashnikovs flowing south of the border, not one mention of J. Edgar Hoover's boys has been made in hearings so far by otherwise outraged congresscritters. ATF, certainly. DOJ, of course. But FBI? (Sound of crickets chirping.)
The reason, say my sources, is plain and it has a name -- ABSCAM.
ABSCAM . . was a United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sting operation run from the FBI's Hauppauge, Long Island, office in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The operation initially targeted trafficking in stolen property but was converted to a public corruption investigation. The investigation ultimately led to the conviction of a United States Senator, five members of the House of Representatives, one member of the New Jersey State Senate, members of the Philadelphia City Council, and an inspector for the Immigration and Naturalization Service. -- Wikipedia.
ABSCAM was the FBI's payback to Congress for the Church Committee investigation of the FBI scandal known as COINTELPRO.
COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) was a series of covert, and often illegal, projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic political organizations. COINTELPRO tactics included discrediting targets through psychological warfare; smearing individuals and groups using forged documents and by planting false reports in the media; harassment; wrongful imprisonment; and illegal violence, including assassination. Covert operations under COINTELPRO took place between 1956 and 1971; however, the FBI has used covert operations against domestic political groups since its inception. The FBI's stated motivation at the time was "protecting national security, preventing violence, and maintaining the existing social and political order." -- Wikipedia.
It took the FBI years to deflect the many congressional threats to their very existence, and it wasn't until the Congress absorbed the lesson that the FBI was fully capable of carrying out retaliatory blackmail stings on them that the pressure abated, at least until the 90s, Waco and Oklahoma City. But even then, a fair argument can be made, ABSCAM continued to pay the FBI dividends of political protection and that force field of fear still continues to this day. I know. I saw it in action this week. I'll leave out the pedestrian details, but the fact of the matter is there is a reason that the FBI has not yet been targeted by the Congress for its role in these scandals and that reason is ABSCAM. Yet there is evidence that the ABSCAM mojo is weakening and that the Congresscritters who are seeking to get to the truth about the murder of Brian Terry should take not counsel of their fears. My sources, within and without the bureaucracy, say that the FBI is mortally afraid of what the Terry murder cover-up will do to their institutional survival. "They'd rather not go there," said one, "even the ones who don't really know how terrible 'there' is. They understand instinctively that it (the Terry murder, Gunwalker and PATCON) is the worst scandal they've been caught at, even bigger than COINTELPRO." But, said the source, "I think they're getting ready with a list of designated goats, starting with Mueller and working their way down to (the Tucson case agent supervising the Terry murder investigation). All they need is a credible threat from Congress or another big headline in the news and they'll fold." If it looks like the truth will out, said the sources, the FBI institutional prime directive will kick in. "They'll announce that they have solved the crime of the century and throw everybody, including Obama, Holder, Napolitano and Clinton, under a big bus," said one. "They'll save themselves by being the first to rat, but in this case they've got the ability to look like the big heroes who figured it all out first." The FBI will be saved as an institution, but said the source, "they have to be scared enough to give in to the 'better angels of their nature,'" he said with a bitter laugh. So, the sources and others who know DC concur with this analysis that I presented to certain congressional offices this past week. The FBI is a fearsome beast that is arrogant without assurance. What they fear is that we will discover that they fear. What they have come to fear as well is the power of the Internet to empower their opponents. Again, they look invincible, but so did the Soviet Union in 1988. One push, one spear point placed at the right chink in the armor and they will throw up their hands faster than the Italian army. We have only to understand 'the greater fear within the beast" and exploit it. Give them the assurance that all we want is that they deliver up the bad guys and go forth and sin no more on the way to their pensions, and they will "solve" the Terry murder cover-up and the Gunwalker scandal for us. Congress has only to point its finger at the beast and say, with credible feeling, "reach."


RKV said...

I hope so Mike. But as you have noted Mueller is indictable, based on his cooperation in F&F.

These are the facts as I understand them, wrt Mueller and the FBI and F&F ...

1) The FBI illegally approved the NICS background checks of KNOWN straw buyers and felons for the purchase of hundreds of firearms.

2) The FBI conducted the investigation at the scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death. Five suspects were involved, but only 2 weapons were claimed by the FBI to have been found. A third weapon has since disappeared.

3) Three suspects arrested at the Terry murder scene were released from FBI custody and deported to Mexico. They were not charged in the agent’s death although Manuel Osorio-Arellanes, the lone illegal charged with the crime said they were all armed and traveling with him. Apparently the Obama Administration refuses to deport anyone but possibly well informed, Fast and Furious accessories to murder.

4) The FBI was in on Fast and Furious from the very beginning. FBI Director Robert Mueller was one of the principle invitees to the October 26th, 2009 Southwest Border Strategy Group meeting held at the Main RFK building. He was invited by then Deputy Attorney General and DOJ number 2 man David Ogden.

Any of those facts untrue based on your knowledge of the situation?

So who in the FBI is going to rat on the Director and what is their motivation? Think capabilities and intentions Mike. I clearly do not know the answer. Maybe you or one of your readers does.

Anonymous said...


Here's a thought: do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

Some of us remember the Franklin coverup and the role the FBI played in that horrendous miscarriage of justice.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Wo! That's some narrative Mr. Mike.

Makes a lot of sense.
Ties a lot of things together.
The Big Bus thing is particularly noteworthy.
Will they do it?
Whats the ultimate price.
Something of that political ass covering magnitude don't come free.
The FBI ain't nothing if it ain't about preserving its power and the autonomy that power affords it.

Is there a grain of patriotic duty and honor of oath anywhere among this band of outlaws in dark suit drag?
Or is it so ultimately corrupted that that duty was bred out of its ranks by the end of J. Edgar Hoovers reign?

Or, is it a case of the enemy of Liberty's enemy Liberty's friend?

Anonymous said...

They the FBI do have enough budget to have readers read here. So, let the FBI know open channel that we will do the deal with honey on it not jalepena seeds hidden in the donuts.

Clear it is many of us have old Army, Navy, Marine, Captins Mast or Court Marshalls, or Highway Patrol records, or divorce court or civil law suites that we do not want examined. Nor do we want the full force of the ATF, DEA, FBI etal brought down on our wifes and kids. Win enough to fight once more later. Never start an fight you know you can not win. Work on how to win it later and take what you are able.

So, in the advancement of both they and U.S. lets get the deal done with the FBI budget and top leadership intact.

After all $ talks and the other shit gets your teeth knocked loose.

Easier to catch this fly in the ontment with honey some would say.

So, better deal would be to get Holder, the AFT goons, some bad DEA, and lower FBI's. If we get Holder and it is out in the open in the msm etal that would take 3% to 5% or more off Obama/Democrat votes in Nov. 2012. That is worth letting some honey flow low.

Anonymous said...

I remember little of ABSCAM, but more about an incident a little closer to home - oogle Billy Dean Anderson for some backstory. A guy who broke the law but never killed anybody, somehow became a ten most, and died in a fib ambush at his mother's home.

We'll never know the truth of that fateful night, but I don't know anyone who believes the official version. Fibbies ain't too popular around here.



I wonder if the FBI will pull Lon Horichuri, the guy who murdered at Waco and Ruby Ridge out of retirement.

With this regime, anything is possible.

John Ross said...

Mike, I've got my fingers crossed hoping you are right.

What's the current intel on the Terry murder situation? Three F&F guns at the scene, and an undercover FBI agent was there, who may have pulled the trigger? I heard that from a former DoD lawyer who I think said the memos or whatever were linked here, but I haven't found them. Am I looking in the wrong place, or did I misunderstand the guy?


Anonymous said...

This is no time for cowards. As terrifying as this entire cluster @#$! is. We have to stand up.

Anonymous said...

@John Ross: Not an Agent, a CI.

MamaLiberty said...

Ah, the mental image of Obummer and his evil partners under the bus... a possibility too good to be true, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Herbork says

Mike, once again as always -- much respect and love from the Peanut Gallery. SSI is one of the most important site we've got going for us today.

Anonymous said...

While it is true that a conviction of Holder on atricles of impeachment in the current Senate is extremely unlikely, the process of trying to convince the House not to file articles of impeachment in the first place and then trying to defend himself in the Senate would tie up a considerable amount of his time. Any time thus spent would be time he would not have available to cause us further trouble and is a factor not to be overlooked.

J. Croft said...

Okay, say this goes down like you hope: what do we do with the FBI? What can we do?

aughtsix said...

J Croft:

First things first.