Friday, December 2, 2011

Anecdotes of a collapsing civilization, Number 3,562. Despite her name, she's no angel.



Scott J said...

I know the libertarians and anarchists will howl and call me a statist but I've long been of the opinion that if you apply for government assistance to raise your children then one condition should be birth control such as norplant or an IUD (something that can't be "forgotten").

Anonymous said...

I would also suggest a "On the dole, off the voter roll" rule. When you are back to work, you get franchise back.

Dedicated_Dad said...

First, this is old. Even after they gave this thing a house she complained and cursed all who tried to help her.

IIRC, she ended up losing the kids to The State. She SHOULD have been forcibly sterilized.

If I were put in charge of "Welfare" it would work like this:
Each month you'd come pick up your check - in person, and by appointment. Miss your appointment? No check.

First thing is a drug test.
Next to the back to get your "shot" or have your "norplant" or IUD checked.

Then - ASSUMING you "passed" the tests - you'd be allowed to pick up your check.

While I'm at it, you would also be subject to random home visits to be sure you were keeping things clean and maintained.

You'd get a grand-total of six months "free ride" after which some sort of work would be mandatory. At first work would be relatively benign, but each successive six months would result in movement to a less pleasant class. By 2 years you'd be scraping up road-kill, cleaning crime-scenes, etc.

We have MILLIONS who not only don't work, not only have NEVER worked, but they have no family history of work and likely know nobody with any such history.

The first time their EBT cards don't work, every city in our Republic will BURN!

God help us -- and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!

Wayne Conrad said...

Actually, I think a libertarian might suggest that there be no government dole at all.

Let those who want to fund charities do so. Let the charities set the rules as they see fit.

J. Croft said...

The seeds of this tragedy were laid decades ago when we let ourselves be depedent on corporate wage jobs for our sustenance. When those started to be shipped overseas the first victims were the black factory workers who migrated to the cities for those good paying jobs in the first place.

That took place with Johnson's Great Society which came just in time to hook all those unemployed poor and blacks on welfare-except that the rules were rigged by those "well meaning liberals" so that black families were broken up.

Without strong families, moral examples, suceeding generations became more degenerate until "Angel" comes along with her brood of 15 hungry kids, three welfare bum sperm donors, and the usual klutch of stumblef@ck career bureaucrats and brain dead do-gooders.

This is a Gordion knot of manufactured crisis and I don't see a solution. She'll likely lose those kids, they go into foster homes and if they're not being conditioned into becoming the next generation of welfare bums and criminals, they will.

Longbow said...

There is nothing new under the sun...

W W Woodward said...

The first wave of many more to come. This world seems to be made up of givers and takers. When the givers give all they have the takers still want more.

I buy birdseed every week or so to feed the song birds and others that frequent my back yard. The ungrateful little wretches scatter the seed they don't eat, chase other birds away, and then shit all over my lawn chairs, B-B-Q grill and back porch.

I see some parallels to Angel's consumption of taxpayers funds here.