Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome to all our new friends (even those not so friendly).

("Damn! I wish I'd never heard of Sipsey Street Irregulars!")

The hit counter says we'll pass 4,000,000 hits today. Yesterday we had over 12,000.

Thanks to all, especially the FBI paid snitch who presumably turned the Georgia Geriatric Morons on to my website. From what I hear from Capitol Hill, not even the folks there believe that you'll be able to make a successful case out of a snitch who failed a polygraph. They also think that it was no accident that you accentuated Absolved in the charging document. It won't buy you anything, though.

Ghosts of the past reaching out to grab you, are they? You poor, sorry sods. Between all the various scandals, you'll be in oversight for the next century. Couldn't happen to nicer anal sphincters.

BTW, just in case you were wondering, the Christians in Action are laughing their asses off at you getting caught mucking around outside the borders of CONUS. They especially think the twist you put in your own knickers with the killer snitch who likely murdered Brian Terry is both sweet and fitting. And where is that "third gun" anyway?

In the mean time, thanks for all the free publicity, Mr. Mueller!


AJ said...

With that much traffic, you should get some sponsors paying on a per-hit basis. You'd be rakin' in the cash, courtesy of the FBI. See, they're not so bad after all.

TPaine said...

Wow! Now that they just pinched 4 old farts, I'll bet they get all the funding they need. Looks like the fibbies are on the prowl once again.

So all of you subversives out there, make sure there are no FBI informants hanging around when you plan your next big ricin raid. And hanging out at the local Waffle House is right out!

Anonymous said...

U vill address me as HERR Meuller - JA!!!

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

You're wrong, TPaine: I could think of no better place to plan the overthrow of the US government than over one of Waffle House's artery-clogging Southern breakfasts, replete with cheese and green onion hash browns.

Death to the District of Corruption and the American Empire.

Long live Waffle House.

DamDoc said...

What a sad, sad state our country has settled into. Hope and change is now rope and chains... I fear for the republic. God help us regain our former greatness. It hinges on the government serving the people in a minimal sense. Not the people funding the government in an ever expanding role. Please, please, keep up the GREAT work

Anonymous said...

Re: Describing them as "morons."

Just a thought, maybe these old men drew the line at what the feds / justice system did to David Olofson? Anyone supporting the government's actions in his case richly deserves to be held accountable to him, his family, and all innocent men and women everywhere. Would public flogging be enough? Would dying choking up their liquified internal organs be too much? Would death by ricin be a comfortable medium?

Ed said...

Since there is a long gap before trial and no guarantee of a felony conviction, the four "old farts" still get to vote in 2012. I can guess who they will not be voting for, along with a whole lot of others.

Of course, the more the four are portrayed as "crackers" the better, for some, but not many.