Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FOX: Author of Novel Cited by Georgia Militia Suspects Says His Work Was Misinterpreted.

More on the "blood soaked novel."

The author of an online novel cited by four Georgia men who allegedly sought to kill U.S. law enforcement officials and federal judges said his work has been misinterpreted.

Mike Vanderboegh, of Pinson, Ala., said his novel, "Absolved," which is set to be published in book form later this year, was "intended to communicate the fact that another Civil War is possible" in the United States.

"The federal government has been pushing the limits of liberty back in this country for many, many years, and my point was, at some undetermined moment in the future, someone is going to determine that they're not going to be pushed around anymore," Vanderboegh told "It is what it is … it's a terrible description of what might happen if people continue to be victimized in this country."

Federal authorities say members of the fringe militia group said they intended to model their actions on Vanderboegh's work, although the author's name is not listed in indictments charging the four men. The suspects, Frederick Thomas, 73, Dan Roberts, 67, Ray Adams, 65, and Samuel Crump, 68, all live in the north Georgia towns of Cleveland and Toccoa.

The men, according to court documents, had been discussing "covert" operations since at least March, considering murder, theft and the use of toxic agents like ricin to undermine state and federal government.

"What kind of moron uses the phrase 'save the Constitution' and then goes out to try and distribute ricin?" Vanderboegh said. "This has got to be the Alzheimer's gang. What political point is made there? I don't understand what was going on in the minds of these Georgia idiots."

Vanderboegh, who has closely followed the botched federal investigation known as "Fast and Furious," also runs a whistleblower website called Sipsey Street Irregulars. He said it appears that at least one of the men charged had visited his website and left comments, but he denied having any personal contact with the men.

"I am responsible for this as Tom Clancy is for 9/11, which is to say not at all," he said.

Vanderboegh said he has not been contacted by law enforcement authorities in connection to Tuesday's arrests, and he characterized the matter as a "misinterpretation of a piece of fiction."

Citing department policy, a Department of Justice source declined to indicate whether authorities had interviewed Vanderboegh or plan to do so.

"If we begin to treat fiction as grounds for legal action against the author because someone misinterprets it or uses a tactic from the book," Vanderboegh said, "then the First Amendment no longer exists."


Anonymous said...

Big Sis has been spouting off about spending more resources on tracking people (aka citizens) on the internet and social media.

It looks like she is well past the aspiration stage. You probably have more feds and mediamutters interns reading posts than any other demographic (now that the 75 year old ricin packing grandpa's are under control.)

Anonymous said...

crank it out, make it an Ebook

No need for a publisher.

I'd buy one of the readers just to read your book.

Anonymous said...

"hitch up your drawers"



The Spirit of 1776 said...


I read "De Bello Gallico" (in Latin, with side-by-side English translation).


I read "The Iliad" (in Greek, with side-by-side English translation).

Does the Stasi... I mean, DHS ... suspect *me* of plotting to overthrow a state and conquer the inhabitants?


I read a biography of Robert E Lee.

Does Janet Napolitano suspect me of plotting to attack the US?


I should burn all my books, while I still can.

Phuck the pheds. This has gone too far.

PT said...

lol. just made studio b.

Chuck Kuecker said...

I remember John Ross getting federal attention after "Unintended Consequences" came out.

When is Absolved supposed to be available? I have enjoyed the chapters posted, and I really want to get a hard copy or three!

Keep up the good work on Gunwalker. Thanks for your efforts.

Oakenheart said...

What's your hit counter on the blog now? over 9000? Any publicity is good publicity. So when can I buy the book? :)

cmblake6 said...

Haven't you heard? The Bureau of Pre-Crime has been approved and is in full operation.

I suppose thay figure if they can, we probably will too.

Anything they can do to stifle freedom, to include fiction, is well within their bounds they apparently believe.

cmblake6 said...


Anonymous said...

I put money on the Feds inducing these Grandpas into something arrestable with Dutchmans name on it in order to deflect attention away from F & F.

Anonymous said...

Well Mike maybe this will have an upside in the fact that more people will come to your site and start reading and learn how the alphabet agencies have harmed and killed Americans and Mexicans via gun-walker or whatever name the various operations occurred as...

Anonymous said...

Big Sis got grilled by Issa on Fast and Furious last week.

Grassley stuck it to Lanny Breuer yesterday.

The DOJ has started to take some real hits over Gunwalking. Alinsky tactics demanded it attempt a distraction.

So DOJ moved, busted an alleged geriatric militia, and invoked the name Vanberboegh first chance it got.

Is it just coincidence the "militia" was swept up the very same day Breuer was giving testimony?

Anonymous said...

"Mike Vanderboegh, of Pinson, Ala., said his novel, "Absolved," which is set to be published in book form later this year..."

You know, we're all going to hold you to this now.

Whizbanger said...

No offense intended, but why didn't the feds use a book already in print, say; John Ross's "unintended consequences" ?
It seems to me the most of the value of "absolved" in this case lies in it's connection to "Fast and Furious". These guys were pretty Internet literate to have read "Absolved", just sayin...

joe in reno said...

(AHEM) With all this free publicity it really is time to get the novel out. After the flacks all say any publicity is good publicity!

Da Curly Wolf said...

Sadly at this point I believe it's more likely than not.

Anonymous said...

Citing department policy, a Department of Justice source declined to indicate whether authorities had interviewed Vanderboegh or plan to do so.

That policy no doubt having to do with preventing yet another thing from blowing up in their face.

HammerHead said...

I expect to see more of this time of activity as the government continues to expand the "police state"! People that LOVE AMERICA are growing weary of a government that continues to wipe its ass with the constitution! People look at TSA, DHS, ATF and other agencies as the real terrorists and I have to say I agree more and more with that POV daily!

Cocked, locked and ready to rock!
Hammerhead out!

Mt Top Patriot said...

Watch the other hand that just coincidentally uncovered a plot to over throw the ones who are doing the real overthrow.
Like just when the noose is drawing over the heads of obama on down.

In obamastan Amerika, there are no coincidences.

Mr. Mike, one of the only two real American's, with the courage and conviction of their beliefs, to risk all, go up against the tyranny treason and murder breathing down our throats, and now, he suddenly after all this time, after exposing the most egregious dastardly, sinister plot in American history, finally receives mention in the state run media?
Somethings awfully fishy here!

Anonymous said...

Ummm.... About the "blood soaked novel" thing. Would it be too much trouble if I got a copy before you soaked it? My eyes aren't as good as they used to be and I would really like to have a copy I could read.

PT said...

"Citing department policy, a Department of Justice source declined to indicate whether authorities had interviewed Vanderboegh or plan to do so."


I would pay serious money to watch that one.