Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Events intrude. "Try to stay away from stress."

Still working on briefing paper but emails remind me that I'd better put something up here before people conclude that, like the third gun at the Terry murder scene, I have been "disappeared" by the FBI and One Hundred Heads is about to commence. ;-)

First, the mundane. Got a pretty good bill of health yesterday from the cardio doc. Echocardiogram not showing any more damage. Pressure good, been taking my expensive medications like a good little heart patient. Still need to lose weight of course. Best thing I could do, on that we both agreed. The healing of my foot has permitted me to get more exercise, though I am still instructed to use the cane to relieve pressure on it as much as possible.

"Try to stay away from stress," the heart doc advised. Pretty funny. Tell Eric Holder and the killer Fibbies. I'm up with it if they are.

Running around yesterday I didn't see hardly any of the hearing, nor did I get much done on briefing paper, blog or book. My oldest daughter Hannah has come down with some contagion while at college -- probably a nasty flu from the sound of if -- and I had to drop what I was doing to run to the bank to transfer her some money for co-pay and medicine. (We don't do credit cards -- or, I should say, they don't do us. You have to have credit before they'll give you a card.) Keep her in your prayers. Her younger sister has been assigned to be her keeper for the duration, since Hannah is hardheaded and wouldn't get her butt to the doctor until she thought she was dying -- at which point she called her momma to find out what she should do. So smart and so foolish. I don't know where she gets it. (Shut up, Rosey.)

I will have more in a bit about the hearing and other Gunwalker foolishness, before I turn back to finishing the briefing paper this morning. (Say another prayer. I haven't had this much trouble getting the words right since Absolved.)



Scott J said...

I was thinking "just like her dad" before I even got to the words "shut up, Rosey" :)

Thanks for standing down those 100 head guys.

Harry Bollocks said...

Prayers for all of you.

And all of the Dogtown boys will put their rifles and flow charts back in the basements for now.

Anonymous said...

My mechanic shows me a handful of oak leaves I have paid him to extract from my car's A/C fan then says "Try to park your car in a spot with less leaves." I do a quick mental scan of my 100' x 100' yard with the 9 mature live oaks. "Would the bottom of the swimming pool be a good spot?" I ask.

Did your doc have any suggestions of where on the planet this "away from stress" spot might be?

Dedicated_Dad said...

Mike: Let me STRONGLY recommend "The17-day diet" - I've averaged something close to a pound a day when following it...

You don't get hungry, as you're allowed literally as much rabbit-food (veggies, peppers, tomatoes, etc) as you want, and at dinner time you can also have as much protein (chicken, fish, etc) as you please!

We've been oinking out on turkey-burger tacos, loaded up a PILE of boneless/skinless chix-breast at $1.99/pound on sale... We haven't felt "deprived" at all though I'll gladly admit missing a nice steak for a few weeks until we were allowed one...

It's AMAZING how quickly the fat melts away when you cut out the carbs and CRAP!!

It's also amazing how - after the first week or so - you really don't miss the carbs and fats so much, and when you DO have them they make a really nice treat! We've all noticed that food really tastes BETTER when not drowned in butter or buried in excess carbs or grease!

We've also re-discovered spices and flavorings to dress up otherwise bland or repetitive items, and found alternatives to unhealthy items... Example: "Butter-buds" (or equivalent "butter-flavor sprinkles") give all the flavor of butter with NONE of the fat!

I've no doubt that your foot - like my knee - will feel INFINITELY better with less weight on it... I've come to the point that I can tell without the scale when I've picked up even just a few (one-hand-count) pounds because of the increased pain in my foot... ~20 pounds makes a *BIG* difference in my quality of life!

Anonymous said...

It's Hannah, and all of our kids, that give us reason to stay the course.

Teach them well, until you can teach no more.