Monday, November 7, 2011

Darrell Issa as a stranger in a strange land.

Issa gets it. Nobody else does. Watch this.


Anonymous said...

"If gun owners didn't like the government they would be powerless to do anything about it because the government is better armed."

Thanks for providing me with the rationale for owning a fully-automatic AK-47, Lefty. ;^)


Anonymous said...

Note to Alex Wagner: If the 2nd Amendment can be abolished willy-nilly, why should the 14th, 15th and 19th Amendments be immune from reconsideration? ;^)


Anonymous said...

Geeee! Shocker! The Marxists don't want you to own guns, while they escalate their attempts to own you and your family!

Never saw that before in the history of the world.....

Backwoods Engineer said...

Amazing. A major network hosting an "analyst" from a well-funded web propaganda site, openly advocating to "remove" the 2nd Amendment. Without caveat, without apology, just remove the right to keep and bear arms.

Over my dead body, woman.

These people REALLY want a civil war, don't they?! They are gonna get one, too.

Anonymous said...

Video linked isn't to Issa, it's to some scary little mush head who "doesn't get the second amendment."

Longbow said...

There is changing a brain dead leftist. They cannot and will not think logically. Short of being faced with their own demise, or, a divine epiphany, they will pave their own road to perdition, singing gayly along the way like the seven dwarfs.

I have finally given up the fantasy that I can convert a brain dead leftist with logic. I understand that I cannot show hypocrisy to a hypocrite and change his mind. His only reaction is hatred.

Folks, "Democracy" is the power of brain dead leftists and hypocrites to cancel out your vote.

Anonymous said...

George Will (remember him?) advocated repealing the 2nd back in the late 80's, early 90's I think.

He was at least logical about it stating something to the effect of "Well reluctantly I have come to see the Constitution forbids what I want, so better change it"

At least such a person is an honest upfront foe and not a sneaky backstabbing traitor

Anonymous said...

That Fudd pisses me off just as much as the rest of them.

"Get rid of the scary weapons with '60 rounds' and leave me my hunting rifle."

What an idiot.

W W Woodward said...

Typical progressive marxist mindset; "My rights, agenda, likes and dislikes are important. Yours mean less than nothing to me."

Doesn't that brain dead bitch realize that every single one of her precious rights have been achieved through and protected by the use of violence ... usually firearms?

Message to Bill Envall, bless his heart:

You'll be pissing and moaning big time about the 2nd Amendment when Wagner and her friends come after the "sniper" rifle you employ to kill Bambi and his momma. You stupid Fudd. That won't be funny.


Anonymous said...

Hey Alex: If you don't like guns, then don't own one! about that blow job, bee-yotch??

Bruce Krafft said...

What I find interesting is Bill Maher's apparent belief that our government would be willing (and apparently justified) in using nuclear weapons on its own population.
Just how scary is that?

Anonymous said...

In US v Cruikshank (1876), SCOTUS ruled that the rights referred to in The Bill of Rights and The Declaration of Independence predated both documents and therefore also predated the Federal Government established under authority of those documents. Further, the existance of those rights are not dependant upon the existance of the Federal Government. To make a long story short, repeal of The Second Amendment would have no effect whatsoever on the right to keep and bear arms mentioned in its language.

Repeal of the Second Amendment would not be a moot point however. A concept Jefferson put in The Declaration that he derived from Locke and others is the concept of the relationship between a "just" government and those who are governed by it. According to Locke and Jefferson, "just" governments are established to secure, preserve and protect these rights, not to curtail, infringe or remove them. Those who would seek to remove our right to keep and bear arms by repealing The Second Amendment would be well advised to re-read what Jefferson said about what a free people should do in that case: "it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government"

Dedicated_Dad said...

It's snapshots like these that make me WEEP for our Founders' (PBUT) Republic!

That said, Maher and the knob-gobbler make epitomize the term "LefTard!"!

(1) Cumb Dunt has no grasp whatsoever that the 2nd Amendment is the *ONLY* thing standing between her and repeal of the Amendments SHE actually likes!
(2) (a)Moronic Maher: Do you think they'd use nukes on our own people, on our own soil? If so, then you're actually admitting that your lefTard .gov is WORSE than saddam -- HE only used GAS!
(b) Just WHO do you think spawned and raised those Marines? Do you REALLY thing they're going to stay on your side if things break out?
(3) Engvall: YOU are the worst, IMHO! How can you NOT know the difference between semi- and full-auto? How can you not know that those "civilians" who DO own full-auto are the most law-abiding people on the planet, with (IIRC) **ONE** non-cop crime in DECADES?!

I could go on, but... I'm just preaching to the choir at this point~~!