Sunday, November 6, 2011

Brietbart's Big Journalism nails it.

A disappointed Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer reads his morning Washington Post and ponders the failure of the indictment of the Georgia Geriatric Morons to adequately aid in the Gunwalker Cover-up. "Damn! Soros is just not getting his money's worth from Media Matters."

As Pravda-on-the-Potomac picks up the "blood-soaked novel" meme, Andrew Brietbart's Big Journalism begs to differ -- MMfA Propaganda Watch: Media Matters Attacks ‘Fast and Furious’ Critic.

When the scandalous “Operation: Fast and Furious” began to get attention from Republican lawmakers and finally the press, the guardians of Left’s pro-Obama / Democrat narrative tried to discredit the people talking about it. Chief among the smear factories was, of course, Media Matters. The gun-walking operation, which has led to numerous deaths in Mexico and the murder of at least one Federal Agent – Brian Terry, is clearly a disaster. But in the sick and twisted world of Media Matters, the real threat comes from the people speaking out against their Dear Leader’s potentially criminal debacle.

Several commentators have speculated the operation was purposely botched in order to lend some real world data to the assertion that the guns used in Mexico mainly come from the United States, the crux of the argument being that this statistic bolsters attempts for tighter gun control here in the US. It may be a leap to make the connection, but the statistic has been used in reporting about the Mexican drug wars. Reporting including statements like this:

But finding a way to stop the weapons flow, now known as the “Iron River,” is being hindered to some extent by U.S. gun laws, officials say. In November, the inspector general of the Department of Justice detailed the problem, citing the lack of a federal statute specifically prohibiting firearms trafficking.

Again, it might be a leap, but the jump isn’t that far. The point is that there’s really no reason to paint those who have been following Fast and Furious as kooks because they see the potential. Someone should be asking these questions, but those questions are uncomfortable for the Obama administration, and Media Matters can’t have that. When Democrats are being questioned, Media Matters goons suddenly become strict constructionists in interpreting journalistic standards. They also try really hard to shoot the messengers like Mike Vanderboegh.

Captain Bob Kolenda, director of the Kansas City Regional Terrorism Early Warning Group (KCTEW), confirmed in an interview with Media Matters that an analyst with his group warned more than a year ago of the potentially dangerous consequences of former Alabama militia leader Mike Vanderboegh’s novel “Absolved”.

Apparently, Vanderboegh’s book was cited by one of four men who were arrested in Georgia as “inspiration” for a plot to attack federal employees and civilians. If you’ve learned anything by now, it’s that you should do some research into the things over which Media Matters gets breathless. The four men are loons. If you read this report from, you can see that the book didn’t turn previously normal individuals into murderous terrorists. They were allegedly part of a militia group known to authorities which was apparently infiltrated by an undercover agent who learned of the plot and built the case against them. The four men are also senior citizens who had trouble hearing the judge at the preliminary hearing. They’ve been into this stuff long before this book came out. Speaking of which, does Media Matters really want to go down that road? Books that might lead to violence? Thought crimes, etc?

Anyway, this is not to say that the charges aren’t serious. They are. The FBI seems to have stopped a potentially deadly attack. This is also not a defense of Vanderboegh, who has said and written some things that can easily be considered extreme and “out there.” The point here is that Media Matters has seized — with a death grip — on this one person in order to frame all opposition to Fast and Furious as fringe. The goal is to pretend that Vanderboegh is the only one who thinks there might be more to Fast and Furious that hasn’t been discovered and by discrediting him, they discredit everyone else looking into it.

Meanwhile, in Media Matters’ world, a federal operation which has led to the death of at least one federal agent and is threatening to bring down the sitting Attorney General of the United States, is just a “controversial” program that “right-wingers” are making too much of a fuss about. Nevermind the Congressional hearings, they’re just responding to the “right-wing noise,” they say. The Soros-funded propagandists would rather you not look into it at all. Letting thousands of guns “walk” into Mexico isn’t a threat. A book is the real threat.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


Mt Top Patriot said...

It is pretty darn simple. Stand back a speck, squint yours eyes a bit: The only thing these traitors, aka ruling elites, are scared of is the guns we own and the 2nd amendment.

Is there any other reason for them to invest such enormous political capitol, involving the high risk of so many of their ilk inside and out of the inner circle of their organized high treason, so many knowing what the strategy and tactics instituted for the singular purpose eventually creating the ruse of a narrative and political justification of disarming the citizenry so they won't end up with a patriots bullet through their heads due to the tyranny they are hell bent on imposing on better than 300 million people?

Now tell me different and I have some ocean front property to sell you in Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Gunwalker never, ever had ANYTHING to do with drug enforcement or stopping the cartels. NOTHING. The reason that the Obama regime, which we all know is a treasonous Marxist-totalitarian enemy force, executed the Gunwalker program was to create optics (lots of dead Mexican civilians, dead Mexican law enforcement, dead Mexican military and dead Americans) that they could then use to justify the elimination of the Second Amendment via the U.N., specifically the Small Arms Treaty. ATF insiders have reported that the Obama regime was "giddy" that Mexicans were being killed by Gunwalker firearms. This is because these people are Marxists, and as I have said here repeatedly, Marxists lie and murder human beings as policy. Marxists believe that human life has no intrinsic value and that human beings are object pawns that can be used and exterminated without compunction in order to further their own goals and increase their own power. In this case, the goal is to disarm the people of the United States so that the Marxist-Obamaist regime can seize totalitarian, dictatorial power, overthrow the Constitution, and establish a global power matrix. This disarmament will be achieved (or so they think) by using the meme of American omni-culpability. In other words, everything is OUR FAULT.- Ann Barnhardt

Anonymous said...

: “The social contract exists so that everyone doesn’t have to squat in the dust holding a spear to protect his woman and his meat all day every day. It does not exist so that the government can take your spear, your meat, and your woman because it knows better what to do with them.” Seen on Facebook, October 22, 2011

Anonymous said...

Between the Chief "Law Enforcement" executive Holder, and the chief Executive of the United States obama, We The People are being tagged teamed by instruments of tyranny occupying the highest offices of trust in the land.

Impeachment is required for both obama and holder in no uncertain terms.

It is a travesty of immense proportions that the Impeachment of both of these tyrants is only a beginning of the process of eradicating the vermin and crooks who infest and have completely corrupted OUR government for their own personal gain and lust for absolute power.

Anonymous said...

The crimes, treason and conspiracy to cover up said crimes and treason and conspiracy grows by the day.

Obama: Treason
The Executive: Treason
The Judicial: Treason
The Regulatory: Treason
DOJ: Treason
BATF: Treason
FBI: Treason
DHS: Treason
Law Enforcement: Treason
The Legacy Media: Treason
Traitors All: = Tyranny

The scope of their unmitigated disregard for all and any who do not genuflect before their tyranny expands by the day.

Anonymous said...

The "problem" is in the aggregate We The People respect the Rule of Law and do not break it. It is to our everlasting credit, a testimony to the character and virtue of America as a whole.

The ruling class does not know how lucky they are we are a good people, who are tolerant and believe in following the rule of law. But make No mistake about it, this tolerance is running thin as a razors edge. Peaceful lawful redress of the abuses of power, commiserate larceny, and tyranny foisted upon our persons by this elitist cabal of corruption has reached an unacceptable level that will soon require the last resorts of Constitutional redress granted to us as our unalienable God given rights to throw off those chains of tyranny being placed around our necks.

Anonymous said...

This ain’t about politics.
This ain't about the "law" as the ruling class spins it.
It ain't about proving who is the big liar and who is the truth teller.
This is about the real nasty.
About selling the big lie via any means, and subsequently through harvesting the fruits of this treason overseeing the collapse and destruction of the most beautiful form of government and its people in all of human history.

Dean Carder said...

Keep up the good work! Has the novel in question been published? If so where might I obtain it? I have several works of fiction that feature violence against the government yet none of the fiction has resulted in real life action. For an example of an author how wrote a book tha people and agencies warne him not to write, check out "Unintended Consequences"

Anonymous said...

How long do I have to put up with these maniacs before I have to resort to redress these abusive corruptions of power with my 2nd Amendment Liberty?
This entire government will not, in no uncertain terms do anything to change this reality.
That is the cold hard truth.
And to believe they are going to let a bunch of "Hobbits", "toothless" "bitter bible and gun clinging" "racist" "mouth breathers, and white domestic trailer trash terrorists" vote them gone is simply crazy. I read and see this kind of shit every where, and every time I try to reason out how the future will come to pass. I can not avoid the stark reality these fucking psychopaths will never let Liberty and Prosperity ring. They will take each and every one of us to hell before they relinquish one iota of their power and privilege.
I'm running out of good will dude.

Me thinks the crooks running this country have no choice due to their unrelenting greed but to find a way to start a violent revolution so they can justify extreme measures to keep the power and money they have stolen by placing blame on guys like Mr. Vanderboegh and fabricating an entire new lie.

If you haven't figured it out yet, Mr. Vanderboegh is now a prime target. The commie bastard crooks are going to pull out the stops and make him the poster child of those "dangerous conservatives" who love America.
From there it ends in marshal law.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question that comes to mind...

If the goal was to boost the numbers of U.S. weapons found at Mexican crime scenes - why not just fudge the numbers and lie about it? Our friendly gubmint has done much worse than tell a few fibs.

The gun-grabbers will believe anything that supports gun-restriction, and the 2A crowd will not - regardless of any "facts."

In the end, telling lies about "fake" weapons would have the same outcome as a few thousand "real" weapons showing up south of the border - without the pesky nuisance of having some U.S. folks and a few hundred Mexicans being violently gunned down in cold blood.

Very Pissed Off Hobbit said...

Those fools in our elective branch our "Elected representatives" if they wanted in a New York minute, with the stroke of a pen rescind every obstacle, regulation, every "Law", eliminate what is deliberately and consciously created to prohibit, steal, and deny We, Us, from what belongs to us. With a stroke of a pen it would redefine this entire Republic over night.

Any argument or bullshit to the contrary is treason and fucking war declared on my ass.

Dakota said...

"Out there" ....."OUT THERE"!!! With all the horse shit the enemies of the Constitution are doing out there and Mike is "OUT THERE"?

I really don't know how to answer a bull shit statement like that .....

Mt Top Patriot said...

You scare the living hell out of them Mr. Mike.
They are going after you like they went after Sarah Palin.
For the same reasons as you represent a sure threat to their power. More than a threat really, like in exposing the truth of how corrupt and evil these people are.
They can do what they want, but I'm telling you the truth you have revealed like nothing else is burned into the minds of millions.
Nothing will change that now.

The one thing they will never accused you of is being a Champion of The People, a Champion of Liberty.
But I do.
And because of the truth, of an idea called Liberty, something you believe in so badly you are willing to do whatever it takes to preserve it, no matter what comes to pass, they already lost.
These criminals in government drag just have not figured that out yet.

Longbow said...

I hope you thugs, who call your selves "really good guys..." are reading the above comments. I hope you are mentioning them to your bosses. I hope you are talking about them in your conference rooms. Do you think people are using the "T" word superficially? What you read here are the shouts. Hundreds of thousands are murmuring and whispering, and that will soon rise to a roar.

By the way, another false flag event will not diffuse this. You will not get away with murdering a batch of American citizens and screaming, "Look! Look! Mike Vanderboegh did it! Its them Three Precenters! Don't look at the hand behind my back, watch the birdie! The birdie!" That veneer has worn too thin.

Anonymous said...

What Part Of "Shall Not Be Infringed" Do You Not Understand?

Anonymous said...

"His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it." --United States Office of Strategic Services, Psychological Profile of Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

Arctic Patriot writes;

"The Second Amendment is not about hunting, shooting for fun, or "Self-defense". It's not about having weapons that are "appropriate" and "reasonable" for civilians, it's about you and me being as well armed as any infantryman in the US Army or Marines Corps. No honest, contextual look at the Amendment could possibly deny this.

"The somber truth is that freedom’s “bottom line” remains the "bullet box", not the ballot box."

It is about having a citizenry armed and able to pose a physical threat to the power of their own government, or an invading foreign power. It is about a people possessing the ability to physically and violently reign in their government, should it become abusive and grow beyond its proper role. It does, however, make the teeny tiny assumption that the people are willing to use it to defend their freedoms. The Second Amendment cannot defend you, this nation, or even itself. It assumes there are John Parkers around.

It is about the people possessing the means and ability to kill enemies of their nation and freedom. Anything else is a dangerous lie and a false premise that must be immediately rejected.

And that's it.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Remember, Hitler said it best:
"It is convenient to have a system of laws where everyone is a criminal."

WarriorClass said...

"This is also not a defense of Vanderboegh, who has said and written some things that can easily be considered extreme and “out there.”"

If Brietbart thinks some of the things Mike has said are "out there" I wonder what he'd think of some of the things that Thomas Jefferson said? Or the humble John Adams? George Washington? George Mason? Or any of the Early Americans that picked up their rifle and started shooting English Regulars?

Well, Brietbart's no American. He's an English SUBJECT.

I stand "out there" with Mike and all the other American Patriots, past and present.

Keep your rifles ready.


AJ said...

We all know the feds read this blog and the comments. I wonder if they realize that for every one person who writes a comment here, there are probably thousands more who read these comments and agree wholeheartedly.

BTW guys, it's martial law, not Marshall law.

AJ said...

Is it OK to say that I wish someone would kick George Soros right in the nuts? Because I do.

Anonymous said...

Well said Mike... 'Nough said.
Taz. Pensacola, FL

Mark Matis said...

Actually, AJ, I expect that FedPig has a hit counter on this blog that is AT LEAST as good as what Mr. V has. Per his sidebar note that his telephone is under a court-ordered wiretap, this blog is undoubtedly being continuously monitored as well. He is using blogger, and the Google is in tight with FedPig. I would expect that they are collecting IP addresses and feeding the info back to the appropriate Fusion Centers. Those using Tor MAY be less easily identified, although if they are doing it from a box with Microsoft software, even that is not a sure thing. On the other hand, those smart enough to access the "pipes" using Tor on a Linux box from a public wireless at Mickey D's or such can probably do their thing with impunity...

Anonymous said...

What Ann Barnhardt said. "This is because these people are Marxists, and as I've said here repeatedly, Marxists lie and murder human beings as policy" which is no different from a faction of Muslims that lie and murder as policy, hell-bent to rule the world.

Anonymous said...

@Dean Carder: Unintended Consequences by John Ross is a historical novel about our gun culture that covers how our gun laws came into being and the federales tightening of the gun control noose around America's neck. You just can't get a better education of how we are being oppressed by tptb, the false flags throughout our country's history, how to become a sharp shooter, stewards of freedom, and lastly, what we can do as Americans to wedge a big stick in the wheels of corrupt machinations perpetrated against us by tptb. You will not regret reading this long book (~800pgs) because you will become well-armed in the knowledge of our individual rights, as well. A must read. I took notes on my second reading for future use. (Disclaimer: I am not the author, although I play one in real life.)

Reg T said...

Mike, what better excuse for finally publishing Absolved?Along with the income it would generate for you.