Thursday, November 10, 2011

All perjury is local. "It was not a national operation."

Defending the indefensible, Field Marshal Holder tells a "local" lie.

Recall this from earlier this week:

"Some of the overheated rhetoric might lead you to believe that this local Arizona based operation was somehow the cause of the epidemic of gun violence in Mexico. In fact, Fast and Furious was a flawed response to and not the cause of the flow of illegal guns from the United States into Mexico." -- Eric Holder, testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, 8 November 2011.

Senator John Cornyn wasn't about to let him get away with the "local" defense, i.e. blaming Phoenix:

"On August the 7th, I sent you a letter, asking you about the Texas connections, and I got a letter back last Friday from your subordinates, saying that you were unable to provide more information at this time. I'm hopeful you will be able to provide more information, because we know that the weapons from Fast and Furious have shown up at 11 different crime scenes in the United States, and this is far from, as you'd stated earlier, a local law enforcement operation in terms of its impact." -- Senator John Cornyn to Eric Holder, ibid.

Which then led to this exchange:

CORNYN: OK. Well, let me go on to something else. Do you still contend this is still a local law enforcement operation?

HOLDER: No, no; it's a federal -- oh, no, no, that -- don't misinterpret that. It's a -- it's a federal law enforcement...


CORNYN: Well, they're your words. You said it was it was...

HOLDER: No, no...

CORNYN: ... a local law enforcement...

HOLDER: Well, then, that's my fault.

CORNYN: ... opening testimony.

HOLDER: Well, that's my fault. It's a federal law enforcement operation that was concerned -- that was of local -- of local concern. It was not a national operation. (Emphasis supplied, MBV.)

CORNYN: Well, it metastasized, didn't it, to Mexico, it metastasized to Texas, and obviously Arizona. So it wasn't certainly local in effect. Well, you would agree with that?

HOLDER: Well, as I indicated in my opening statement, the impact of the mistakes made in Fast and Furious are going to be felt in Mexico, in United States, and probably for years to come.

"It was not a national operation."

We already have reporting from FOX and CBS that there were a number of gunwalking operations in a number of states. There is also the reporting by David Codrea and myself on the Tampa operation walking firearms to Honduras and more by David documenting gunwalking domestically in Indiana.

Holder however testified that the gunwalking was "local" and not "national." As a charter member of the Coalition of Willing Lilliputians commented yesterday, "Holder is placing a LOT of cards in his deck on the 'localized' aspect." If Holder can be proven a liar or even unaware of multiple locations or operations involving gunwalking, he said, that Holder is "seriously vulnerable."

Indeed he is.

"Seriously vulnerable" as in a demonstrated perjurer.

Perhaps someone will ask him when he shows up at the House hearing on 8 December.


Anonymous said...

We have now sunk to a depth at which the restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.--George Orwell

To restste the obvious: It may be flatly stated without fear of contradiction that "Fast and Furious" was an OCDETF operation.

"The Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force is a federal drug enforcement program in the United States, overseen by the Attorney General and the Department of Justice. It primarily concerns itself with the disruption of major drug trafficking operations and related crimes, such as money laundering, tax and weapon violations, and violent crime. The task force was created in 1982, and employs approximately 2500 agents."

By definition OCDETF operations function, at a minimum, within a regional framework.

For Fast and Furious to be a "localized" police action, it would not involve a multiagency regional jurisdiction, as do OCDETF operations. Fast and Furious was, by definition, not merely "of local concern" as Holder disingenuously claims.


WarriorClass said...

I know some guns shops in Houston will testify that they were ordered by the ATF to sell guns to illegal aliens and those that couldn't pass a background check. I hear the same thing happened in Dallas.

Ashrak said...

It is my hope that Issa, and others, hammer the "no roving wiretaps" testimony that Holder testified under oath too as well.

If illicit international gun trafficking isn't worthy of this "tool" then why does government "need" such a tool in the first place?

How could it be possibly honestly said that there was every intention to "track" these guns, and that "government" needs all these tools AND MORE when they leave such an "important" one set idle in the most perfectly suited situation to use that particular one?

Holder needs to be tagged on this point, directly and harshly.

Anonymous said...

First time poster here. Sorry to see that you violate my First Amendment rights.

Anonymous said...

See Mike you are not listening to the words! He Said FAST AND FURIOUS was not a national operation and of local concern. All the other gunwalking jobs had different names so TECHNICALLY he did not lie. Its the doublespeak you see.


Anonymous said...

Actually it was an INTERNATIONAL operation.

AJ said...

Didn't J. Napolitano come right out and say that F&F was a OCDETF operation?

Ken said...

Texas. Maybe Florida. Maybe Indiana/Illinois (can't wait for more on that one). Still not's only four, maybe five states, after all.

Woops...rolled my eyes clean out of my head. Maybe I can get another "sorry, wrong number" phone call out of this. :-)

Anonymous said...

Actually it was an INTERNATIONAL operation.--Anon

We have a winnah! :^)


Mt Top Patriot said...

Oh what a tangled web they weave.

The trap hillary, holder, and obama have built for themselves is directly proportional to the lies they are telling.
The more lies they use to cover for the lies they have told compounds the problem of creating a convincing false narrative.
This is where the context of the lies becomes lost due to the exponential nature of having to create even more lies to camouflage the truth they are lying about.

The only way out of this disaster of violation of the law for these criminals is to violate the law even further.

You have to ask yourself, if you love this great country, you got to ask, what lengths are these crooks willing to go to dodge having to be accountable. They are faced with the gravest of charges known in our land. These charges have not compelled a single person involved in foisting these crimes to come clean.
You got to ask, is something on the order of Marshal Law under false pretenses the nuclear option to be taken as a last resort to save their rotten hides?

This is the crux of the utter importance project Gunwalker can never be let go of.
Gunwalker is a bed of their own making, it has backfired in spectacular fashion. The unintended consequences of committing such hienous crimes has come home to roost. Instead of a successful false flag operation designed with the intent of ultimately disarming the populace, it has become an existential threat to everything they have worked to destroy this country.
The truth of it all lies in the cold hard truth that Gunwalker represents in one beautiful package the truth of the treason and tyranny of these traitors.
Gunwalker represents everything, in one tidy package, about the corruption of the principles of Republican form of government, usurpation of the rule of law, for the singular purpose of undermining those very same things.
If there is a succinct definition of tyranny and treason in our age, Gunwalker by far exemplifies the true nature of the ruling class disregard for America, her people, and what she stands for.

The power of the Sovereign will of two guys, Mike Vanderboegh, and David Codrea, along with a mere handful of principled law enforcement people and elected representatives of conscience, stand against an array of tyranny and treason unknown before these days.
It is testimony not only to the courage and principles of these few, but of the brilliance of our founders who understood these days would come.
God Bless one and all.
Thank you from my heart for all you all have done.
Words can not convey my gratitude.
But history will.

Anonymous said...

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” -- Robert McCloskey

Anonymous said...

Holder says: ".....Fast and Furious was a flawed response to and not the cause of the flow of illegal guns from the United States into Mexico.”

What does he mean by “a flawed response”? “Flawed response” to describe a deliberately executed operation that never had a mechanism in place to track the illegally purchased walked guns into Mexico??…….and supposedly done without the approval of the State Department.

Furthermore, why would he make a pointed inference about an operation in which he claims to have had no previous knowledge? Did someone from the Phoenix ATF gratuitously bring him up to speed about the INTENDED -and unknown to the general public at this time - virtues of the operational “flawed response,” recently?

As Mike says, I hope Issa has the will to knock this guy off his arrogant perch once and for all.