Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well, isn't this special?

Union beef turns ugly. Note the company is not using non-union labor, merely another union.


Anonymous said...

Why is this surprising?

Goon-ions are not organized against capital; they are organized against labor.

The purpose of unions is to create an artificial labor shortage by forcibly preventing anyone who would work for less-than-union pay scale from entering into a voluntary agreement with the union's employer.

The market would attract more labor to an industry where wages are set marginally higher, but unions conspire against those workers who are attracted to the higher pay by using violence against them.

If you want a dramatic demonstration of this phenomenon, try crossing a picket line sometime!

Nothing is unusual about unions using violence against labor, as this episode with the Longshore Union clearly illustrates.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Idiotic thugs.

As WE know, even if their marxist bedmates manage to win their "revolution", the best they can hope for it's that the marxists will shoot them LAST.


Uncle Al said...

Kidnapping, illegal imprisonment, assault with deadly weapon, assault on law officer, breaking and entering, destruction of property, and vandalism. If these goons were members of anything other than a union they’d be in jail now and looking at serious prison time.

Q: Why are union thugs protected?
A: They sold their votes to the highest bidding politicians

Q: How can politicians do this?
A: They have too much power.

Mark Matis said...

Uncle Al:

One more question:

Where is "Law Enforcement"?

The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig.

Luke Skywalker said...

Normally my picket signs are supported by a 1X2. I never thought about a baseball bat to hold up a picket sign.........I will have to remember that.........................

MechaRogers said...

Funny almost; Lil Jimmy opens his big mouth, and then we have this debacle. What kind of non-condemnation will we see from the liberal politicos and/or the media? How many more like it will we see before the year is at an end? And in what severity? This time, property was damaged, and people were assaulted. How long before these thugs take a life?

And what will be the pushback?