Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"They shall not pass!"

"They shall not pass" (French: "Ils ne passeront pas/On ne passe pas"; Spanish: "¡No pasarán!") is a slogan used to express determination to defend a position against an enemy. It was most famously used during the Battle of Verdun in World War I by French General Robert Nivelle. -- Wikipedia.

Allow a father to brag a bit. My daughter Hannah played in the goal for Southern Miss this afternoon against Mississippi State. Games typically last 90 minutes (two 45 minute halves). This one went into two ten-minute overtimes. There was no shoot-out at the end simply because this was a "friendly." If there had been, she would have won that, too. Here is the Mississippi State (the other guys') report of the game:

Bulldogs Play To Scoreless Tie Tuesday At Southern Miss

HATTIESBURG, Miss. - Mississippi State had won two-straight matches in overtime, but the Dawgs couldn't punch in the golden goal Tuesday afternoon as they played to a scoreless tie against Southern Mississippi.

After an evenly-played opening half, Mississippi State dominated the remainder of the match, out-shooting the Golden Eagles 21-7 over the final 65 minutes.

State ran its record to 3-3-1 on the season, while Southern Miss went to 3-3-2.

Mississippi State ended up out-firing the Golden Eagles 27-12 in the match. State put 12 shots on target, but it was unable to get the winner past Hannah Vanderboegh, who stopped 11 shots.

Bulldog junior goalkeeper Skylar Rosson turned away five chances on the afternoon before being sent off with a red card in the final three minutes of the second overtime.

"I was very proud of the way our team battled today. We played well and had our chances, but we just couldn't find the net," MSU head coach Neil Macdonald said. "We are averaging 18 shots a game, but we have to start putting some of those away. The positive is that we are creating chances and giving ourselves an opportunity to win."

State's first opportunity came with 37 minutes left in the opening half. Morganne Grimes lined the free kick to Tarah Henderson inside the box. Henderson fired the loose ball, but Vanderboegh made the save.

USM immediately countered with its first scoring opportunity. Jordan Wagner broke past the Bulldog back line, but Shannen Jainudeen's defensive pressure forced her fire her shot right at Rosson.

The Dawgs had another opportunity on goal in the 17th minute. Freshman Amy Hoover found the ball at her feet in front of the left post. Her inaugural attempt was stopped by Vanderboegh, and the second was cleared away from the line by a Golden Eagle defender.

Southern Miss' Macie Wallace created a chance two minutes before the opening half expired, but Rosson made the stop to send the match to halftime scoreless.

Both teams came out firing in the second half. With 40 minutes remaining, Chelsea Cruthirds worked to the end line and sent a cross into the box that a streaking Golden Eagle player just missed getting a foot on.

State answered a minute later. Lauren Morgan slipped a pass between defenders to Elisabeth Sullivan, but Vanderboegh made a diving stab of the Memphis, Tenn., native's 1-vs.-1 effort.

Junior Jasmine Simmons nearly broke the deadlock in the 65th minute. The Oklahoma City native collected the ball at the left post and had a couple of chances, but she was unable to punch the ball past Vanderboegh.

In the 67th minute, Sullivan spun past her defender and made a run toward the end line. She lined a cross into the box, but Amy Hoover's flick sailed high of target.

Hoover had another opportunity at the 70:39 mark. Sullivan broke free down the left sideline and found Hoover for the 20-yard shot, but Vanderboegh managed to get the fingertips on the attempt and knock it over the end line.

Hoover directed the ensuing corner kick toward the far post, but a sliding Jainudeen was unable to get a foot on the ball.

The Dawgs continued the offensive pressure two minutes later. Henderson's try for the top shelf sailed high, and Sullivan's bullet from the left sailed just wide of the far post.

After USM sent a free kick into the wall, Jordan Wagner's 79th-minute shot from the left deflected off the crossbar.

Henderson had the first good look at goal in overtime, but she was unable to angle the header past Vanderboegh.

Vanderboegh pushed the match to a second overtime as she stopped a Madison McKee on-target header in the 100th minute.

Just as they did in the inaugural overtime, the Dawgs came out firing in the final stanza. Dana Forbes had a breakaway opportunity 30 seconds in, but Vanderboegh once again came up with a diving stab.

Seconds later McKee fired a ball from range, but Vanderboegh once again came up with the big save, knocking the ball away from the goal.

Her own coach's report was a bit more terse: "Senior keeper Hannah Vanderboegh has worked all but one game between the pipes and leads the keepers in saves and minutes played."

11 saves, most of them 1 on 1's. Hannah said her legs felt like rubber afterward.

Damn but I'm proud of that girl.

LATER: Here's a photo of Hannah firing a Moisin-Nagant Carbine in 2009. She liked it so much, she got a Russian M-44 of her own. Like her sister Zoe, she now has an M4-gery too.


Anonymous said...

Ok, this counts as PT. But how is she on the rifle range with an M-14?

Brock Townsend said...

I would be also. I thought she was only good with a rifle!:)

Dedicated_Dad said...

You have every right to be!

She's grown into a very beautiful - and clearly formidable - woman! (he said in only the most respectful possible manner...)

The Boy (Fmr. Cadet, now Navy Lt.) used to play like that - even more exciting at lax...

I really miss watching him - enjoy while you can!

Anonymous said...

That is a great player in a great game. Love Soccer. She did a marvelous job and deserves to have some kudos..... and you certainly can be proud. Not many men or women could do what she did in that game.

Anonymous said...

Damn! What a woman! Scores with both soccer AND rifle?? And an M44 at that? Ouch! I have one of those and it is like a mule's kick with every pull of the trigger.

She deserves to have rubber legs after that match.

B Woodman

DC Wright said...

Enjoy, proud papa! She's a good one! Ya done a great job raising her up. My one and only child is my son, and I feel much the same, though he'll turn 40 this year. My step-son is also one to keep! He's younger, but rightly the apple of his mother's eye. Such kids are our joy for life, so treasure yours now and always! We do!

Unknown said...

Mike, if it's not too forward for this 22 year old man to say, your daughter is very much a fox. :D

CowboyDan said...

Pretty girls who shoot. Gotta love 'em!

I'm glad you're proud of her. I'd sure be. Ain't it amazing how well our children turn out?

God only knows if it's because of or in spite of our best efforts.

Anonymous said...

Mike, contrary to what wiki says, General Nivelle actually said; "on ne passe pas!" read the propaganda poster...I think he was quoting Monty Python's Holy Grail flick...

Anyhow, I have the Lebel and the Helmet as seen in the poster, you need one as well!!


fgd-anchorage said...


J the Bessemerian said...

she is even more beautiful than when I met her - and you certainly should be proud of her. A combination of beauty, brains and sporting skills- that is rare, and wonderful. Rejoice in the gifts and blessings that you have, my friend

Female III said...

Kinda reminds me of someone else when she was a kid.

Don't forget to balance all that with some feminine dress and domestic skills. That is what makes for a real woman. One that does it ALL. One that looks real pretty in her apron when she has to part the forehead of a deadly intruder with her 40 caliber.

Good job, Mr. Vanderboegh. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes! Nobody needs to tell the Dutchman to be proud of that girl. I would wager he's fixin' to pop as it is.

Mine's in her third year at Vet School. A few years back we and my son attended an Appleseed near Orlando. My daughter had to miss the second day so she could study for a monday final exam. All sunday morning I could hear shooters telling others who missed the first day about "this little bitty blond girl shooting this big ole Garand" the day before. With every telling the Garand got bigger and my daughter had her groups got smaller. Made it really hard to shoot with my eyes all watery.

Hey, Dutchman! Your daughter take you to an Appleseed yet?

Hefferman said...

Congrats to Hannah, and her very proud father.

eddymatthews said...

Congratulations to you both!

pdxr13 said...

Last year, you posted a photo of Hannah flying through the air outstretched diagonally at a soccer ball heading for the goal, with her feet at least a yard off the ground. Save: folder screensaver images.

That, and the Volk/Panzerfaust images are reminders that there is some powerful good to counter the impending doom.

"...all the way to the White House."

Thanks Mike.

J. Croft said...

Does she make the boys flinch at the sound of her name?

She ought to.

Sounds like you brought her up well. Good job! She's our future and I feel better knowing we still have Americans worthy of the name.

III more then them said...

"Hey, Dutchman! Your daughter take you to an Appleseed yet?"

LOL!!! I'm sure I'm only saying what you already believe, but the young woman should only hook up with the best God has to offer, and I hope she desires your input on that. Don't let her go to waste on some asshole!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps her coach should press for her addition to the US Soccer Team for the Olympics or for the Women's World Cup. She seems to have what it takes and would be a fitting position for a person of her calibre.


Toastrider said...

*calmly flicks on the music, plays 'Indestructible' for the lady*

Yeah, I'm a child of modern rock and metal. Sue me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, although I'm an MSU alumni and NOT a sports fan, I had to say "You go, girl!" You are justifiably one proud papa.

Jeff Pittman