Wednesday, September 7, 2011

That's it, that's all -- for tonight. Plus, mail report and subscriptions via PayPal.

Well folks, as I count them that's thirteen posts for today, and there are some darn important ones in there, too. Sorry there were no praxis posts today, or the last few days for that matter. This Gunwalker thing is breaking wide open. Between the news and the flood damage abatement, man, am I beat. So, even though I have more stuff, that's it for tonight.

You should know that although I haven't had time for Mail Report posts lately, it now seems to be flowing every other day so we are getting a bit better delivery out of the federal mail readers. God bless those of you who sent some subscription monies with your "test envelopes."

Also, for those of you who have been asking -- a couple of you were demanding, actually -- I now have a PayPal account under the name Mike Vanderboegh, Email address, which is convenient because that's my name. (Some folks tried to donate subscriptions under Sipsey Street -- don't do that, it just bounces back.) I don't know how to link it yet to the whole blog/tip jar thing. One day when I have time to figure it out, I'll post it on the right sidebar.

Until then, thanks to all of you for coming back daily and for all your support in whatever form you give it. I am a very blessed individual to have such friends.



Backwoods Engineer said...


I know it might be a breach of OPSEC, but all we need to donate via PayPal is the email address you used to sign up for PayPal.

Also, there are a lot of us Sipsey St. Irregulars who would be willing to help you set up a PayPal tipjar link for your blog.

Just ask, good sir. Your contributions to the fight will soon be fiscally rewarded, albeit only a small fraction of what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

God bless you, Sipsey Street Irregulars.


Anonymous said...

Paypal is notoriously 2nd Amendment.

CharlesVegas said...

Mike, just your name is not enough info to find you on PayPal. Need your email address or get a PayPal button for your blog.

See here

Dutchman6 said...

Fixed email address above, will do the other stuff later. The Doctor calls.

millerized said...

Ain't much, Mike, but all I could afford at the time.

ALL: If you send it marked as a 'gift', Paypal usually doesn't take their 'fee' for use.

Also, go look for Paypal's stance on 2A issues, and you'll find no reference to anything anti-gun.

BUT, they are owned by eBay, and most of us know of eBay's anti-2A cant.

I love sending money for 2A issues through Paypal. It's like using the anti's own car/gas to deliver your arms and ammo to the resistance. Bit of a smirk when I do it.

Mickey Collins said...

Subscribe v donate v gift:

Subscribe implies that Mike is offering a service for pay, in other words, engaging in a business, in other words, taxable income (but he can deduct internet expenses, story related travel, and home office depreciation if he chooses)

Donate implies that Mike is falsely holding himself out as a charitable institution. I've never seen Mike use the word donate and we shouldn't do it either.

Gift: Anything you choose to give to somebody else is none of the government's business, unless an individual gives more than $13,000 to another individual, or a married couple gives more than $26k to an individual, or a married couple gives more than $52k to another couple in a calendar year. I suggest it's easiest if we refer to anything we give Mike of our own free will as gifts.

Mickey Collins said...

"Paypal is notoriously 2nd Amendment."

You left out the word 'Anti'. Their acts of discrimination against firearm related businesses are legendary. It's also possible that they will freeze Mike's account just for fun.

Mike, you should transfer your Paypal balance to your linked bank account, and from your linked bank account to another bank account, on a daily or as frequently as possible basis. In other words, don't leave a substantial amount of money laying around in a paypal account or a bank account that paypal has access to.

Anonymous said...

I do not know if this has been brought up before. I have been following since March, but I have never posted before, nor have I read any of the posts. PayPal is a decidedly anti-gun company. They make no bones about it, nor do they hide it. You need to find another way to accept donations, because out of every donation that is made, 2.5% or so is going towards an anti-gun company. Think about it.