Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Connecting the Dots

How the Left Works.

There you have it. This is how the Left operates: they pay for lies to be published, and then demand investigations on the basis of those lies. Why are they out to get Issa? No secret there, either. His committee has embarrassed the Obama administration with its investigation of ATF’s Fast and Furious program. At this point, best case for the Obama administration is that the scandal ends with Attorney General Eric Holder. So Issa has become public enemy number one.

The word “corruption” is often tossed around in connection with politics, generally wrongly. In my opinion, this story illustrates the real corruption that infects our public life.


Anonymous said...

Another article, same topic;

Anonymous said...

Alaska governor Sarah Palin all over again.
Spend so much time and money fighting against frivolous and libelous lawsuits and allegations, you exhaust all your will, time, energy and money. Leftist goal accomplished.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

This is where real tort reform is needed, "Loser Pays". If you bring me to court for what turns out to be false and/or frivolous allegations, then YOU pay ALL court costs, including MY court and lawyer costs.
That would have stopped the Palin and now Issa attacks in short order.

B Woodman

Bad Cyborg said...

I agree with Woodman. "Loser Pays" would do more to stop frivolous and harassing lawsuits than anything. Capping awards only hurts the victims.

Otherwise, nothing new here. SOSDD. Left is only doing what it always does. Every time those bastards start pointing fingers, somebody needs to remind them - publicly - that it is anatomically impossible to point a finger at someone without pointing three back at yourself.

Now, does anybody REALLY believe that the system is reparable? I know the alternative is drastic. Hell! So is hemicorporectomy! But sometimes you gotta DO what you gotta do.

Anonymous said...

This is about the the seizure of power. It always has been. The left (and I don't mean your average latte liberal) lies, cheats, steals, extorts, assaults, and kills their way to power, while covering up their activities by, lying about who did what and how bad their enemies are.

When Mike calls the DC Post "Pravda" he isn't joking. It wouldn't be so bad but they aren't the only ones carrying water, for the commies at the brilliantly termed "Mordor on the Potomac".

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Anonymous: "If you bring me to court for what turns out to be false and/or frivolous allegations, then YOU pay ALL court costs, including MY court and lawyer costs."

Stuff like SLAPP motions, Rule 11 motions, 128.7 motions (in the People's Republic of Commiefornia), and malicious prosecution actions basically take care of that already - so long as the judges are smart and strong enough to grant them. Stupid/weak judges are a huge problem.