Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Cloward-Piven: The Ultimate Goal of Gunwalker?"

From Bob Owens at PJM.

Operation Fast and Furious doesn’t make sense as a anti-cartel operation, but it makes perfect tactical sense as a way of implementing Cloward-Piven, something that President Obama, Attorney General Holder, Secretary Napolitano, and Secretary Clinton have long embraced as followers of those radicals and Saul Alinsky. Gunwalker is the start of a coup d’état against the republic by the very souls entrusted to guard it.

Of course, this is entirely speculation at this point. It’s just damn hard to think of a more logical reason for Gunwalker to exist.


Anonymous said...

I'm easily confused. I thought that Cloward-Piven was a strategy to bankrupt welfare by overwhelming the system?
In Defiance III

Mt Top Patriot said...

Mr. Vanderboegh has been right from the start. And in honor of what Mr. Vanderboegh stands for this what I have to say.
I hope the cowards and crooks who read his mail and the traitors who wish to rob him of his Liberty read this.
Because you all who are violating our Rule of Law got a piece of my mind coming to you. Because you lost your credibility and honor when you sold your souls to the devil.

This my rant.
I've paid for it with my sweat and hard work.
I've earned it by my honor and respect for The Rule of Law
It belongs to me as an unalienable God given Liberty created as the Sovereign power invested in me as one of We The People.

There simply is no "think" about the logic in why this treason called Gunwalker exists.

The simple truth that it exists is that my government is comprised of the worst criminals imaginable, Traitors!
Traitors who flaunt their power and corruption in my face, who have used the veil of trust and representation to do their dirty work, who look down on me as something you scrape of your shoe, on my dime!
The scope of these lawless SOB's disregard for The Rule of Law is Treason.
It is Tyranny manifest in a political class that wipes its arse with the Constitution every day.
While us who believe in and cherish Liberty are called terrorists!
Words can not convey the outrage and effrontery of this.
It is nothing short of war on my person by the ruling elites.
If it is war they want, I got some very good advice, careful what you wish for you quisling bastards.
You hear me?
You've started something that can not be put back in its bottle. Something that can never be defeated, something that once it begins, grows and grows until it can only be stopped when it exacts its redress upon its abusers.

Don't think for a second you'll get away with your crimes. Because I'll never forget, and I'll never stop telling my fellow Americans how corrupt and dastardly your abuses of power are.
You see, your assumed extra constitutional powers only exist when we the people believe they do.
So rub our faces in your feces, call us criminals, brand us Hobbits, treat us as sub humans, you ain't got nothing on me. The jig is up, I know what you are and what you are attempting to do. You have no power, except what you can foist via the forked tongue of the legacy media, and enforce by the barrel of a gun. Thing is your gun barrel is not backed by The Rule of Law. Only the farce of power that is not yours, and never has been.
But my pen, and my gun barrel is.
Just so we are clear, I can fight tyranny without a barrel just as effectively.
And I know this with all my Patriotic American heart.
And there is nothing you can do to keep me from it.

"Law Enforcement", it is a joke, a travesty, it doesn't exist any longer.
You have forsaken the truth that the law exists not because of power you assume, but because of we who respect it and honor it, respected you who are entrusted as ambassadors of The Rule of Law.
I now look upon cops and others in "Law Enforcement" as a useless extension of the flood of tyranny coming down on my country. These are the handmaidens of the ruling class drive to dissolve this here Constitutional Republic and create a police state where only the chosen and privileged, and the mobs make the rules.
Every damn officer of the law is complicit by association. The telling proof of how corrupted and immoral, how above the law "Law Enforcement" is, of the glaring resounding truth, is quite simply there is nothing but silence from this community of cowards and little power corrupted tyrants.

Laws are for little people.
Well you know what?
I know what is right and wrong, and no gun barrel pointed at me will change that.

That's Gods and our Founders honest Truth

Scott J said...

Glad more and more are starting to wake up. Paul Revere is getting a little hoarse.

Anonymous said...

Seems reasonable....

Anonymous said...

Occam's razor, silly rabbit, of course it is.

irishdutchuncle said...

same-sex "marriage" is another good example of "Cloward-Piven", in action. it creates another benefits "entitlement". (sucking off resources which should rightfully be spent on widows and orphans)

"Cloward-Piven" is only one of the attacks, being directed against this country. they are the "fellow- travelers" of other attackers. ("federal reserve", being another)

irishdutchuncle said...

...and holder, nappy, and clinton have no souls, therefore they can't be "souls".

Bad Cyborg said...

I disagree with Mr. Owens that the goal of gunwalker was legalization of drugs - for which the federal government has no constitutional authority to outlaw in the first place.

I believe with Mike and many, MANY others that the purpose of Gunwalker was nothing short of DISARMING the general public in order to eliminate any possibility of a counter-revolution - these mokes (dopes?) consider themselves to be staging a revolution.

There is a T-shirt on sale somewhere that says "If they outlaw guns, only outlaws and Government agents will have guns. These days I'm not all that sure there is a functional difference between agents of the government and outlaws anyhow. At the highest levels there is at best small difference between criminals government officials.

Anonymous said...

Mt Top Patriot
Remember; One mans terrorist is another mans (patriot) freedom fighter.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 10:54 - C-P advocated any strategy that overwhelmed any level of government in any way - up to and including breaking existing laws. F&F would very definitely fit into that concept.
The sad part is that if Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata not been killed with F&F guns we still might not know about it - that was the straw that broke the camels back and prompted atf agents to become whistleblowers - not that they hadn't tried to work within the agency to put a halt to it.

Anonymous said...

I've known about Cloward and Piven for quite a while now, and that is exactly what GunWalker was at its inception, we all know it had nothing to do with building cases against cartels. That's a lie that is being repeated over and over again by the administration.

rexxhead said...

"...and then to rebuild the government in a variant of the strongest socialist model they think the public will accept."

Um... no. When an economy the size of ours goes 'oopsie', what follows will be anything but 'rebuilding'.

wv: flitses

Longbow said...

Patriots had better lose their illusions, and quickly.

The people who put this operation into action are not well intentioned but misguided. They are not nice guys who mean well. They are evil.

Anything they can do to advance their cause (the advance of socialist statism) they will do, because it is, to them, imperative. The above rule applies to any action including murder. To them, lying is not immoral because it advances the cause. Cheating, stealing, and murder, if they advance the cause, are not immoral, they are imperatives. In that sense there is no morality. There is only the dictum, "An ye advance the cause, do what thou wilt."

I agree with Mt Top Patriot, and have for a long time now, that any "Law Enforcement" personnel who try to work within this system, while telling the rest of us, "I would never do that... and nobody I work with would do that..." is facilitating this evil.

Hey, Federal Goons and JBTs, most especially ATF agents, do you want to be known as good guys? You want to do something good for your country? Quit your job! Get a job in the real economy. Better yet, start a business. If you see no dichotomy between taking an oath to support and defend the Constitution, and then going to work for an agency, the primary function of which is a deliberate violation of that Constitution, YOU are the problem.

What happens next week? We get a new ATF director? A new FBI director? A new Secretary of Fatherland Security? Well, wonderful! We can then shout, Problem solved!" and proceed to do it all again.

pdxr13 said...

Anon September 18, 2011 10:54 AM I thought that Cloward-Piven was a strategy to bankrupt welfare by overwhelming the system?

"Overwhelm the System" by demanding more than it can produce, while using what production there is to reduce production. Welfare payments is only part of it, and will be almost the last thing to stop (or may not stop, but "benefits" will no longer be grade-B cash and will not be accepted without force). The result is starvation, disorganization, and mass-death. C-P/Obama/NWO see the aftermath as fertile ground to build their kind of utopia without interference, and without folks like us. We monkeywrench their plans by having stored (everything), skills, family, militia/alt-gov, plenty of rope, long & accurate memory/records, and non-centralized capability in general.

"Got Tribes?" -John Robb


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