Friday, July 1, 2011

"Weapons linked to controversial ATF strategy found in Valley crimes." Local Gunwalker investigative reporting at its best from ABC15 in Arizona.


David's take here.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT's how you act like an investigative journalist. Same cannot be said for all the other feckless f***s save for Atkisson.

TL671 said...

I appreciate the coverage and all, but I wish people would stop calling these things "high powered". Part of the design of the assault rifle(which these are not, but do shoot the same ammo) was the reduction of the size of the cartridge case. So, starting with something semi-high powered, reducing the case capacity and ending up with something "high powered" is not possible in my understanding of physics.

Anonymous said...

To most of the media anything more powerful that a BB gun is tantamount to a mini gun.

As it happens, they demonize weapons and their owners at every opportunity so really, the terms they use simply complement their efforts.