Friday, July 1, 2011

Nice "Only Ones" story.

Cops Just Love Those Tasers.


J. Croft said...

It's been said before: those who know the score are more likely to hold themselves back than an outraged loved one/friend/acquaintance/bystander who will have had enough. Which will be likely tactically unfortunate for the aspiring avenger because of a likely lack of appreciation for the enemy... though they would have the initiative and perhaps the element of surprise.

Which is why it is up to all of us to go out of our way to help reignite rifle marksmanship. Something else I've discussed here and in my articles. I DID make a tract you can cut up from a single sheet of paper, pass out by the dozens or hundreds:

...well hell, they deleted the tract itself I'll have to replace the coding from another account-but it's a Jack Chick style tract you can print up from a single sheet of double sided printing.

I'll repair it by next week.

But anyway; Christopher Monfront was in retrospect a put up or shut up moment. Someone who took the situation in hand and reached the logical conclusion. He failed and will be paying the price for the rest of his now miserable life. We collectively decided "no, not yet." Which is bad because the enemy moves into more advantageous position. Good for us because it's allowed some more people time to awaken and at least physically prepare.

Is there any mental preparation to setting your whole life on fire for a cause?

I've been having this internal debate for awhile now. Do or wait... it's easy to choose wait... until an oath traitor decides you're the next target of him and his gang.

And that was a gang that swarmed that mentally handicapped child. Out and out thugs, cowards, criminals. Nobody who witnessed what happened to him will ever view the cops the same way again. It's part of the plan to instill terror in the sheep. A gambit betting Americans will not resist en masse until it's too late, when instead of a collapsing America the country is collapsed. They're out of work, gas, food, likely out of their home. If they have kids they'll be screaming for food.

The enemy is betting the light bulbs will come on too late for the bulk of Americans to rise and do something.

And yet... history is both carefully contrived conspiracy and perfect storms of chaos. Mass societal movements and individuals who arise to the occasion and change everything. It's those individuals, history's joker cards, that should scare the enemy.

Someday someone will be brought to action by anger and outrage-but they will know what they are about, and they will have a plan. If he survives the inevitable and massive effort to stop him he could quickly raise an army of the willing.

Maybe, instead of hoping the Gunwalker Scandal will stop the ATF, or Ron Paul, or some other political miracle will actually occur, maybe we should prepare to be that joker card.

...Of course, if one were in that town where that handicapped kid was beaten and tortured by those tin badge gods, if they were to raise a full ticket of candidates, start a emergency recall election over this, throw the elected cocksuckers who hired those thugs and then fired those oath traitors en masse and filed criminal charges against them, THAT would be at least as effective as grabbing your main battle rifle and blasting those fucking freemasonic pigs in the back and then storming the town hall...

Dakota said...

The cops are lucky to be sucking oxygen today .... one of these days they are going to pull this stunt on the wrong person and there will be dead cops all over in the street.

Of course then it will be " boo hoo the mean daddy killed a bunch of us for being assholes and bullys .... oh boo hoo".

Mark Matis said...

When is it time for this swill to rot in hell for what they have done to this country? Or do you have ANY theory that they will be personally held accountable for this? And what do you think their fellow pigs in that department are telling these 20-some fine fellow "Law Enforcement" officers about their brave arrest:

1. "You shitheads have made a mockery of our department!"


2. "Way to go! I wish I was there with you. That will teach him some respect!"

I know the answer to that question. And I would hope YOU do as well. The stench is overwhelming. And it smells like pig.

Mr Jones said...

Most LE officers are good people who are serious about their job. Unfortunately, there are apparently flaws in the hiring process which allow too many arrogant, sadistic assholes to pin on a badge.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know disrespect was a taserable offense. No wonder people have NO respect for PIGS anymore...including me. Between SWAT teams and officers shooting innocent people and this kind of crap it's a wonder more aren't shot in the back of the head at dunkin donuts...

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones: If most LE officers were "good people" we wouldn't be reading stories like this because "good people" would not tolerate thugs amongst their ranks. These thugs are tolerated. F them all.

TPaine said...

Q: How many cops does it take to beat up a mentally challenged teenager?

A: All of them! You can never be too careful.

And it goes without saying that if there were more "good cops" (just where are they, anyway?), these morons would be flipping burgers at Mickey D's instead of carrying Tasers and loaded weapons.

Mark Matis said...

For Mr. Jones:
Do you consider ANY of the 20-some "Law Enforcement" officers involved with this incident to be "good people?" How about the REST of their department? Or can they be "good people" while looking the other way and ignoring the crimes done by their fellow officers?

Jimmy the Saint said...

@Anonymous: "I didn't know disrespect was a taserable offense."

You've forgotten the 1989 case of Louisiana Police Chief v. Irwin M. Fletcher, which established the illegality of "disrespect to police" when Defendant Fletcher was charged with one count of "Pissin' me off." This case followed the precedent established in the 1985 case of Los Angeles Police Department v. Irwin M. Fletcher, wherein a suspects rights were deemed to be: (1) the right to remain silent; (2) the right to have his face kicked in; and (3) the right to have his balls stomped. It should be noted that Defendant Fletcher opted to waive his rights.

hellferbreakfast said...

They WILL enter the WRONG residence @ some point in time.

NTS said...

Love coffee and donuts, but I'm way too ethical to be a cop. Beating a kind the badge punk KNEW was disabled. What a degenerate.

Anonymous said...

"hellferbreakfast said...
They WILL enter the WRONG residence @ some point in time."

How many of you pussies do we have to kill to get a reaction?

I said draw down, dip shit!

Mr Jones said...

It looks like some take umbrage with what I said in an earlier comment.
Cops are people just like anyone else - and most people are going to go along to get along. That doesn't make it right. That's just the way it is. People like Vince Cefalu are few and far between. Going against the grain can be awfully hard to do if you know it could cost you everything. Any group of people given special privileges and trained to think they are separate and above "civilians" are going to end up behaving the way the cops did in this case. The problem isn't really with most of the folk who are cops, but rather the way they are trained to view the general popualtion as a herd to be maintained by force, instead of fellow countrymen with rights. My guess is that if the shit really hit the fan in the US, and civility completely broke down, there would be a repeat nationally of what happened in New Orleans during Katrina - most cops would go AWOL to save their own interests. That doesn't make cops suck worse than anyone else - it makes them JUST LIKE most everyone else. That is just reality my friends.

Anonymous said...

Damnit J...

I am 100% with you - and so would be my Brothers in Masonry who happen to be Peace Officers.

Upon being admitted an Entered Apprentice, I had serious questions about one part of the ceremony - in which I was charged to "...patiently submit to lawful authority."

I sought out a very learned Brother and asked him directly how one could justify that with the KNOWN fact that so many of our Founders were Masons!

This was even MORE of an apparent dichotomy given their clear statements that they considered their rebellion to be a solemn duty!

The answer was simple: The "LAWFUL" qualifier.

Our Founders rebelled against UN-lawful authority, just as we may soon be called to do. When a government becomes tyrannical it is no longer LAWFUL, and no good Man is obligated to submit -- in fact, as our Founders also noted, his rebellion becomes an obligation!

I've since passed the 32nd Degree in the Scottish Rite, the Knight Templar Degree in the York Rite and was honored to serve as Master of my Lodge in '07. At NO TIME during all of this work, and the countless hours I've spent studying the philosophy and history of the Fraternity, did I ever see or hear anything that made me doubt its legitimacy and utter goodness.

There is *NO* institution more solidly founded on principles of Individual Liberty and resistance to Tyranny than Freemasonry -- in fact, the principles espoused in our Declaration of Independence are perhaps the most cogent, clear and eloquent summary of Masonic philosophy that I've ever read!

Are there PIGS* who also happen to be Masons? Unfortunately, yes. There are also thieves, liars, adulterers and other assorted vermin sprinkled throughout -- just as with any and EVERY other "group" made up of human beings.

So why is it then that Masonry is the only institution routinely attacked by the ignorant and unhinged? Why do we not tar the NRA, various churches or the numerous other Fraternal organizations with the same evil brush?

The BIGGEST difference between Masonry and countless other institutions in this regard is that we make an effort to prevent unsavory characters from being admitted in the first place, and we do our best to get rid of them if they're discovered after their admission.

One major goal of Masonry is to make good men better - and it is in every way designed and intended to support that effort.

Like any group of humans, there are aberrations - individuals and even the occasional Lodge which fails to live up to the extremely high standards Masonry sets for them. This is no reason to damn the entire Fraternity.

Most of the negative claims directed at Masonry are maliciously false, told by those with an agenda of their own. Most of the remainder are simply repeated by those who are in ignorance of the true facts. The small portion which remains may be grounded in some modicum of truth, but are taken out of context - and thus is truth twisted into falsehood.

NONE of the behavior of individuals is the fault of the Fraternity - in fact those individuals are IN EVERY CASE acting in direct opposition to the principles on which Masonry is founded, and against everything it teaches. Since NONE can claim ignorance of those principles, all are the worst sort of "oath breaker."

Every one of them is guilty of violation of at least TWO solemn oaths -- and thus do not deserve the title of "Peace Officer, much less "Mason."

Ergo, there are no such things as "freemasonic Pigs" -- there are simply PIGS.

Personally, I endeavor to live up to the high standards set for me by my G*D, my Faith, My Church *AND* my Fraternity. When I fail - as all of us inevitably will - the failure is mine alone. It is in no way the fault of any of those things which set the standards toward which I strive.



Dedicated_Dad said...

This makes me SICK - and there's no better illustration of "PIGS" than this!

Those damning every cop for failing to take care of the PIGS in their midst should however consider the words of Our Savior -- and "let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

*MOST* cops take the job because they REALLY ARE the Good Guys -- they want to be "Sheepdogs." By the time they REALLY come to understand how deep the rot has gone, their hands are tied by other obligations -- wife, kids and others who depend on them for their very lives.

Any one who dares stand up against the tide receives the same treatment given to Cefalu -- he's made an example for the others, to keep them cowed into silence.

So, most decide to keep their heads down, look the other way, and just do their time -- looking forward to retirement when they can leave it all behind. They do the best they can to make things better where and when they can, without rocking the boat too much and dumping THEMSELVES (and thus their dependents) in the water.

Most find a point at which they can live with what they see, but most also WOULD actually step up and stop something they saw as "over the line."

There are occasionally situations where we see that when a "critical mass" is reached, cops will step up en-masse and demand an end to whatever evil is occurring.

Every person reading this knows of some PIG - so why have we not stepped up and done something about them? Every one of us knows of SOME horrid abuse that's happened to someone in our AO - why have we not personally done whatever it took to stop it?

I cannot speak for anyone but myself -- but for me it's simple: I have a wife, kids, and elderly parents who depend on me. If I end up dead or in prison, they will suffer.

Does this mean I would NEVER "step up?" Of course not. Should enough others decide to "step up" at the same time, IOW should we reach some point of "critical mass" then I would ABSOLUTELY join in the mass demanding reforms!

Further, there ARE scenarios I can imagine where my conscience would REQUIRE me to get involved and do whatever needed to be done to protect the innocent - but frankly the bar would have to be pretty high for me to jeopardize my family's well-being for some other(s).

In short, I'm no different than the "good cops" -- and thus I cannot damn them for not doing what I myself will not do.

Like most, I wouldn't even mind being the FIRST to step-up, if I were sure I wouldn't be the ONLY one to do so!

"Good Cops" are no different than any other human beings. If We The People REALLY want an end to the abusive PIGS, we must first demonstrate that we will not tolerate a "Good Cop" being abused for stepping up and speaking out. When (if) we make it safe for them to do so, I believe they will -- but so long as We The People tolerate the growing abuse, we'll get more of it.

We'll SURE not encourage any of them to step up and stick their neck out by telling them they're all fit only for the hangman's noose.

We'd ALL be much better served by PROVING that we MEAN IT when we say "Do the right thing, and we've got your back"!


Anonymous said...

Time to update the "Range Cards" with info on where these "Dip Spit" cops live and have them in our sights for when the time is right. Better to be prepared and know where your target lives than to be caught unawares and not know where to find the target. Tired of this crappola. Getting to be time to kick ass & take names.

Reg T said...

Times have changed. It has been many years since I worked as a peace officer in San Diego and elsewhere, but I worked for a sgt. at SDPD who was shot in the head by a couple of Aryan Nation scum because he testified in favor of a young black man who killed one police officer and wounded another when they began beating him with their batons and telling him they were going to beat him to death.

I graduated from the SDPD academy with those two officers, and I would gladly have testified (I had moved to the East Coast at that time) that both of those officers - Riggs, who died, and Jacobs, who unfortunately survived - were racist pigs who enjoyed beating and harassing blacks. Riggs and I almost got into a fight during the academy because he was ragging a black classmate of ours and I stepped in.

Back then there were still a few of us who would do what was right, but most of the officers that Mr. Jones believes are "good cops" are cowards who will never step up to the plate and condemn - let alone testify against - the scum that wear a badge. The only time in recent history that I have heard of an officer stepping forward was the cop - Hispanic, if I remember correctly - in New York who was then put on leave by his superiors for psych evaluation, as punishment and as a warning to anyone else who might step off the Blue Line. But that cop had balls. Most don't.

I spent about eight years working for a couple of small departments as a street cop and over ten years with the California Highway Patrol (in Communications) and have seen a lot of corrupt behavior. CHP had more decent officers than the other departments I worked for, but there were still plenty of cowardly, lying, lazy and racist b*stards there as well.

One Traffic Officer at CHP raved about the "German People", how Hitler had been an underrated genius, and how he detested the "mud people", as he called them. Our Area Commander at our station in Northern Division was a corrupt and petty slug who would use his authority to try to fire any TO or civilian employee he didn't like, while having sexual relations behind his wife's back with one of the office secretaries.

Mr. Jones, I'm afraid your "good cop" is about as common as unicorn farts. Yes, I'm bright enough to know there are still a few who _want_ to do a good job, and perhaps even tell themselves if they keep quiet they can counter some of the abuse by treating citizens well themselves, but that is still cowardice.

I don't know if you've ever worked in law enforcement, or whether perhaps you have a relative or friend in law enforcement, but I'll say this to you and also to Stewart Rhode's face: if an officer doesn't have the balls to blow the whistle on the kind of abuses we have seen in the videos and read about here and on and elsewhere, then they are neither good cops nor real men. They are cowards and pussies who only care about themselves.

A real man would either do something, or quit and support his family through honest labor.

Mark Matis said...

For Mr. Jones:
I would claim that "go along to get along" makes "Law Enforcement" every bit as guilty as those who COMMIT the crimes. If you take part in a crime and one of your friends kills somebody, YOU are held responsible as well. By the Pigs rules. Or do you NOT support "equal opportunity? This is why I thank God every time he sends another filthy maggot pig to rot in hell where they belong.

Anonymous said...

It seems osifer hooper is in need of a good ol' fashuned ass whuppin'.

I'll repeat, is it about time for the short ropes and the tall trees...yet?????

Dakota said...

Making excuses for rogue cops is getting pretty low on the "scale" ... there is no excuse ... period! And I would be ashamed to try and characterize it any other way.

I have to look at myself in the mirror every day too, and I don't believe that good people can turn their back on "legal" lawbreaking just because you work with a few or a group of assholes that like to play tough while they are beating each other off in the gym after hours!! Sorry but I ain't joining the "circle jerk".. that anyone trying to make excuses for illegal, and just plain mean behavior by police officers who are supposed to be carrying out the laws amongst the citizenry in a proper manner. The more excuses that judges and peers along with certain segments of society make for bully's and thugs the more this will happen and the worse it will get.

This started when they made it that a L E O was never off duty so you could not kick his ass if he was an asshole off duty .... things have continued to spiral in the toilet since.

Justthisguy said...

I "know" (on the internet) an autistic gal in that town. She's an engineering student at Wright State. Some times dealing with the normals for too long a time messes up her powers of speech. I could imagine something like that happening to her. People get busted for "Walking While Autistic" all the time.

I used to think cops were the protectors of the weak. These days I think they are like any other predator: They attack the weak ones first.

Mr Jones said...

I think my ability to convey my point is inadequate, as some have still missed it. Cops are people - people are cops. If every PD in the nation were recycled today with new people, the end result in overall behaviour of the new group would be no different than the old.
The root of the problem is human nature, not specifically cops. Any group of people given a measure of authority will eventually abuse that authority. That's not an "excuse" for abusive behavior, no more than the wind is an "excuse" for a tree being blown over. It is just cause and effect dictated by reality and circumstance. As long as human nature is what it is, then abuse of authority will remain an unavoidable reality. A thousand more revolutions will not change that. That's not to say that trying to root out corruption is a waste of time - it most certainly is not. One must understand however that the struggle to do so is perpetual.

Mr Jones said...

Additionally, to the hotheads posting here who fancy themselves as righteous defenders of truth, justice, and the American way - flawless in character: Feel free to take up your arms and put your money where your mouth is. No one is stopping you. You supposedly have identified "the enemy" with certainty. So then, heros of the new revolution, what is stopping you from being the first to step forward but the same cowardice that paralyzes the "PIGS" you despise? I look forward to seeing the fruits of your efforts on the news. Otherwise, my recommendation is to just shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

If they want to get guns off the street, they should start with the police.

If the people are not allowed to defend themselves, why should the police have this right?

The Spirit of 1776 said...

Dear Mr Jones,

Every team of goons has its cheerleaders.

It's just that you're cheering the wrong team.

See you in hell --
Spirit of '76

Anonymous said...

"Additionally, to the hotheads posting here who fancy themselves as righteous defenders of truth, justice, and the American way - flawless in character: Feel free to take up your arms and put your money where your mouth is. No one is stopping you. You supposedly have identified "the enemy" with certainty. So then, heros of the new revolution, what is stopping you from being the first to step forward but the same cowardice that paralyzes the "PIGS" you despise? I look forward to seeing the fruits of your efforts on the news. Otherwise, my recommendation is to just shut the fuck up."

Now, you were doing okay up until his point. If you want to take the moral high ground, please do so, but not in the fucked-up manner in which you just displayed. Nobody is going to "just shut the fuck up" at your request. It might be more to the end result that someone may take up your challenge and "shut up" some LEO doing his job. No one expects that our PDs will go about their business with the same degree of moral laxity displayed in the general population. They are expected to be above it all, and their leadership is expected to make it so.

What you see here, and so obviously look down upon, is righteous anger TO BE FUCKING SURE. These "people" as you call them, are protected from prosecution by all kinds of laws and codes. It's unfair, unjust and quickly becoming unacceptable. Now, if LEOs were willing to drop all of these things and go "mano a mano", I'm sure you would see a lot of takers, and a lot of embarrassed cops. If the self righteous don't trip all over themselves in attempts to prove to you that they are men, maybe it's that they do understand the ground rules, and prefer to do things in their time, and to their advantage.

Don't mistake a shutting-of-the-fuck-up as a victory for your cracked argument. You need a much more firm foundation, pal. Understand that some of us have far more experience in these matters than 90% of YOU, and appreciate the circumstances from an entirely different perspective.

Justthisguy said...

Mr. Jones, you are right that cops are like everybody else. That is, they pick on the weak targets, the ones who are unlikely or unable to fight back, or are caught all alone in the middle of the night with no other witnesses.

Most humans are depressingly very like the other monkeys, and do their beat-downs according to how socially weird and otherwise defenseless one is.

It doesn't matter if you have a Fields Medal, yer average pig will (at the least) patronize you, insult you, lie to you, and then act like he's doing you a favor by not giving you an hickory shampoo or or an electrical massage.

Oh, and what pisses me off the most, he is most likely wearing what used to be known as a Convict Haircut. That is, a shaven head.

I despise a man who looks like he doesn't own a comb, even more than I do a man who looks like he owns a blow-dryer.

A man's hair should be long enough that he needs to own a comb, and short enough that he can dry it with a towel after he gets out of the shower.

This reminds me; I need to find my scissors. Snork!

Mickey Collins said...

Jones:"If every PD in the nation were recycled today with new people, the end result in overall behaviour of the new group would be no different than the old."

I disagree. What you describe is a prescription, albeit an extreme one, for doing away with a sick institutional culture. Get rid of all the infected employees, and the infection will be gone.

The infection is an us v them mentality, combined with feelings that the law shouldn't be applied to 'us' out of professional courtesy. It didn't get that way overnight. If you start over, and have real command structure that will not allow this crap, you won't see this crap happening on a large scale like it is today.

Mark Matis said...

I see no need to post further on this topic. "Law Enforcement" has shown what it is. Others have spoken.

I side with the "Others."

Mr Jones said...

Mike Vanderboegh appears to be a man of intelligence, reason, and insight. Some commentors here fall short of those qualities, as they fail to recognise a simple point I tried to make twice. Some misinterpreted what I said as being a "cheerleader" for "the other team". I have no tolerance for people who demonstrate such willful ignorance and stupidity, so I won't try to explain it again. Good luck with the revolution. My guess is that most of you will be found hunkered in a hole somewhere when the shit does hit the fan. Stupid men are easily led - fall in line gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones has a lot to learn. Maybe Mrs. Jones can give him a few pointers.

Mr Jones said...

"Mr. Jones has a lot to learn. Maybe Mrs. Jones can give him a few pointers."

- so saith an anonymous pussy.