Saturday, July 2, 2011

Local Gestapo spank.

Since some of you don't understand the reference:

RICK: Maybe. Well, it seems you are determined to keep Laszlo here.

RENAULT: I have my orders.

RICK: Oh, I see. Gestapo spank. (Renault stands up.)

RENAULT: My dear Ricky, you overestimate the influence of the Gestapo. I don't interfere with them and they don't interfere with me. In Casablanca I am master of my fate. I am captain of my -- (He stops short as his AIDE enters.)

AIDE: Major Strasser is here, sir. (Renault starts to leave.)

RICK: Yeah, you were saying?

RENAULT: (hurriedly) Excuse me.

(He hurries away. Rick smiles cynically.) -- Casablanca, 1942.

Leader of Pima County's GOP faces removal effort.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand your headline. The guy who was removed was removed for speaking out against the militarization of police and out-of-control SWAT raids.

That's not a spank for the Gestapo. It's a win for them.


Anonymous said...

By defending the Constitution, you're making us all look bad.

Mickey Collins said...

They don't call it the Repugnant Party for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of politicians putting the party agenda before citizens rights

fgd-anchorage said...

Miller sounds as if he has pair-good sized too. It appears only the RINO's want to remove him.

I take it the Pima County <=> Gestapo and Barney Brenner <=> Renault. Clear to me.

TPaine said...

That WAS the GOP, was it not? And they wonder why the Tea Party is about to form it's own ranks. As it has been for some time now, the is little difference between parties, and the GOP in Pima is now showing its true colors.

In 2012, the election process is going to have some very different things happen. Outside of a very few people in Congress (both House and Senate), I don't think there is anyone worth electing.

Jimmy the Saint said...

Typical GOP strategic brilliance. Alienate the common folk (large number) to bolster ties to the LEO community (tiny number).

Anonymous said...

Spank the children and all they do is cry.

Not a man among them.

Anonymous said...

The operational rules are, subvert and take over one party, then subvert and take over the other party and if you can't completely take it over, you see to it that the "leadership" belongs to you...

Gee. There seems to be some sort of a pattern here. Save power point.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever wondered why all politicians seem to be liars?

Consider what happens when a politician speaks out against militarization of the police. He is immediately denounced for being "devisive".

Such candor cannot be tolerated.

It invites fresh perspective, which poses a threat to popular prejudices and the status quo.

If you wish to succeed at politics, you must be "a good German" and never question authority, which is represented here by the police SWAT team.

Alas, if we can't stop abuse of authority through and by our elected officials, using such peaceful means as vocal dissent, it becomes necessary to end it by violence.

This "Gestapo spank" pushes that ugly event one day forward.


WV: "tactat"

The regime rules by tactical dictat. Make sure you have the means to impose limits on it.

Anonymous said...

Cop licking stupid party.

But then one of my reps, in response to my question on a certain bill told me; 'hey, you can't vote against the cops'.

Anonymous said...

I recommend writing the Pima County GOP and voicing your opinion on the matter.

I did so yesterday morning after hearing about this (I'm in AZ) and had an "interesting" back and forth with a Mr. Harris (the GOP's Pima County Executive Director).

Below is the exchange:

On Jul 2, 2011, at 10:28 AM, XXXXX XXXXX wrote:

Forcing Brian Miller to step down from as chairman at Pima county GOP for voicing his opinion is unconscionable. It shows a complete lack of understanding of the militarization of our police forces and marches in lock step towards the tyranny of a police state where an individual's 4th Amendment protections mean even less than Mr. Miller's right to free speech.

This sort of totalitarian action is precisely why the GOP is losing voters. If Mr. Miller's dismissal is allowed to stand, I will not vote for ANY GOP candidate in Pima in the future.

A very concerned citizen,

Subject: Re: Forcing Brian Miller to Step Down....
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 10:45:39 -0700

Hello XXXXX,

Chairman Miller has not been dismissed. That can only be done with a bylaws change that must be voted on by the hundreds of Precinct Committeemen of Pima County. To call that meeting requires signed petitions from 20% of the Precinct Committeemen of Pima County. At that point the meeting is mandated upon the Pima County Republican Committee. Pima GOP Headquarters has received over the number of petitions required to force the special meeting and therefore is mandated to do so.

The action taking place will be anything but totalitarian because hundreds will vote on it and the GOP is not losing voters at the rats of Democrats. In all actuality, the Republican Party is now the largest party in the state and has increased in ratio to the Democrats in the city if Tucson since 2009.

It is unfortunate that regardless of any action that the Republican Party takes that you would make your fellow citizens suffer for it by your voting for nonconservative candidates in spite. It is especially unfortunate when your decision is based on the vote of hundreds of Precinct Committeemen who represent the interests of the citizenry of their Precincts.

Greg Harris
Executive Director
Pima GOP

On Jul 2, 2011, at 11:07 AM, XXXXX wrote:

Mr. Harris,

Know what's more unfortunate? That you obviously believe that our country is a democracy, not a republic (Pima County's GOP is apparently run as such).....that the whim of the majority, is more important than individual rights and that politics trump the Constitution.

I'm fairly certain you won't understand the above as you see things through the prism of being on the 'inside' of the GOP political machine.

The problem with most "conservatives" is that they like to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution they like....when it suits them. In this respect, you're no different than the Democrats/liberals/progressives.

When I made reference to "losing voters", I meant people like me (not sheer numbers) who actually believe in ALL of the Constitution and understand your approval of wanton violations of it as in the Guerena case. We are the "Independent" or "swing voters" you love to claim to court during election season. This kind of action (re: Miller) is what drives us away. Persecuting someone because he publicly criticizes an act of an overbearing governmental malfeasance simply because it goes against popular opinion is the very definition of a totalitarian regime.

Anonymous said...


Subject: Re: Forcing Brian Miller to Step Down....
Date: Sat, 2 Jul 2011 13:49:41 -0700

Hello XXXXX,

The special meeting for the by-laws change was not mandated by 100% of the populace. The meeting was mandated by representation (PCs) of the Republican voter in each precinct.

Just so you know a little bit more about me. I am the founder of the Conservative Middlemen - an organization which was formed to cover each and every amendment of the constitution thoroughly (the only organization of it's kind in Arizona). Brian Miller was a speaker at our meeting several times. Each meeting of the organization lasts several hours on each amendment and follow up with a discussion of the amendment via emails for an entire month on each amendment. I consider myself to be a Constitutional Conservative just as our Chairman Brian Miller who hired me as his Executive Director.

Once again, my agreement with the principals of the Chairman does not come in to play. I also did not write the bylaws in 1973 (I was 9 years old) and I did not take part in any of the bylaws changes up to this point because the last time they were changed was in 2003. I was an independent. In fact I was independent up until 2008 - hardly on the 'inside' of the GOP political machine.

I was a supporter of Brian Millers in his CD8 Campaign thru volunteerism and thru donations. I also steered dozens of people to his CD8 campaign as volunteers and staff. I was also a supporter of the Brian Millers for his candidacy for Pima GOP Chairman, and I voted for him.

By the way, I looked up totalitarian regime in Websters and it didn't say "Persecuting someone because he publicly criticizes an act of an overbearing governmental malfeasance simply because it goes against popular opinion."

Once again, your fight is with 126 Precinct Committeemen who petitioned for the special meeting. Just so you know, I was not one of them.

I continue to work at the pleasure of the Chairman, Brian Miller as his Executive Director.

Greg Harris
Executive Director
Pima GOP

Anonymous said...


On July 2, 2011, at 14:02, XXXXXXX wrote:

Mr. Harris,

Let's be plain. Are you stating that you are just "following protocol" by following the mandates and by-laws of your organization when you seek to hold the 'special meeting' regarding Chairman Miller's comments?

Are you further stating that while you may agree with Chairman Miller's principles.......(not "principals" since you seem to wish to nit-pick the definition of totalitarianism....more on that later if you really think we need to delve into the topic and can't reason out what was meant by my comment) are obligated, as part of the party, to follow the by-laws?

If that's the case, just remember when the Nazis were tried at Nuremburg, they too tried the "I was just following orders" mantra.....all the way to the hangman's noose.

As Edmund Burke said, "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

I'm not sure what to make of your commentary at this point.....but I sincerely hope you will stand for the man you claim to have supported seeing that his comments on the Guerena case, troop with-drawl from A-Stan, and freedom of speech advocacy are all things I believe our founders would have supported. If you are such a staunch supporter of the Constitution and a self-described "Constitutional Conservative" (with all that entails) as you claim, hopefully you will understand the concept of "there is no greater love than to lay down one's life (figuratively; his political future in this instance) for his friend". I pray you have the strength to stand for your convictions and support Mr. Miller.

Perhaps I'm misreading this latest correspondence, but it *seems* as if you are saying you support Mr. Miller....and if that's the case, I'd appreciate it if you could just forward my original commentary to whomever it is who heads up the movement to have him dismissed. They are the ones to whom my comments are directed.

Thanks for your time,

Anonymous said...

Jim McDougal, of Whitewater scandal fame, once stated that Republicans are physical and moral cowards. This confirms it. Here in southwestern Oregon, that same ilk has co-opted the local Tea Party and the results are the same type of roll-over butt-kissing of the TPTB. The term USEFUL IDIOTS comes to mind.