Thursday, July 7, 2011

A gift to the evil bad guys of the cartels from the ATF PR machine desperate for good publicity: Undercover tips of the trade.

There are some ATF street agents plenty pissed about this PR stunt.

Meet Omar. He’s a bad man who wants good guns. He’s got razor-cut hair styled like an Aztec warrior, fierce black eyes behind his Dolce & Gabbanas, plenty of gold on him. He’s got an iPod clipped to his Armani jacket lapel, the earbuds hanging around his neck, like he’ll just tune you out if he wants to. He stands in the blazing sunlight in a parking lot of a Barstow strip mall with two men who have what he wants—MAC-10 machine guns, AK-47s, M16s, all full automatic, all in very good condition and all illegal to own, of course, in most states, including California. He told these men he represents “Nicaragua.” They told him they don’t care. Not their problem.

Omar watches as the gun dealers lean over the trunk of his Trans-Am. They begin to count the $15,000 cash and test the five pounds of cocaine he will trade for the weapons. He looks bored. In fact, Omar is anything but bored. His heart is pounding, his palms are damp, and it feels like he’s roasting in the infernal desert sun. The Smith & Wesson five-shot in his waistband seems to weigh a ton.

In fact, Omar is not even Omar at all. He’s an Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) undercover agent named John Torres, and what he’s thinking is, As soon as these guys can count to fifteen thousand, test the coke borrowed from the Drug Enforcement Administration and bring me my guns, then I can say the bust words and we’ll take them down.


Robert Fowler said...

Did the people at ATF write this article?

Anonymous said...

It was written by a horse's patoot that also wrote a novel called "Iron River". God, this guy is sticking to his story long after facts are revealed that make it ridiculous.

Cheers, Medium Sized Jake

John Richardson said...

Michael Bane reviewed Parker's book Iron River last year and pronounced it the "crappiest book he's read in a long time."

Anyway, Jeff Parker has always been presented to me as a stand-up "gun guy." Instead, he proves himself to be just another whining liberal. This book is nothing but an antigun propaganda piece, the same brainless drivel we put up with in the mainstream media. I made the mistake of buying this steaming POS...learn from me, little grasshoppers!

Anonymous said...

I love this at the end of the "article":

"Note: On June 20, the L.A. Times reported ATF acting director Kenneth E. Melson would step down from his post in the wake of growing public outrage over the flow of guns into Mexico."

The MSM is trying so hard to protect the Obama admin that is becoming a bad joke..