Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From the Mexican newspaper Excelsior: The U.S. sells us arms, admits Zeta kingpin.

English translation of this article in the Mexican newspaper Excelsior.

The U.S. sells us arms, admits El Mamito

The drug dealer Jesus Rejon affirms that the cartel buys drugs in Guatemala, and then they cross the river

Raul Flores Martinez

Mexico City, July 6, 2011 The arms used by the criminal group The Zetas were bought in the United States including those sold by authorities of the United States government, according to the account of Jesus Enrique Rejon Aguilar, El Mamito.

Last Sunday, elements of the Federal Police arrested El Z-7, one of the principal leaders and founders of The Zetas who in his initial statement affirmed that there are entities of the government of the United States that are furnishing arms to the Mexican cartels.

In an interview released by the Federal Police with El Mamito, indicated that the arms that are purchased cross over the International Bridge and thus cross the river.

“The arms bought in the United States – there was a time that the buyers, because they were not with us, were buyers on the other side – said that even the American government itself sold them.”

Furthermore, the arms trafficking from the American Union to Mexico took place in periods of 20 days, a month or month and a half, according to the review and operation that the federal authorities carried out. The transport of armaments were facilitated for the Gulf Cartel by having an agreement with the authorities, said Rejon Aguilar in his initial statements.

“We cannot overlook the reason for the success of this operation; we can deduce that it is impossible to be buying arms much less take them in the trunk of a car and be able to freely pass, well there had to have been a treaty or something, I don’t know, one can suppose that there had to have been a treaty with the government, I don’t know.”

Regarding drug trafficking, the central base is Guatemala. Everything is purchased in that Central American country.

“Drugs are controlled by a group of accountants, they direct everything in private, so it is a closed circle, and they know how it is being done.”

Meanwhile, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) applauded the capture of Rejon Aguilar for whom there is an warrant in the United States for the distribution of cocaine and marijuana.

“This significant arrest is testimony to the commitment of President Filipe Calderon to defeat the dangerous and violent drug cartels that operate in Mexico,” indicated the Agency.


Col Bat Guano said...

O Obama! Sing a song from that magical hole under your nose to placate the Mexicans.

Allowing guns to land in drug cartel hands that then killed Mexican civilians and cops would be considered an act of war were I a Mexican.

Anonymous said...

Sort of getting really messy yeh ?

Anonymous said...

The shytza has officially hit the international fan.
Now waiting for the SPLAT!!
You can't vote "present" out of this one.

B Woodman

Remy said...

Well, I'm not exactly going to take the word of this criminal, and a lot of those statements were rather round about. It does bear investigation though. From the sound of it he wasn't referring to what we're calling the Gunwalker case, since that would be more a matter of the government allowing a sale rather than actually being the seller or actively brokering the deal. A minor difference, but still important.