Sunday, June 19, 2011

An interesting point.

Actually, I'll have more on this subject later this week.


Mickey Collins said...

"We now know that the Mexican President, Calderon was unaware of this operation."

Do we know that the same way we know the US President, Obama was unaware of this operation?

Just remember, the 'US gunshops are causing murders in Mexico' meme was as much Felipe's as it was Barry's, and it's pretty obvious that a few thousand dead Mexicans don't really bother Felipe much.

Anonymous said...

Calderon and Hillary were broadcasting their intentions the very first time they ran their mouths in public about The Iron River . If you were listening .

Anonymous said...

This is all so dirty.
As a floorlayer I hate seeing blood and guts all over someones honest hard work. Y'all remember someone put in a full day on their hands and knees to prep measure and lay those tiles and that rubber wall baseboard. Now someone has to come and clean it up and re-do it.
What a gutter class performance coming from the zero leadership suit and tie gang. Piggggs. Makes me want to grab anyone wearing a goofy ridiculous tie and strangle him with it.

Anonymous said...

Someone said on another related thread - which is worse, the original crime or the coverup?
If there was no wrong doing (ie crime) in the first place - then there would be ABSOLUTELY no need for a coverup.............that DoJ and all the others involved are bending over backwards shows there is something to hide.
Perhaps that is one of the questions Rep. Issa and Sen. Grassley OUGHT to be asking - what are you trying to coverup?????

Anonymous said...

Yeah but there's no conspiracy or anything.....