Friday, April 1, 2011

You want to know why Mexicans get real upset about ATF "gun-walking?"

From Guerrero state: The tortured and executed body of a man dumped along the Acapulco highway.

Here's some headlines from the M3 Report, a product of the National Association Of Former Border Patrol Officers.

MEXICAN POLL - Do you think the violence will end in Mexico? No
86.67% Yes 13.3%

TORREON, COAHUILA – Prosecutor for 28 yrs. executed on way to work.

AGUASCALIENTES – State police commander for state executed in garage.

MICHOACAN – Female state police commander of special ops group kidnapped.

NUEVO LEON - 13 dead in 20 hours; authorities say violence increasing.(SDP)

MEXICO CITY – Agreement signed to broadcast photos and data of missing people.

HERMOSILLO, SONORA – Narco laboratory seized by army; 2 pot fields and crystal methamphetamine lab.

MEXICO CITY – System set up to use text messages to report crimes in the capital; already use Facebook for this.

DURANGO – Murderer that stabbed mother and 6 yr. old girl was stabbed to death in prison 24 hours after entering; report says ‘ had multiple stab wounds in nearly all of the body’ (now that is justice!).

ZACATECAS – Armed group attack state police station; no reported injuries. (OEM)

SAN LUIS POTOSI, SLP – Entire family executed, including 6 mo. old

DURANGO - Federal Police captured Barnab√© Monje Silva, aka M14, who is fourth in command structure of the Pacific cartel in state of Durango; former cop; also got 2 other major cartel people; seized 3 AK-47 rifles, 3 handguns, 5 magazines, 79 cartridges, 500 grams of Crystal, 13 cell phones, 7 cell chips, 2 USB sticks, a Toyota, which had marked the marked “M18″, a Jeep Patriot, a Volkswagen Bora, among other things.

SAN LUIS POTOSI, SLP – Seven ‘hawks’ arrested (hawks are lookouts paid by the cartels to spy on police and military, and thus warn the cartels in time to escape).

SAN LUIS POTOSI – State prison deputy director and his wife executed; 15 yr. old child very grave.

CHARCAS, SAN LUIS POTOSI – Military attacked at checkpoint; 2 wounded Zetas caught; seized 3 AK-47 rifles, an AR-15 rifles, three .22 caliber rifles, 7 handguns, 51 magazines, cartridges, 4 vehicles, 6 radios, 9 mobile phones, tactical equipment, among other things.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, CHIHUAHUA – Father, son and daughter shot; brother and sister die.

GARCIA, NUEVO LEON – Mayor attacked again this week by 40 men in 15 vehicles; 4 gunmen killed and 4 arrested by he and 8 bodyguards;1 died, 2 others serious.

ARCELIA, GUERRERO – Military attacked by gunmen at narcocamp; 2 gunmen, 2 soldiers dead; 2 captured.

TLAQUEPAQUE, JALISCO – Court officer executed, lawyer passenger wounded.

GUERRERO – Tortured and executed man’s body dumped along Acapulco highway.

MICHOACAN - 4 executed, dumped along highway.

GARCIA, NUEVO LEON – Clash with military leaves 3 gunmen, 2 civilians dead; this is where there have been 2 attacks on Mayor a week apart.

GUADALUPE AND MONTERREY MONTEMORELOS, NUEVO LEON – Police officer and 3 others kidnapped, each separately; 4 executed; 2 wounded, all separate incidents.

CHARCO LARGO, SINALOA – Body found, no head located; died from beheading.

CIUDAD JUAREZ – Body found inside drum; 4 others have previously been left in same place.

ANGOSTURA, SINALOA - 4 men, 1 woman executed; index finger, genitals removed.

ACAPULCO – Tortured, executed man dumped near seaside.

TEPECOACUILCO, GUERRERO – Decapitated body found, head found elsewhere; each left with narcomessage.

SONOITA, SONORA - 2 Honduran men found executed.

Headline stories:

Top cartel leader arrested; Cartels threaten to kill US law enforcement

Chihuahua – Governor Bodyguard’s Wife and Daughter Executed

CHIHUAHUA - An armed group of gunmen killed the wife and 4 year old daughter of Governor Cesar Duarte’s bodyguard. According to reports, this is the fifth attack on officers of the Attorney General’s office within the past 10 days. The bodyguard was wounded. The attack occurred as the wife and daughter left their home. The wife was a commander with the police. (Note: recent narcopintas (graffiti) writers left messages threatening executions of police commanders, as previously reported.)

This is just the report for 1 April. The previous report packed with similar stories came out on 29 March. So all the above incidents happened within FOUR DAYS.

And how many were committed with Gunwalker Scandal weapons?

Now do you understand why the Mexicans are really, really, REALLY pissed at us?


Dennis308 said...

These are prime examples of why your April Fools joke are not funny. This Violence is spreading to our side of the freaken border.

on the border

Kyle III said...

This may not seem related, but in a way it is. We allow guns to go to Mexico because it serves an agenda to control guns for citizens here in the USA and now we are going to pay for weapons of all shapes and sizes to go to a group of rebels in Libya who admittedly are al qaeda. There are plenty more examples I didn't mention but the point is, how the hell is it that the American citizen has to be looked at under a microscope to get a gun and our government (who is the one making/enforcing the gun control laws) is either side-stepping their own rules to sell guns to criminals outside of the country or straight up giving them away...and on the dime of the very citizens they regulate into oblivion??? What more is it gonna take before we fight back? Every damn day those bastards in DC are screwing us and destroying our future as a nation...the time is coming soon.

drjim said...

Does anybody know the total number of weapons the ATF allowed to be walked over? These guys have so much cash from drug trafficking, that we all know they don't need the ATF to "allow" a few guns to go their way.

Mark Matis said...

Sounds like Chicago to me. Or Detroit. Or maybe even DC.

Anonymous said...

For Obama gunwalker was the perfect two fer: smear and further restrict the American gun owner. Then screw over the country with which we have a huge land border and historically has weak civil institutions.
The resulting chaos may still result in the destruction of someone, just not the original targets.