Monday, April 4, 2011

So, I'm going to the NRA bash as an accredited media representative. I guess I earned it.

Illustration courtesy of David Codrea at War on Guns.

Via email from Rachel Parsons, NRA Media Liaison:

Hi there,

You are all set for media credentials to NRA’s Annual Meeting. You may pick up your media badge(s) at the onsite media office at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh beginning at 10 a.m. on Thursday, April 28. Credentials will be available in the media office throughout the weekend.

Television crews and still photographers should bring necessary equipment and lenses (sports lenses) to cover events from platforms at a distance from the stage. All television cameras will need a staff escort to film on the exhibit hall floor. (Please note: Due to limited staff availability, all foreign media requests will be handled as time and resources allow. We apologize for this inconvenience.)

Please let me know should you have any questions.

Can't wait to meet the folks at the blog bash. ;-)


Jimmy2Times said...

N.R.A. - Not Relevant Anymore

N.R.A - Negotiate Rights Away

Fuck the NRA. I always laugh when they announce a "Friends of the NRA Dinner" I think, who's gonna be there? Diane Fienstein, Chucky Schumer, and Barbara Boxer?

Have fun, Mike, should be entertaining.


ParaPacem said...

Take a Handi-Wipe in case LaTrine wants to shake your hand.
And take a paper towel and a stick, in case you step in any Sebastian on the way in.

Scott J said...

See if you can find someone from Ace of Spades HQ.

Bill Utterback said...

"So, I'm going to the NRA bash as an accredited media representative. I guess I earned it."

I guess you did.

Anonymous said...

I'd likely eat a 1/2 a head of broccoli , and a large bag of sunflower seeds ,washing it down with a pint of soy milk....... on the way over .

In memory of Doc Flatus , King of the Crop Dusters .

Mark Matis said...

Ya know, with the upcoming departure of CBS's turtle-on-the-fencepost Katie Couric, it might be good to drop Ms. Attkisson's name as a worthwhile heir. She already works for them, and has shown herself to be braver and more fair-minded than MOST of their news staff...

Not sure if she would have any interest in the position, but it sure would be an improvement over anything that has been there in at least the last 50 years.

Newbius said...


I left a comment before but it appears to have been eaten by Blogger's machine. This time, my comment approached post-length, so I put it on my blog instead. I am looking forward to meeting up with you at NRA-Con in Pittsburgh.

Please understand that this comment is not directed at you, but IS directed at those 3%ers who heap scorn on the dinosaur/gorilla, without doing anything to fix the problem.

I expect that this commentary is going to ruffle a few feathers. So be it. We need to focus our efforts, and work the system while it is still easy in the grand scheme of things. Trying to do it the hard way is madness while we still have options open to us.

My comment is here:



John Smith said...

You are going to bash the NRA as an accredited media representative... Sounds like a winner to me said...

I think Anon@17:15 has the right plan... ;oD

I'd LOVE to be a fly on that wall!

Should be fun - and you deserve it!!

Sure would be nice to have a nice new BOOK TO READ while you were gone (cough-cough)...

Dakota said...

If you need security at the SOF "shindig" let me know. Probably be a few "B"ATF critters in the wood work there. Maybe they'll have on their black cowboy outfits .... they'll fit right in then for sure.

Anonymous said...

Why Newbius , you wound me .

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about the NRA. I am not defending them. What I am advocating is this: instead of pissing and moaning about them, co-opt them. Take them over from within. They are an organization which elects their board. Every member gets a vote. Engage them inside their own system and bend them to our will.--Newbius

This is precisely what the Cincinnati reforms were intended to do.

We see how well that worked, don't we?

I believe the NRA is incapable of reform and men of good will must look for a more militant organization to better represent their concerns.


Newbius said...

@Anonymous 18:41: I only wounded you if you are uninvolved, inactive, apathetic, and yet continue to bitch about those who are actually trying to work the system while it is still there.

If not, then my post is not directed at you.



Newbius said...

@Malthus: Fair enough. Did all 9 Million of us join? "Numbers have a quality all their own..."

Not saying we shouldn't ALSO engage other organizations, but we should not DISMISS the very organization that the Congress fears. We need to control it instead.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy2Times obviously doesn't know much about the NRA. He certainly doesn't know anything about Friends of NRA, which is a charitable organization which raises funds at the annual banquet via raffles and auctions.
Those funds are contributed to support activities that encourage shooting skills and shooting sports. One example is : They funded building a Boy Scout rifle range in the Birmingham area. Mike, if you attend all the events in Pittsburgh, you might learn that the NRA is a good organization and it would be easy for you to become a member while you're there. That would be better than putting down the NRA. Without them none of us would be able to legally own many of the guns we have by now. We all need the NRA and all other pro-gun organizations in the fight to uphold the 2nd amendment.

Endowment Member of NRA and a
3 percenter who has participated in many Friends of NRA events.

Anonymous said...

ps -
the "nameless endowment" member who was ashamed to sign any kind of name, will be the one running the Wayne LaTrine Kool-Aid stand just outside the executive washroom.

An Ex NRA Member who learned that they wanted my moment and did exactly jack shit for my rights.