Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Hoplophobe Boogeyman? Something called "rapid-fire ammo."

"Crackdown urged on rapid-fire ammo."

As opposed to "slow-fire ammo" I guess.


Pineywoods Patriot said...

I guess with "slow fire" ammo we could all be like Nemo in matrix and dodge the bullets. LOL

The Hunter said...

Ya know... I am getting REAL tired of hoplophobes getting a free pass. What they are advocating is the violation of other citizen's civil rights. That is not just immoral, it is a violation of existing law, in at least some circumstances.

Mike has always been right out front in calling these odious jerks just what they are to their faces, much to his credit. WAY too many of even the most effective pro-rights speakers are far too polite.

L Neil Smith's observation over a decade ago that to still believe gun control has any chance of working you'd have to be "stupid, insane, or evil" rings even more true now that SCOTUS has finally deigned to put the official stamp of approval on what we knew all along. Any hoplophobe spewing their irrational hatred should be treated EXACTLY as any other bigot in the marketplace of ideas.

Dick's Dad said...

"I guess with "slow fire" ammo we could all be like Nemo in matrix and dodge the bullets. LOL"

I was thinking of the Matrix as well, the whole rimmed case, with readable headstamp and undented primer emerging majestically from the muzzle.

I don't know whether the geek doing the animation really thought that is what happens, or whether he still gets a sly chuckle for getting it past all the editors and the director.

Progressives and guns, it's a good job that the majority of progs don't understand them, they'd be much more dangerous if they did.

WV says:

John Smith said...

I really hate endrun legislation.... All this does is attempt to ban all ammo.. I know for a fact that 155 mm can be rapid fired.. Does that mean all ammo less than 155mm is banned than???


Disciple of Night said...

"Common-sense legislation" I'm tired of hearing those words!

Anonymous said...

The ignorance of the news media is astonishing.
What the lady was talking about was High Capacity Magazines, those idiots couldn't even get the headline straight.
This is one of the big battles in keeping our country free, as TPTB are trying to pass a law in CT that would outlaw these mags.
We need to stand against these infingements on our 2nd amendment rights.

Anonymous said...

You mean Neo, right?

Nemo is a fish.

But it would be cool as heck to see a fish slow-dodging bullets.

otterhauser said...

Sooooo 10 round mags would prevent some whack job from killing??!! Isn't that just swell.

Anonymous said...

Off with all their trigger fingers!

Ed said...

See the following for the misguided attempt to sue Gander Mountain for the legal weapons sales related to this shooting:


Anonymous said...

Is that the same thing as High-Capacity Ammo?

Speaking of Hoplophobes, I have seen this mentioned other places, and have witnessed it me-self.

Watch the passer-bys of those carrying guns going into and out of any gun type event – gun show etc., the wide-eye looks are simply priceless.

Shy Wolf said...

I think by 'rapid fire ammo' they're talking about what Ann Barnhardt did yesterday with Lindsey Grahamnesty. She sure fired off some rapid fire shots in his direction.
Love her comment on IOTW site when asked if she'd heard a response from Grahamnesty yet: "No, he's still hiding in the litle boys room." (paraphrased)
Gotta love people like her, Mike and David- bringing it right to their feet and making them eat it.

Arctic Patriot said...

I guess that includes .22 ammo as well. My boys can do one hell of a job with that stuff.


Anti-liberty extremists.


Sedition said...

If I buy a case, does it come with a free bacon stretcher and brick bender?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps "rapid fire ammo" was in reference to the Zorg ZF-1.

Allen said...

ah yes..rapid-fire ammo...

so they're going to segregate ammo by velocity now?

sounds like another divide-and-conquer scam like "assault rifles" and "sniper rifles".

"that rapid-fire ammo can travel for MILES and still be deadly! we're all in danger!! AAAAHHH!!!!!!!"

Anonymous said...

Such magazines manufactured after 1994 are already banned in New York but are readily available in Pennsylvania and some other states.

I like how 45 other states is reduced to "some other states".

Had Wong not turned the gun on himself, Zikuski said Binghamton police would have been "severely outgunned."

Yeah, it's not like they have access to weapons I can only dream about having or anything...OOPS.

Toastrider said...

Rapid fire ammo. I keep it right next to my rotary bayonet lug. :D