Monday, March 7, 2011

"White House: No comment on ATF gun-walking controversy."

CBS strikes again.

White House press secretary Jay Carney did not shed any light Monday on the allegations uncovered by CBS News that ATF intentionally let thousands of assault rifles and other weapons fall into the hands of Mexico's drug cartels. Insiders call the controversial practice letting guns "walk."

In the wake of our CBS News investigation, Mexico has asked the U.S. for more information. Two AK-47 type variant assault rifles that ATF allegedly let "walk" were found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry last December. Here's the excerpt from today's White House briefing:

CBS News chief White House correspondent Chip Reid: "Do you have any comment on the story and on these developments today?"

Carney: "I don't. Obviously, as the president pointed out when he spoke here with President Calderon, we take the issue of the flow of guns south very seriously, as we do the issue of the flow of drugs north. And -- but beyond that, I don't have any comment."

Reid: "Is he aware of this specific allegation..."

Carney: "I don't know."

Reid: "... that hundreds of guns went into Mexico with the knowledge of ATF?"

Carney: "I don't know."


Pericles said...

You would almost think that CBS was trying to regain credibility as a news organization.


They will never make the link between the gunwalker strategy and the fact that the BATFE is in the pocket of gun control organizations.

sofa said...

My 3 questions to the WH:

(a) Beside Brian Terry, how many others have been killed by ATF guns? How many Americans, Ranchers, Mexicans, Cops, Agents died for this policy?

(b) Who directed ATF, FBI, and DOJ to conduct such a coordinated multi-state, multi-agency effort to create a 'man made crisis'?

(c) Did the agencies do this for promises of increased funding in the near future?

Anonymous said...

I expect that Carney the 'barker' will be doing some fast talking when this moves past "I don't know".

I'd love to see a smoking gun meeting transcript that ties Obama & Holder too fast&furious come out.

Anonymous said...

The White House spokesman doesn't know if Obama's aware of the ATF allegations?

That's plenty strange in and of itself.

Intentional ignorance? What's gained by appearing clueless?

aughtsix said...

Intentional ignorance? What's gained by appearing clueless?

March 7, 2011 3:43 PM

"Plausible deniability."

The appearance of ineptitude is preferable to outright guilt. It is the Obamanous' stock in trade.


Jazz said...

Of course, CBS still doesn't know the difference between a semiautomatic rifle, built on AK-47 (or other military style) lines, and an assault weapon.... But, why should they be different from other news outlets?

Anonymous said...

The left always needs excuses and always, someone else to blame, when things go wrong.

They never go away voluntarily, and always learn from their mistakes.