Friday, March 4, 2011

A Sipsey Street Irregulars Surrender Leaflet to William "Gunwalker Bill" Newell.

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From: georgemason1776
To: william.newell
Sent: Fri, Mar 4, 2011 7:04 am
Subject: Taking stock of what just happened, are you ready to surrender yet?

So, "Gunwalker Bill,"

I'm guessing that the Mexico gig is pretty much out at this point.

Now is probably just about your last chance to throw your superiors under the bus that they are surely going to try to throw you under. It is just a question of who throws first, who rolls first. If you are ready to roll, I can introduce you to Senator Grassley's people. Wouldn't count on immunity though. On the other hand, it probably would keep you out of prison, you being the first to emerge from the stonewall cave with your hands in the air.

Think it over.

Sincerely, and with best wishes,

Mike Vanderboegh
Sipsey Street Irregulars

PS: Let me know if you want to be taken off my email list.

And then I sent this afterthought:

-----Original Message-----
From: georgemason1776
To: william.newell
Sent: Fri, Mar 4, 2011 7:41 am
Subject: Afterthought.

Remember. You've crossed the line. You're not a cop anymore. You're a criminal. Time to start thinking like one and get the best deal you can.



Chuck Martel said...

I noticed that Gunwalker made today's NPR Morning Edition. Unfortunately a link is not available on the ME website.

Sedition said...

Offer him 1 bar of soap on a rope if he spills the beans. After that's used up, he's on his own in the prison showers.

Scott J said...

As if you weren't radioactive enough already. Sheez!

Doc Enigma said...

Of course Vanderboegh's 'radio active'!

He actually LIKES being the canary....

Sean said...

Hell, Mike ain't radioactive, he's bona fide!

Johnny Gee said...

I know this is kind of off topic-but did anyone see that the Director of Intellignce for ICE(DHS) was just busted for funneling millions of dollars of DHS money to organizations in Jordan and Palestine. (presumably militant islamists) and that the FBI is not being allowed to do follow up investigations on additional personell involved? Is this another one that goes all the way to the top?

CCK said...

I'm sure there is a cushy job for him on with the SInaloa Cartel. I mean he's been working as their procurement officer for the last two years he should at least get paid for it.

PS Mike I sent you an interesting email.

Sandman369 said...


Fox News 9:30am EST. Judge Napalitano Giving Opinion on Gun Walker! Check it out, they say Holder is rolling over and will "investigate" the ATF. wow.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mike! You are a true patriot. Now publish ABSOLVED so you can take care of your financial difficulties. God Bless.

Gaviota said...

Gunwalker is on the Fox News website:

I wonder how many torpedos it'll take to sink that pig-iron barge?

Dakota said...

Got a really good chuckle out of your after thought Mike. Wonder if the "Good ol Boys" are sleeping well these days.

Anonymous said...

Rush is talking about Gunwalker now...

MamaLiberty said...

Holder investigate the ATF? Sure....

Love the email, Mike. You have definite talent for the understatement. :)

Jack Milone said...

Rush Limbaugh is talking about Gunwalker right now.

Dennis308 said...

Holder will investigate who broke the story and how to get even watch yer back Mike.


Terry said...

Rush just commented on gunwalker, this cat's all the way out of the bag now!