Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Prince Charles: We must save the squirrel." Sounds like an exercise in self-preservation. "Nuts in a bucket." Indeed.

"Return of the native: the Prince of Wales at home in Scotland. He first fell for red squirrels in the 1950s; now, he says, 'They even come into the house where I keep nuts in a bucket'"

"Nuts in a bucket."

I don't know why, but this struck me as hysterically funny.


Anonymous said... squirrel...nom nom nom.

W W Woodward said...

There once was a man from Wales,
Who watered his squirrels from two pails,
When a squirrel was heard to say F**k’it,
He placed the squirrel’s nuts in a bucket.

Sorry, Mike I just couldn't help it.


Dick's Dad said...

The shape of Kings to come.

Bad Cyborg said...

A bucket! So THAT'S where Camilla makes him keep his balls!

When my family first moved to south Texas, there was a $25 bounty of squirrels. Turn in a pair of ears and you'd get a nice 20 and a 5. Damned things were chewing on everything in sight. Phone company hated 'em.

Didn't HRH write a book a few years back titled "The Purpose Driven Life"?

Reckon his Momma'll EVER die and let him be king? Me neither.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

You find this funny b/c you're a simpleton.

typeay said...

What additional wisdom can we expect from the man who said: "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation."

Dear Prince Charles,
your Petri dish awaits.

Dennis308 said...

So The Bonne Prince keeps his nuts in a bucket. So where does The Communitty Instigator keep his?


Bad Cyborg said...

Dennis308 asked"So The Bonne Prince keeps his nuts in a bucket. So where does The Communitty Instigator keep his?"

I don't know, Dennis, but I recall James Carvell once saying that if Hillary gave Obama one of her balls they'd both have two.

Bad Cyborg X

Anonymous said...

"Nuts in a bucket"?! I realize that Camilla has the sex-appeal of an old man's underarm, but that is an astonishing way to describe marital relations.

Anonymous said...

My CZ452 wants both squirrels. One in the freezer and one on the ground for the vultures, crows, critters, bugs and worms as they have to eat too.
So help me God.
Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

Greys vs Reds? Squirrel Pox? Iconic indeed! Sounds like Native American revenge for the Brits' introduction of Redcoats and smallpox here.