Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Praxis: Joint Task Force raids. Feds confirm new template in Alaska -- the Hutaree SOP.

Hutaree raid staging area.

From a reader in Alaska:

Heard the feds brought in over 80 guys with snipers and state troopers SRT teams for all over the state and Fairbanks swat team. Hit them all about 3pm. They didn't like the fact that Mr. Cox threatened the chief trooper, his 2nd, state and federal judges. They knew he had full-autos and explosives. About half the feds are gone but they are still here in force pulling on strings with more arrests to follow. I was told that the feds want to make a point with Cox. They brought in so many because they thought if they didn't hit hard and get it over in a hurry and if it turned into a gunfight that Fairbanks wouldn't put up with a waco. I was told that most of the troops were for that purpose and that's way they had roadblocks up. And more than one ring of them out to about 2 1/2 miles away. They ran off everyone, news crews and locals who lived in the area, had their guns up and searched a few of the locals cars at gunpoint.

I was told they had someone on the inside shut down the cell towers and land lines.

Mike, what do you think,? Have you heard anything about it in the states?

My reply:

That's the same pattern they used in the Michigan busts of the Hutaree. The rings are Feds on the inside, staties in the middle, locals on the outside. What they're worried about is getting hit in the rear by friends of the targets so why not let the locals absorb casualties, if any? That is what being the King's Forces gets you. Let the native constabulary do the dying to protect your predatory ass. That works as long as the targets are "low-hanging fruits" like Cox or the Hutaree as one of my sources calls them sardonically. Anybody with friends in law enforcement is going to get warned, despite their OpSec precautions. That is the weakness of the "joint task force" idea. It is a great force multiplier for them but sucks for operational security. One day they'll pick on the wrong bunch and the dead on both sides will lie in heaps and a war will start. Not that they think that far ahead.

Hutaree raid staging area.


Taylor H said...

Didn't know anything was going on in Alaska.

Rictavious_Porkchop said...

BTW - Whatever happened to the Hutaree? They just seem to have disappeared into the mist.

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

They brought in so many because they thought if they didn't hit hard and get it over in a hurry and if it turned into a gunfight that Fairbanks wouldn't put up with a waco.

I was reading too quickly, and thought it said " . . . Fairfax wouldn't put up with a waco." Seemed a pretty unnecessary concern ;-).

Texas Shooter said...

I wonder if the heavy hand of Justice will come down equally hard on the unnamed female who sent explicit death threats to all the GOP Senators (and their Families)in Wisconsin.

Not going to hold my breath, though....

Anonymous said...

What was the purpose of this raid??

Why Alaska??

When is it going to be okay to fight back?? Are we just going to sit back and be picked off a few at a time?? Why didn't these guys fight back???

I guess that when the door to the last cattle car is slid closed THEN we're really gonna get angry???

Newark, Ohio

Arctic Patriot said...

I find it all pretty funny, especially when I hear that local and state LEO are supposedly on "our" side. I don't know the truth in this case, but I do know this: Local and State LEO will do exactly as they are told by their national LEO masters.

And, BTW, the reader is correct. Fairbanks would not tolerate a Waco.

They would have needed a lot more than they brought if it devolved into a Waco scenario.

You're right though, Mike. This is an effective and proven strategy, worthy of study and reflection.


Dakota said...

Nothing new about overwhelming force, they always do that. A friend had his brother hammered by ATF on a bogus warrant. He and his family were gone ... they knew it and still made a huge show of it. He still hasn't been charged (never will be either) and they refuse to pay for damages or return his firearms which they broke into his safe to get. Nothing illegal and they knew it when they served the warrant. Intimidation is what they do, "A" always "T" think "F" forfeiture. Didn't work out so good that time he's fighting them in court but they are doing the same thing to his lawyers that Justice is doing to Grassley ..... nothing.

Criminals ... criminals

Erkl Holder said...

A Question for Historian Mike:

since my own knowledge of history is a bit sketchy since a head injury some years ago, can you refresh my memory?
When the Nazis were performing their tasks against various citizens, they often had locals who were known to the Resistance as 'collaborators'. They lived in the same areas as those whom they helped the Nazis to interrogate, imprison or execute. Like the locals and local LEOs you mentioned in this article.

What was it that happened to the collaborators? I forget?

J. Croft said...

...Of course the best defense against this is not to live at the place you put on your identifying documents, or anything else. If you can arrange this-which means either living under a corporate shell or completely anonymously. Anything else, either have a escape plan w/ place to land or make your peace with God.

Anonymous said...

One would think they have to leave the AO sooner or later...Unless the locals are going to guard them all the way out... They pick on the wrong bunch and they maybe in a fire fight all the way back to DC. But, I'm just sayin...

Story Reports said...

Who is Mr Cox? I don't get the whole story but I am trying to.

Story Reports said...

Who is mr cox? What did he do? I am having trouble understanding this story.

Story Reports said...

what did cox do?

Dedicated_Dad said...

The "charging documents" and other input are available at This Link Right Here

Well worth the time to read, IMHO.

Otherwise, I'm not qualified to comment...


fgd-anchorage said...

Here is the link to the Fairbanks Daily News Miner (http://newsminer.com/bookmark/12332315-%E2%80%98We%E2%80%99ve-got-%E2%80%99em-outmanned-and-outgunned-%E2%80%99-Cox-said-of-government) for your further edification.

The page has additional links regarding Mr. Cox.

Anonymous said...

And to make matters worse, the fkn scumbags are wearing MarPat cammies. Now I'm pissed!!!


Anonymous said...

Child custody disputes in Alaska sometimes get ugly.


It seems as though the State Highway Patrolwas was taking no chances this time.


Anonymous said...

So when are we going to retaliate?