Monday, March 7, 2011

Now this is "leadership" for you. Pretty tough talk for a convicted, admitted, extortionist.

High Plains Lawyer leaves a comment below, first quoting me, and then pointing out Kerodin's latest screed on the subject, which he illustrates with the lurid poster above. I have taken the liberty of inserting Kerodin's piece in between HPL's comments.

"And yes, Pat H, I'm quite familiar with your bloody-minded opinions. And if you had all those ATF agents, every one, in front of you in one vast ditch, would you shoot them all yourself, one at a time? Not knowing who they are or what side they are really on? Would you? Really? Or do you just play a Jacobin guillotine operator with your keyboard on the Internet?"

HPL continues: Think that's Jacobine? Check this out:

("Kerodin's" screed)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Question for Oathkeepers & Whistleblowers...

How many Rights and Citizens have you violated in your career?

Do not look here for compassion when Citizen Trials begin.

Your names will be known once our guys get into the computers.

Your full list of crimes against Liberty will be known, and considered in your sentencing.

Mercy? Leniency?

Ain't gonna happen. We won't even hang you last...

Arctic Patriot has something on the topic as well.



Not just ATF, but all cops (and all military?) will be killed, if the great patriot Kerodin gets his way (and unfortunately, he is not alone).

Now there's a winning strategy - announce, in advance, to all those in police an military service who otherwise may have gone over to the resistance that they shouldn't bother, because if the resistance wins, they will surely be executed for the crime of wearing a uniform, whatever they may have done to help the resistance.

What a brilliant military strategy! Rather than divide your enemy's forces against your enemy, make them all PERSONALLY fear your victory and convince them that their only hope (and likely their family's too) is to crush you completely, in detail.

Mike, I see lots of the same anarchist drivel here in your comments and over at WRSA - declarations that ALL in government service, at every level, are guilty and should lose their head or get a bullet.

Idiots, all. And losers all, if their strategy wins out.

-- High Plains Lawyer.

MBV: "Idiots, all. And losers all." Yup. Makes you wonder which master "Kerodin" (not his real name) actually serves. Also makes you wonder why he has any friends at all.


CCK said...

Please don't tar all Anarchist's with this brush.

The Anarcho-Capitalist movement is far from cohesive.

and while I am a Catholic myself I have co-opted this saying towards government.

"We're all Atheists, I just happen to believe in one less God than you"

But more to his point, Asking for lockstep adherence to his ideals hardly sounds like a freedom loving individual.

Anonymous said...

Mike V.
So we ruffled your feathers. Most of us never attacked you personally, it was the ATF we lashed out at. You did one of the finest jobs I've ever heard of in uncovering this entire operation and I will be the first to admit that I thought it would never go anywhere. I WAS WRONG!
But now to turn on anyone out there that may disagree with you and escalate the war on Kerodin, this is madness. You need to sit back, take a breath and relax.
Our war is with a runaway, not each other (I think I read that here, of all places). Take some of your own advice and end this feud.
You just won the greatest coup of your life, enjoy it.

Semper Fi, 0321

Anonymous said...

"Resist! Now!"

You first Kerodin, you first.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Kerodin is very wrong here. Where is his Christian belief in forgiveness? Me, only the ones who follow illegal orders and fire upon peaceful Americans deserve such treatment.


Anonymous said...

Take a look at the blog name: 3% Patriots.

Yep, that's the right approximation--3% patriots and 97% Jacobins.


Slobyskysa Rotchikokov said...

Although I don't know the fellow, the behavior does seem like classic textbook behavior for an agent-provocateur.
Begin with slightly positive bona fides, release a book or set up a website or both, gather a small following, escalate more toward violent / revolutionary speech and see how many followers come along blindly in response. Cultivate closer ties with those who seem easily led or eager to prove themselves and become accepted into the 'elite inner circle'.
And finally encourage followers or their associates to commit violent actions, then drop the mask and give the names, ISP addresses, other info, to the PTB. This is a pattern that many of us were taught to look for back in the old days. Seems familiar -
Or am I paranoid?

TinCan Assassin said...

Hmm. So because I am a United States Soldier, I am the Enemy. I may not be a card carrying Oathkeeper, but I remember my Oath and intend to keep it. I sympathize, as it were, with that group. But this is looking like a "You'd better not be there when we blow the federal building, come join the Confederacy or else" type of speech. Not liking it, not one bit.

TinCan Assassin said...

Stuff like this is singing to the tune the SPLC is fiddling.

Gaviota said...

I tried to post this on Kerodin's site:

Is there to be no forgiveness? Is there to be no redemption? Is there to be no allowance for changing of hearts or minds?

They are the ones who created the unjustified, unaccountable, secret blacklists, which can't be corrected. Are you going to do the same thing to them? Are you going to BE them?

The OPFOR hasn't yet done anything to us remotely LIKE what the Argentine OPFOR did to them, and yet the Argentines managed to change their government without a retaliatory bloodbath. The French broke out the guillotines and "got even with their enemies." Are you saying that we're no better than the 18th/19th century French? Will our restoration come to be known as The Terror in the same way as did the French Revolution?

In a paraphrase of the words of Sun Tzu, if you put the enemy's back up against the wall with no hope of survival, he will fight to the death rather than surrender.

A whole lot of revolutions in the last 500 years utterly failed to bring about improvements in freedom, liberty, or quality of life for the citizenry. I'd rather not have another one of those in this country. Don't bring your guillotine into my AO, thanks very much.

Dick's Dad said...

Who's side is Kerodin on?

I'd trust Dodson behind me more than I would Kerodin in any direction.

What is the Robespierre quote about terror and virtue?

Kerodin's post lacks even Robespierre's lip service to "virtue", not that Robespierre ever had "virtue" in any sense that a sane human would recognize.

Compare and contrast the very different nations which the American Founding Fathers and Robespierre, and his short assed successor lead to.

Anonymous said...

Concur. Playing the deguello before the engagement begins is certain to accomplish one thing: it motivates the other side.

Gaviota said...

My second post in response to Kerodin's reply to my first post:

This intractible, inflexible, unforgiving malice is not who we Americans are. We are not living in the Balkans. Americans behave like the victors of the Battle of Athens, Tennessee, where the winners restored the rule of law without murdering the usurpers. You will find yourself isolated and shunned if, after the restoration is won, you insist on hunting down and imposing your individual brand of "justice" on those who lost. Do you really want your name recorded in history alongside those of William Quantrill and Robespierre?

I have a son, who has served two tours in Iraq, and I gave him the URL for your blog, and I asked him what he thought of your political stand. His first comment was: "This guy's never killed anybody." When I asked him to elaborate, he replied that in the Army, the combat veterans, who have killed men in combat, don't talk about it. They don't brag, they don't boast, and they don't make grandiose statements about "what we're going to do when..." The rookies do. They brag, boast, and tell each other stories about their dauntless courage until they come face to face with another human being and kill him.

You've never killed a man. The fact that you say you want to is proof.

I won't help you.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Some of that reminded me of the French Revolution. Dickens "A Tale of two Cities" anyone?
Shit, if I was ATF and people were talking about Citizens Tribunals etc. I would figure I need to keep my head down and pray the PTB
can keep things going till I retire and could slip away into
obscurity. No mercy here. Set up the Guillotines.Wow.

Anonymous said...

aughtsix said...

*I agree that Kerodin fits the profile of "agent provocateur." He may or may not be that, as he also fits the profile of dogmatic, egomaniacal, wannabe Leader.

His "leadership" is clearly diminished by the scrutiny and criticism of the greater FreeFor community exemplified here.

Keep your friends close... and your enemies (and striving fools) closer.


aughtsix said...

I agree with the general tenor of the comments here re: nonalienation of potential allies and converts and mercy for the truly penitent, however...

There must be swift and terminal justice for the traitors who designed and executed the assault on Liberty, to include not only the bosses and bureaucrats, but their cheerleaders and enablers in academia, the media and the financial sphere as well.

Follow the money: Who stood to benefit, and why?


Rebellious Pagan Knight said...

I talked about this a week ago.

Classic provocation.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I posted a response on "Kerodin's" site, I just went to copy it and found it missing. I wish I could say I'm surprised...

What I said was ESSENTIALLY this:

"Kerodin said:
'Gaviota: Forgiveness and redemption are reserved for those who recognize their Treason before SHTF, mend their ways and genuinely repent...'

Has TSHTF already, and I missed it?

I GENERALLY agree with most of what you say, but this time you're WAAAY off base!

From where I sit, Dodson not only 'came out of the closet' but broke the door off the sucker. He's put his name and his face out there, in order to ensure the truth is known.

The man has trashed his career, and put his entire future (if not his very LIFE) in obvious jeopardy, in order to expose this filthiness - What more can a man do?

Sure - I'd like to see him spill every bean in his gourd* - and maybe he WILL -- after all, this is a long way from over!

No matter how you slice it, Dodson's done the right thing so far. Surely he deserves SOME credit for that!"

* By "spill every bean in his gourd" I mean "spill all the beans" -- in other words tell everything he knows about everything

There are those who I'd LOVE to see swing from a lamp-post - (following a fair and speedy trial) - for their crimes against our Republic and Her people(*). When I consider the sheer magnitude of the mess we're in, I'm wont to say "we're going to need A LOT of rope!" - as anyone with the desire to Google said phrase would note.

That DOESN'T mean I advocate killing everyone who ever worked for an alphabet-agency, or who ever played any role of any kind in the unconstitutional abuses of power too numerous to mention. It SURE doesn't mean that I think none deserve an opportunity to redeem themselves.

Frankly, SOME - upon conviction - deserve capital-punishment for their crimes(*) -- and I'm sure if I started naming them that we'd find no disagreement.

In short, that's not who We are - it's not how AMERICA operates. Frankly, I'd prefer the mess we have to the sort of "Restoration" that led to the sort of mass-murder being contemplated here.


(*)Lon? Waco-Jim? PLEASE call your office!!

Schmitt said...

aughtsix said: "however... There must be swift and terminal justice for the traitors who designed and executed the assault on Liberty, to include not only the bosses and bureaucrats, but their cheerleaders and enablers in academia, the media and the financial sphere as well."

Who gets to decide who is a traitor? What standard of justice will be observed? What law with govern the proceedings? Will a guillotine be used on the the convicts?

What kind of Restoration do YOU fight for?

Gaviota said...

Anyone here remember the famous quote attributed to Robert McCloskey, the U.S. State Department spokesman at one of his regular noon briefings during the worst days of the Vietnam War?

"I know that you believe that you understand what you think you heard me say, but I'm not sure that you realize that what you heard is not what I meant."

Kerodin sounds exactly like that. That guy can parse words better than ol' Slick Willie himself. What he can't do, though, is accept any opposition, criticism, or disagreement AT ALL, without immediately descending into sarcasm, ad hominem, and strawman arguments.

That tells me all I need to know about him. Large megaphone, no adult supervision.

Anonymous said...

Has that clown's Federal probation ended?

Inmate Locator - Locate Federal inmates from 1982 to present
Name Register # Age-Race-Sex Release Date
1. CHRISTIAN A KERODIN 46993-083 44-White-M 09-05-2006 RELEASED

No wonder he hates cops.

"Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas." Nuff said.

Rollory said...

"Makes you wonder which master "Kerodin" actually serves. "

No, it really doesn't, and the accusation does you no credit. It is entirely possible to be wrong and to say foolish things without being a traitor.

As for Gaviota's point - in the first place, it is pretty clear to me that Kerodin's statements can be read as predictions, not statements of intent. Whether that is the correct interpretation is a matter of argument. As for relentless malice, I would refer you to Patton's instructions regarding Axis soldiers attempting to surrender after some combat. This attitude is not unprecedented.

aughtsix said...

Schmitt sez:

Who gets to decide who is a traitor? (See way down below.)

What standard of justice will be observed?The evidence of their actions will convict them. Rule of Law, see below.

What law with(sic) govern the proceedings? Such Law as will be decided upon by The People,as in, you know, the Foundational Principles of this Nation: innocent until proven guilty, etc.

Will a guillotine be used on the the convicts? Unknown and largely irrelevant.

What kind of Restoration do YOU fight for?

March 7, 2011 7:10 PM

Right back attcha, Smitty.

I fight for a Restoration of the Rule of Law, where traitors and criminals of the highest order face Justice rather than escape it and prosper.

Don't recognize a traitor when you see one? Gotta spell it out for you?

Who gets to decide?

History is written by the winners.

OUR America is screwed.(By a bunch of poltroons and traitors.)

We're already in a fight.

Let's win.

Then we can dispense Justice in a fair and ordered way...

then kill the bastards who have fostered and perpetrated the greatest con in history on the most benign, successful, courageous, generous and trusting people the world has ever seen; but who have lost or forgotten many of these qualities in allowing the aforementioned traitors to gain control.

Anyone who has no stomach for it had best get out of the way.


WarriorClass said...

Looks like I missed some of the conversation, since I was looking at the previous post, but this was my observation:

It appears that Dodson fought against this gunwalking strategy from the beginning, within the ATF, and finally in the media. While I am all for "forgiveness," I'm not sure that Dodson would be so grateful to you kind souls that deem he needs your "forgiveness." Try to see this from another point of view.

I respect soldiers because they put their lives where their mouth is, unlike so many commentators here, whether they be right or they be wrong.

It is my opinion that it is wrong to be in the ATF, or even the US military at this point in our history (even though I was in it for four years in my youth), but I understand that many think they are serving their country, even as I did 33 years ago.

Now I see that service as supporting Leviathan. But that in no way diminishes the respect I have for those that have the heart and guts to put their life on the line for what they believe.

Dodson was and is a true believer and his actions prove that he was a patriot all along, from the beginning. Now I don't know the man, but his actions speak VERY LOUDLY to those that are listening.

Perhaps Dennis308 would not accept me in his circle of "Patriots" since I served in the US military, which is also an arm of Leviathan. Perhaps he wouldn't think I'm Texan enough either, though my family has historical markers all over this state for their contributions to the establishment of the Republic of which I am a forth generation and my children fifth generation "Texicans," and damn proud of it. Perhaps Mike isn't enough of a "Patriot" to be part of his exclusive circle since his son also serves in the military and Mike himself is an admitted former Commie!

So before you condemn, and before you so magnanimously "forgive," examine your own hearts and ask yourself in the privacy of your own mind, without your keyboard bravado, "Am I willing to put my life where my mouth is, and what have I done in the past that substantiates that answer?"


Dutchman6 said...

Rollory quotes me: "Makes you wonder which master "Kerodin" actually serves. "

And then sez: "No, it really doesn't, and the accusation does you no credit. It is entirely possible to be wrong and to say foolish things without being a traitor."

There are two meanings of master here. One is "master" and one is "Master." His screed has nothing to do with Judeo-Christian ethics, or even pagan morality as I understand it. It is the creed of the Beast. As far as whether he's an agent provocateur or not, others came to that probability by his repeated behavior long before I did.

Then he sez: "As for Gaviota's point - in the first place, it is pretty clear to me that Kerodin's statements can be read as predictions, not statements of intent. Whether that is the correct interpretation is a matter of argument. As for relentless malice, I would refer you to Patton's instructions regarding Axis soldiers attempting to surrender after some combat. This attitude is not unprecedented."

No. It is as old as Cain and Abel. At what point in the barking and growling do you conclude that a dog is probably a dog and not a fish?

Rollory said...

I don't see anything in your response that actually counters anything I said.

He could be trying to spark something. He could also just be a hothead. The fact that it can so easily be interpreted badly actually inclines me more toward the hothead belief, it's exactly the sort of thing someone in a rage would say. I haven't seen anything from him that excludes the second possibility or that proves the first (and in fact not so much in favor of that either). Some of what he writes is not so far from what I start mumbling in my hotter moments, so it makes perfect sense to me that someone could actually go and publish such things openly. You'd have to have a pretty strict set of blinders (moral, ideological, whatever) to be in this type of discussion and not be capable of empathizing. Accusing him deliberately of evil - that's a demonization tactic, it's unjustified, and as I said it does you no credit.

And "not unprecedented" - Gavriota was saying "it's not American". The point is, yes, actually, it is. We could dig up other cases from the Indian wars, for example. Diverting the argument into religious terms doesn't change that.

(It's interesting to me that I already have a pretty good idea what your reaction is going to be. How often in these sorts of arguments do you decide that, after all, you might be wrong? I can't recall a single case.)

Anonymous said...

It looked to me Kerodin was warning those in uniform that have ACTED to deprive citizens of their essential liberties that they would be held to account if Patriots got control of government. Go back and read it again. I think you are all missing his point.

Anonymous said...

Look lets cut the yaking amongst ourselves an try to stop sounding like a bunch of little bitches in highschool.
I dont care what Kerodin has said "he will do". He has yet to prove he can do anything. Till then its just keyboard jocking.
Same for most of us. We are in the "about to" phase. We are all talking about what we are "about" to do. So far few of us have actually DONE anything. We buy guns and ammo and supplies and talk a big game. Problem is we are not even in the ball park yet.

I doubt I would like everyone on my team at a personal level. I dont have to like them. As long as they can hump it and do the deed when the time comes I dont have to like them. Our team is weak in numbers inspite of the current idea to the contrary. We need everyone who can shake a stick in the field for the big game.

Until someone actually notices what he is saying and makes it an issue dont draw attention to it.
There is no need to begin craving us up into factions of those who back one internet pundit over another. We can disagree with each other on issues thats fine. You and Pete disagree on things and manage to keep things professional between you. Thats all we need to do. Keep it professional. Say "I disagree and here is why" then move on. You have made your opposition known and at that point I would actually close comments on that particular post so as not to attract the discord.


Anonymous said...

It appears that Dodson fought against this gunwalking strategy from the beginning, within the ATF, and finally in the media.--Warrior Class

No, he cooperated reluctantly until the death of Brian Terry shook him from his complacency.


Anonymous said...

You and Pete disagree on things and manage to keep things professional between you. Thats all we need to do. Keep it professional.--Grenadier1

Pete is framing the issue as one of perspective; Kerodin is framing Mike as a traitor--a big difference.

Why is it when Mike and Dave have put the ATF's nutz in a vise, Kerodin is the one who screams loudest? Isn't this the conduct one would expect from a confidential informant?


Dennis308 said...

Warrior Class; would I stand With you? Yes. Because I call myself Texan instead of Texican is Not reason for you to take offence. In THIS PART of Texas, Texican can be and is offencive to some people.

Military service was something I did not do because I didn't feel the need to(to young for Vietnam to old for Afghanistan)although my Son Dennis Jr.lost his knee while in training with the USAF and I am PROUD of his Service.
Being in a Alphabet Agency is not the same as Military Service and damn sure not to be compared to ATF.
I live on the border and will be affected by this Gun Walker B/S for years to come so I take all this Personally. We have enough B/S with out our own Government supplying Guns to the Cartels thank you very much.
And as for the Agent in question I will make NO Further Comment because I said I would not.
But neither will change my mind or attitude because some find it unpopular.


Concerned American said...


I just deleted a comment about one of the sources for this post.

Fuck all the bitch-slapping and hair-pulling.

The enemy is all around us for those who want to fight.

Let's try to focus our energy on the statists, rather than each other.

Gaviota said...

Grenadier and Concerned American - I understand and accept your points of view. Internicine warfare is bad for us on the gun rights side.

I also understand Mike's point of view, that FreeFor absolutely cannot start the War of Restoration, that we must endure the unendurable in order to muster the support of the masses of uninvolved citizens. Without that support, we will be crushed, defeated in detail.

We also have to deal with the Prags vs. Absolutists keyboard flamewar in order to maintain our unit cohesion.

So what do we do about the likes of Kerodin and his fellow travelers, whose entire meme is a persistent, scathing attack on those who won't start a war right now? If you've ever tried to engage him in a debate, you know that he is incapable of intelligent, mature, on-topic exchange of ideas and philosophy.

How do we deal with HIS bitch-slapping?

Dedicated_Dad said...

Gaviota: How do you deal - in real life - with the guy who wants to stop the car and beat hell out of everyone who ever honked at him? Likewise those who he thinks looked at him funny?

You know -- the perpetual "hothead": How do you deal with him?

Personally, I avoid such people as much as possible. When I find myself forced into cooperation with them, I do my best to teach them temperance - how to keep their passions within due bounds.

If that fails, I try to keep them from acting out in my presence -- and if THAT fails then I just remove myself so as to avoid having their misbehavior reflect on me.

Gee - somehow all of this sounds pretty familiar...


High Plains Lawyer said...

CA said: "Fuck all the bitch-slapping and hair-pulling.

The enemy is all around us for those who want to fight.

Let's try to focus our energy on the statists, rather than each other."

I'm not interested in petty personality feuds. But this is not some petty matter. Kerodin is espousing and advocating a rule of engagement that is a recipe for disaster, both morally and also strategically.

Whatever happened to being "like Jesus with a gun?"

Mike, you really should resurrect that old post, since there was MUCH hard learned wisdom contained therein.

Mike is right: Some of these guys (and some of you) are starting to sound just like murderous Marxists who want to "purge" society of the guilty, who are "guilty" by virtue of simply wearing a uniform OF ANY KIND, apparently, including all in the police, at every level of society, and all those in current military service.

And Kerodin went a step further and aimed his murderous warning of future punishment at "Oathkeepers and Whistleblowers," - in other words, taking aim directly at the good guys in the ranks. What a wonderful strategy for success!

He didn't just take aim at agents in the BATFE, which by all constitutional rights should not exist. No, he calls out ALL in current service, and in particular, what good guys there are among them.

Rather than saying to them all, "go forth and sin no more," or "when the day comes, don't fire on us and stand down, or else," (which leaves them a way out of conflict with you) he instead says essentially that just by being in service, they have sinned, and he and/or others like him will deal out the punishment for their crime of simply wearing a uniform.

If that "strategy" wins out and is planned for, articulated, and then applied by the three percenters, it will put you in the weakest possible position morally and strategically even before a single shot is fired.

Going in, you will have minimal support from the general population of patriots (who are not bloody minded anarchists who see all in government service as "guilty"). They will not support that "cleansing" of all who wear a uniform, and you will cause all who wear a uniform to see you as their intractable, to-the-death, no quarters enemy. And that is a recipe for disaster and even defeat.

And that is no trivial matter. Better get it sorted out now. All the praxis and training in the world will not avail you if you're ROE and strategy to win hearts and minds is all so FUBAR that most patriotic people think of you as a loose cannon, rabid dog that needs put down before you bust a cap in the blue haired little old lady at the local DMV or before you shoot their kid in the National Guard.

Be "like Jesus with a gun," NOT "Robespierre with a gun." The first path is a recipe for success. The second path leads not just to the dark side, but also to defeat.


aughtsix said...

High Plains Lawyer:

All that you said.


WarriorClass said...

Dennis308, I'm with you. I just don't think we should condemn those that step out into the light from the darkness.


Anonymous said...

For the record I dont agree with what Kerodin says my point is that now is not the time to divide the forces up with petty ideological feuds. He has spoken words but has not spoken deeds.

He can say that he will be judge and jury all he wants it does not make it so. He can profess to the highest that he is a pure patriot, it does not make it so.
The crucible will burn away all impurities on both sides. Everyone will make their choice and no one man will decide who has been guilty of sin.
I do ask a question though. Unless an Oathkeeper makes his choice and sheds his uniform to join our ranks how will we tell the difference between the good ones and the bad ones?


High Plains Lawyer said...

More on the Reign of Terror, from Wikipedia:

Robespierre believed that the Terror was a time of discovering and revealing the enemy within Paris, within France, the enemy that hid in the safety of apparent patriotism.[10] Because he believed that the Revolution was still in progress, and in danger of being sabotaged, he made every attempt to instill in the populace and Convention the urgency of carrying out the Terror. In his Report and others, he brought tales and fears of traitors, monarchists, and saboteurs throughout the Republic and also the Convention itself.

Robespierre expanded the traditional list of the Revolution's enemies to include moderates and "false revolutionaries". In Robespierre's understanding, these were not only ignorant of the dangers facing the Republic, but also in many cases disguised themselves as active contributors to the Revolution, who simply repeated the work of others, or even impeded the progress of the patriots. Anyone not in step with the decrees of Robespierre's committee is said to have been eventually purged from the Convention, and thoroughly hunted in the general population. While it is debated whether Robespierre targeted moderates to accelerate his own agenda, or out of legitimate concern for France, it is known that his policy led to the execution of many of the Revolution's original and staunchest advocates.

Robespierre saw no room for mercy in his Terror, stating that "slowness of judgments is equal to impunity" and "uncertainty of punishment encourages all the guilty". Throughout his Report on the Principles of Political Morality, Robespierre assailed any stalling of action in defense of the Republic. In his thinking, there was not enough that could be done fast enough in defence against enemies at home and abroad. A staunch believer in the teachings of Rousseau, Robespierre believed that it was his duty as a public servant to push the Revolution forward, and that the only rational way to do that was to defend it on all fronts. The Report did not merely call for blood but also expounded many of the original ideas of the 1789 Revolution, such as political equality, suffrage, and abolition of privileges. Despite executing a good number of his fellow revolutionaries, Robespierre was still one of them in his theory, even if his practice was questionable.


In Paris, Robespierre increased the activity of the Terror. To secure his aims, another ally on the Committee, Georges Couthon, introduced and carried on 10 June the drastic Law of 22 Prairial. Under this law, the Tribunal became a simple court of condemnation without need of witnesses. The result of this was that until Robespierre's death, 1,285 victims were guillotined in Paris.


This law permitted executions to be carried out even under simple suspicion of citizens thought to be counter-revolutionaries without extensive trials. When Robespierre allowed this law to be passed, the people of France began to question him and the Committee because they were executing people for seemingly meaningless reasons, and also because they had passed a law without the help of the Committee of General Security. This was part of the beginning of Robespierre’s downfall.[21]


CorbinKale said...

I am with the 3% and their lawful efforts to combat tyranny and restore the Constitution.

The 'purist' comments concerning all government agents as enemies are ridiculous. Who is more dangerous to liberty? A Federal government tyrant, or a radical anarchist on a ideological cleansing campaign?

From a historical perspective, they are both about the same, as illustrated by HPL. I stand with Mike. Every agent of the government that sides with the liberty movement counts twice against the enemies of the Constitution. Plus one for our side, and minus one for their side.

Once they surrender, the fighting HAS to stop. Reprisals, purity tests and revenge all have to be nixed, if we are going to have any benefit from our victory.

Anonymous said...

The shooting hasn't even started and we're already bickering? Fucking ridiculous. Stop acting like a bunch of women.

Anonymous said...

"Do not look here for compassion when Citizen Trials begin.

Your names will be known once our guys get into the computers.

Your full list of crimes against Liberty will be known, and considered in your sentencing.

Mercy? Leniency?

Ain't gonna happen. We won't even hang you last...

CHEKA style trials ahead Kerodin? Boy, you can hardly wait. I wonder if you'll do as good a job as the Chekists did?

What about you Pete? Do you want the gutters running with the blood of American soldiers and police? After all, you keep publishing Kerodin's message, you must be onboard with "The Citizen Trials".

Do you want to restore The Constitution or is it really all about revenge?

Will your future "Citizen Trials" look like this?

I think you have already answered my question.

Anonymous said...

And here's the real thing: