Saturday, March 5, 2011

Meanwhile, this just in, the Washington Post is still dead, the corpse trapped in a nasty meme forcefield from which there is apparently no escape.

Denial is not merely a river in Egypt.


Anonymous said...

"While promising partnership to Mr. Calderon, Congress and the Obama administration have failed to deliver."

Considering how many wetbacks, err..."undocumented workers" are registered to vote Democrat, you would think BHO could do a better job demonstrating his appreciation to the President of Mexico. ;^)

Obambi must lack the (word verification) kazones".


Robert L Stevenson said...

The ignorance of the Post, and most other national media, amazes me. They claim the gun used to kill Agent Zapata last month was purchased at a gunshow. While that may be true, the ATF was able to trace it to the straw purchaser which means to me that he bought that gun from an FFL dealer at the gunshow. We all know it don't make no difference where the gun was purchased if it was purchased from an FFL. To merely mention the gunshow connection without telling the whole story is irresponsible and just what useful idiots are useful for.

Dennis308 said...

"One of those smuggled weapons, obtained at a gun show in Texas, was used in the killing of a U.S. special agent in Mexico last month". (They won't even print Jaimie Zapata's name).

I don't remember anyone saying that the gun was bought at a gun show.........

Only that it was bought by some one that came under investigation by ATF Dallas(or were they already under investigation)and we all know were Dallas gets it's marching orders. Same place as Phoenix....

It's not like we are talking about People who have proven themselves to be Honest and/or Honorable, Just look back at their history resent and not so resent a history of LIES,Waco, Ruby Ridge,and the Len Savage Case to name only the first three that come to mind.

And Wa-Po still wants people to believe what these people and themselves by proxy are spouting as anything resembling the truth.
Pure unadulterated Bull Shit and Propaganda.

Let The Hearings Begin.


CowboyDan said...

"Obambi must lack the (word verification) kazones".

Anonymous, are you looking for the Spanish slang word for testicles? Try "cojones," which is pronounced "Co-hone-es," not "Co-Jones," unless you're trying to sound dumb.

This comes from a guy who grew up in south Tecas but didn't learn Spanish becuase of the prevailing bigotry of the day.

That I didn't learn Spanish when I lived down there is one of my few real regrets.

Still, I have to agree. Obambi needs to grow a pair.

RKV said...

The Post's for profit education division (aka Kaplan) provides the cash to keep the propaganda wing running. Squeeze federal student loans which fund the business unit and you get compliance in the editorial room.

RKV said...

Squeeze federal loans to students on the for profit education business which the comPost owns (Kaplan, whose profits fund the propaganda division) and you get editorial compliance. Suivez l'argent, mes amis. Tres facile.

Anonymous said...

...that's a lot of retractions that will never get published.