Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I thought this guy blew himself up in Team America. (Best part of the whole film, except the Hans Blix scene.)

Moore On Wealthy People's Money: "That's Not Theirs, That's A National Resource, It's Ours"


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that all of Michael Moore's money is ours too???
Paul in Texas

Jay Stang said...

Absolutely fantastic movie. In very heavy rotation in my shop in Okinawa.

rexxhead said...

Well, poop, we're so far in the hole now, let's implement the Moore Plan: tax the rich until they're poor, and then insist Moore come up with an alternate plan when that not only fails to fix what he sees as 'the problem', but in fact makes it worse.

It will be worth it just to see Moore say "Well, I meant well..."

Maybe we'll benefit by never hearing any more economic idiocy from him and his ilk.

MikeinNJ said...

Yeah, he's a dipshit...Got 27 million for Farenheil 911 and is suing for another 2 from an ex-buddy. Let's take that from him.


Robert L Stevenson said...

He certainly talks the talk. I wonder if would be willing to walk the walk by forking over a good deal of his modest wealth for some good cause.

Cybrludite said...

Unless he signs over everything he brings in over the national average, he can shut his fat gob.

Anonymous said...

I like his plan. In fact I think Hollywood in general is like a little ANWAR of rich wealthy people that need to be drilled for the collectively owned resource. Why should they be allowed to sit on all that money they earn from "acting" or "directing" thats not real work. They didnt EARN that money. We should be taxing actors and film industry professionals at 90%

What a complete toolbox!