Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hoplophobia can be, and often is, a terminal disease of the mind.

Hoplophobia, from the Greek hoplon, meaning armor, is defined as the "fear of firearms" and as the "fear of armed citizens". Firearms instructor and writer Colonel Jeff Cooper claimed to have coined the word in 1962 to describe a "mental disturbance characterized by irrational aversion to weapons". -- Wikipedia.

"LI officer doomed by cry of 'gun'"


WarriorClass said...

Many cops obviously believe they have the right to shoot anyone with a gun. Even just carrying one. Did anyone ask if he had a permit? Or if he was A COP?

How are those permits working for you?


Anonymous said...

"Gun!" <----automatically allows any "only one" to shoot on sight anyone who has a firearm.

Why? Because the mere possession of a "GUN!" in the communist East has been turned into a defacto death sentence for anyone not an "only one".

Somehow, I don't feel bad for the people involved. They allowed this mess to incubate in their own cities, they are now reaping the harvest.

Anonymous said...

Now we know what to yell if we see ATF around a "scene".....they'll probably gun each other down before making any arrest.

What a bunch of untrained monkeys.

Anonymous said...

I think Nelson Muntz would have something to say about this...

GaryM said...

Next time at a political event with lots of SS, point at one and yell "gun". Should be lots of fun.

Anonymous said...

Lemme see ... nope, sympathy meter's pegging low.