Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gunwalker scandalmongers of the world unite! David Codrea joins me on the Andrea Shea King radio show tonight at 9PM Eastern.

David Codrea and I will be on the Andrea Shea King radio show tonight at 9:00 pm EST to chat about the Project Gunwalker Scandal. David says: "I like it when Mike and I get together on these, because he always has such unique insights."

"Unigue insights." And my ex-wife always said I was merely a bullshit artist. I guess you just have to live long enough to become a prophet in your own country.

Click here to listen.


Dennis308 said...

Mike, Faux News finally came out on"Gun Walker", Had Senator Grassley on calling for a Congressional Investigation.Agent Dodson was also their he's doing good on coming clean,I'll give him that.


Coach said...

Mike, you have done a hell of a job pushing this scandal forward.

Anonymous said...

You both rocked!

And if you think your the only ones losing sleep. We can imagine the bloodshot eyes at the concrete asshole and beyond.

Keep fighting the good fight patriots.