Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Closing ranks and circling the wagons." "A major scandal." FOX News finally gets on the Project Gunwalker sidewalk.

ATF Sting Backfires?

David's take: "Project Gunwalker ‘becoming a major scandal’"


CorbinKale said...

"Better late than never" applies to news agencies, as well as ATF agents, I suppose. I am surprised that FOX is so late on this story. Kudos to CBS for digging in and keeping up the pressure.

Anonymous said...

My guess as to what's going to come of all this.....a slap on the wrist for ATF and MORE GUN CONTROL for US Citizens.

This is NOT a knock on exposing these crimes or the people's merely thoughts from a very cynical mindset.

I'm betting it goes something like this.....

"No person needs to be able to buy 30 AK 47 type rifles over a period of months"......henceforth, there will be limits and/or notification of ATF/DHS when someone buys more than 1 AK, Glock, etc. per year (or X amount of time).

Also, ATF/DHS will need a list of all people purchasing firearms so that we can track who is buying weapons to ensure they are not trafficking them to drug cartels. A large number of purchases will warrant a thorough investigation (and possible search) of the person doing the buying. "Large" will be defined by a bureaucrat and obviously, with record gun sales in the last few years, ATF/DHS will need increased funding and manpower to conduct these know, to weed out the traffickers. ;) Also, once we've slapped the wrists of the middle managers who obviously orchestrated "walking" guns to Mexico (notice the heavy sarcasm)....all will be well in the ATF and they will regain the public trust and therefore should receive this larger budget, and increased power.

Lastly, no more FTF transfers between state residents.....all transactions of firearms must be done at an FFL for a reasonable fee (for obvious tracking purposes). Fee will be determined by bureaucrat.

We'll call it the Terry Anti-Gunrunning bill (or TAG for short) and it will be backed by LE unions throughout America to keep our LEO safe.

Sorry....just being overly pessimistic.


Anonymous said...

Let me guess...

This report was done on the weekend no?
When nobody's watching?

Thanks again FOX for "protecting" us, you're turning into them. It didn't take them very long to change you did it?

DB said...

Selling drugs to buyers in attempts to move up the chain of command worked for drugs? Funny, I thought the drug trade was as big now, if not bigger, than before they adopted this policy.