Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another country heard from . . . A collectivist report on Atlanta "working-class zeros."

She must have missed the firearms.

The Atlanta "Stop the War on Workers" rally at the Capitol was attended by about 300 pro-union supporters and about 35 Teabaggers across the street. Their signs displayed the typical grammatical errors and Glenn-Beck-inspired messages warning against "The Kenyan's" attempt to kill our grandparents and install a Soviet-style government.

The irony is, these working-class zeros should thank a union for fighting for their right to have a 40-hour, 5-day workweek that, in turn, gave them the ability to attend a Saturday anti-union counter-protest. Kinda boggles the mind when you contemplate the irony.


Taylor H said...

I suppose she did.

Anonymous said...

The irony is, these left wing losers should thank their gun toting ancestors for fighting to give them the right to spew their commie BS.

ParaPacem said...

And soeaking of irony - if they consider the right wing to be the tea-bag-ERS, then that must mean that they, the leftists, are the tea-bag-EES. And Although the former is gross, the latter is utterly disgusting.

And Anony - you make an excellent point; if not for the guts of our forefathers, these leftists losers would be dancing to whatever tune the latest tyrant played for them, saying only what he approved of and ... oh, wait... they ARE, aren't they? Never mind.

Dakota said...

The union/socialist scum have organized and they will be trying to show up the Tea Party. The next few months will tell the story ... I actually expect America to be in chaos by the summer of 2012.

Hope y'all got your beans and bullets!

Grumpy Old Man said...

As a line mechanic and machinist I was an independent contractor who had to buy his own tools, no benefits, no retirement, almost impossible to write off/depreciate investment as a contractor, too.

Re-aimed careers a couple times, always self-employed/contractor. Always run up against that same wall of GOVERNMENT UNION MORONS WITH ENTITLEMENTS telling me I have to pay for their paper pusher entitlements when I don't even WANT them. They're lucky we don't shoot them on sight.

At times in my years on earth I could have qualified for stamps and welfare, but I never stood in line because I didn't want to. Why should the moron leeches get golden parachutes?

My health insurance is 6 grand a year out of MY pocket with a 3K deductible because of a genetic cancer I fought and won so far. I didn't ask for money then, either. Why do they ask for mine?

Seriously, they should be glad that they aren't all murdered in their sleep. It WOULD possibly be the correct way to deal with them, just as it's correct to put flames to leeches.

Let me live and die on my own merits, don't legislate me to death, and don't take my money by government gunpoint just because you figured out a way to do it that's in a "governmental version of legal."

Grumpy Old Man said...

By the way, from other people out there in the land of contractors, self-employment, and business ownership:

When have you ever had a 5 day/40hr self-employed work week? I have had many many years I never even took ANY vacations beyond family funerals because I had business to do and work to do.

Any takers out there in the land of self-employed that only work 40 hour 5 day weeks?

I didn't think so.

Don't forget, us moron saps that don't work for the government or corporate union land and start our own businesses also have to file quarterly and eventually get a refund (with no interest paid back to us) on a really good year, which, for me has been ONE YEAR out of 26 years. 1996, hard to forget the year I actually got 237.22 back (with no interest). SSI, of course, will be gone by the time I might use it.

Must be nice to sit on your butt and ramble about how unproductive the people that actually try are, while sucking government tit. These people who write this sort of garbage MAKE ME SICK. What is really sad is they have taken over educating most of the world's children, too.

Some would say I made poor choices, but choosing to live your own life and trying to create things is bad? Is this Sweden or the UK? We sure are drifting into their territory on entitlements and BS vs actually doing anything productive.

WarriorClass said...

Grumpy Old Man is right on the money. I think it's time the moron leeches started feeling a little uncomfortable about their continued oxygen consumption.


Anonymous said...

As a self employed mason, I second Grumpy old man's statement.

Anonymous said...

Take note this hag is Mike Malloy's wife. He is a leftist douchebag that pollutes the airwaves on local Atlanta radio. Guy used to be the counter point to Neal Boortz on AM750 but his ratings were terrible so they sent him packing. Also note she only has 1 "fan" on her blog page. I suspect that more folks will see her crap on this page than on her own.


theirritablearchitect said...

Funny, I haven't worked a 40-hour week in about 15 years, now.

I often have to work weekends.

And I don't get paid overtime either.

Unions have never performed any services for me.

Fuck the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

I'm not self-employed. Tried to start a business once, on a shoe string. It doesn't work that way anymore. You have to have money to hand over to government, before you can even think about opening your doors.

Then there are the regulations and laws, which force you into using more capital (the life's blood of a business) to please your masters, so that they will give you permission, to start an enterprise. Then you have people like Hillary making a preposterous statements, about under-capitalization and later add in Obama and his bunch.

God bless anyone who can sort through the BS and invest the capital required. They have my respect and at times, pity.
This is not your mom's and dad's America anymore. These people don't mind you being in business at all, as long as you bow down to them, and give them everything they want. You are after all a peasant, and really should shut your mouth, if you know what's good for you!

BUT the good thing is, you'll never hear about this on the news. You'll be "protected" from this type of information because it might hurt them and their "cause."

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, the socialist fallacy.

Marx thought the value of goods was due to the ammount of labour that went into them;

If we followed Marx' logic we could polish a turd for a 40 hour week and it would become valuable...

Marx also believed that the pay and conditions of workers would inevitably deteriorate until they rebelled.

Instead, due to invention of machines and investment in that capital equipment, workers conditions got better and their pay got higher.

Did unions invent any of the equipment or invest in it?

I think not, they tended to resist its introduction (because it would cost low skill low pay jobs).

Did communist governments invent such equipment or invest in it?

That's why Mr average Chinese factory worker earns less than $2 a day.

Without capital equipment (bought by CAPITALISTS) folk have to work long and hard for not very much result, and their young children have to work long and hard too.

BIG AL III said...

Being from Georgia, one tiny but important thing those mouth breathers seem to forget. Georgia has a "right to work" law which prohibits interference with employment to compel any person to either join or refrain from joining a union. Muldoons. Unions??? We don't need any stinkin' unions!!!

Big Al III

Happy D said...

"The irony is, these working-class zeros should thank a union for fighting for their right to have a 40-hour, 5-day workweek that, in turn, gave them the ability to attend a Saturday anti-union counter-protest."

The actual irony is that the events that Union Activists like to claim that they are solely the founders and providers of e.g. 40 hour work week, ending child labor, and Workplace safety. Were most often the works of other groups with little to no union help and when they did help the reasons were not the high minded benevolent goals that they now claim most often for the worst of selfish/self serving greedy reasons.

After all the entire “look for the union label” slogan was promoted to make sure the white men of the racist/segregationist unions made the products!

But do not trust me look into the historical record for yourself.

This is the last thing I did before leaving work. I started at 9am it is now 10pm.

Union labor is a contradiction in terms.
And this propagandist deserves to be robbed and Terrorized as I have been by union filth!