Sunday, March 13, 2011

Al Punto video from this morning on Univision. Rene Jaquez backs up John Dodson. Anger builds in Mexico.

Link to John Dodson interview:

Link to Rene Jaquez interview:

I am hoping someone can either locate or produce a transcript in English so I can tell for sure if this is as damning as I think it is. The most significant thing about this is that is the first television appearance of Rene Jaquez, the former ATF attache in Mexico City and deputy attache in Ciudad Juarez. The header says: "He agreed with the version of Dodson and weapons entered Mexico." Can a CBS appearance be far behind?

(LATER: I have deleted the videos because the bloody things come on automatically. You'll just have to go to the links.)


Scott J said...

You know, there's a player on this chessboard I hadn't thought of until just now: The hoplophobic United Nations.

This seems tailor made to fan the flames for their international small arms treaty.

The ATF is too inept to keep our arms inside our borders so the UN will have to just step in. Via executive order from the Oval Office I bet.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Wow. Did you realise these vids auto-play?

Load the page and both start jabbering away in spanish - I like to jumped out of my chair!

I LLOLed..

Brock Townsend said...

From my daughter, Virginia,(who sells real estate in Fallbrook just in case:)) whose Spanish is indistinguishable from a native Mexican. I asked her if this was damning.
"Definitely, he is basically admitting that US agencies made this program to try and track down how guns were bring used in Mexico and that 2 guns at the shooting of the officer were part of the operation. As of this date, the operation is still in effect and although there are 1,794 in this operation, he basically says there are more offices so there could be even more. There is also no way to track down the arms until they have been used in a crime and if only 1 bullet per gun was used in a shooting, that's a minimum of 1,800 deaths or injuries. He did state he's afraid of getting fired now, but he morally objects to the program fast & furious and that is why he agreed to the interview."

fgd-anchorage said...

Technical comment: I had to kill flash. The usual controls were not available.

Anonymous said...

Yup it's devastating. It's the kind of reporting that we used to have here before the Marxist takeover of information distribution and content management, oh yeah, and the first amendment.

Too bad for us. Real good for them.

Anonymous said...

Jaquez has always been a "problem child" and a malcontent> People who know him know that EVERYTHING he does is for attention.