Friday, February 4, 2011

WaPo Reporter: "Help! I'm trapped in my Weltanschauung and I can't get out!"

Weltanschauung, noun. From the German. (plural weltanschauungs or weltanschauungen)

1. a person's or a group's conception, philosophy or view of the world; a worldview

So, a funny thing happened this evening. I opened my email to find this story forwarded by WaPo reporter James Grimaldi: "White House delays gun reporting requirement along Mexican border."

Readers may remember that that Grimaldi and his sidekick Sari Horwitz took their initial plunge into the turbulent water of the Project Gunwalker scandal with this piece on Tuesday: "ATF gunrunning probe strategy scrutinized after death of Border Patrol agent," and that I cruelly and disrespectfully posted the link as "Late to the story, Pravda (WaPo) Parrots Kremlin Cover Up Line." You may also remember that in response I sent Horwitz and Grimaldi an instant masterpiece of counseling, a letter entitled: "Heer there be Dragones." My letter to the Pravda reporters. "Welcome to the Project Gunwalker Scandal story."

To these I had nary a word back from Grimaldi and Horwitz, yet I put them on my regular email forwarding list of Sipsey Street posts regarding the scandal anyway.

Now, Herr Grimaldi favors me with a personal forward of his latest article, which indicates that:

White House budget officials dealt federal firearms investigators a setback Friday when officials rejected an emergency request for a rule meant to help catch gunrunners to Mexico.

The decision delays for at least two months a proposed requirement that gun dealers along the Mexican border report anyone who buys two or more assault weapons in five days. White House officials said the delay will give the public more time - until Feb. 14 - to comment on the proposal.

Meg Reilly, spokeswoman for the Office of Management and Budget, said the decision follows President Obama's directive to curb excessive regulation and "is consistent with the president's call for more transparency and opportunities for public participation in his recent executive order."

The delay marks the second time that the rule, which is strongly opposed by the gun industry and the National Rifle Association, has been put on hold. The idea was shelved by then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel last year and was not reconsidered until after the midterm congressional elections.

The rest of the article is the usual WaPo boilerplate of civilian disarmament worldview about the "gun lobby" and American gunshops and gunshows arming cartel gunmen.

Yet I can't help but wonder if Grimaldi's deigning to send me a copy of his article in person isn't some quiet cry of "Help! I'm trapped in my Weltanschauung and I can't get out!"

We shall continue to try to bring the fellow around to see the universe as it is, not as Paul Helmke says it is. Why not? It's going to be a long, cold war anyway, and there are worse things than taking a few minutes to pass the time by wrestling the collectivist Devil for a poor unfortunate reporter's soul.

Illustration from 'The Devil and Daniel Webster'


Anonymous said...

You are having way too much fun with this. But I guess you deserve it, given how much work went into get the Authorized Journalists to actually earn some of their pay.


Defender said...

I hope it IS a distorted internal ideology and not MODD -- Media Oppositional Defiant Disorder. My former news colleagues say progressivism at all costs -- cost to others, of course. Research takes effort, the truth is almost always inconvenient, so they rarely touch the stuff.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we need a regulation requiring dealers to report these purchases so that the ATF can either ignore them or allow them to be walked into the hands of the cartels, or "lost" during surveillance.

But according to sources of the LA Times, its because the poor thugs at the ATF just don't have enough funding to track the guns they let go south of the border,0,6169639.story

Anonymous said...

In order to defeat the truth, one must tell lies. In order to tell effective lies, one must know what the truth actually is. Not doing so, unmasks the liar as such because the truth once heard, always defeats a lie. Therefore lies cannot withstand truth and fact, once heard, and therefore truth and fact must not be heard, only the lies. if one is to win the argument and defeat truth.

Welcome to the news and entertainment media Marxists cabal as we know it today in America. Further study can be made by viewing foreign presentations, for comparison.