Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Late to the story, Pravda (WaPo) Parrots Kremlin Cover Up Line.

ATF Deputy Director Melson reads the Washington Post, confident that the cover up story is still holding.

"ATF gunrunning probe strategy scrutinized after death of Border Patrol agent."

The Fast and Furious case was one of the biggest gun trafficking cases since Project Gunrunner began in 2006. It was seen by the ATF as a response to criticism from the Justice Department's inspector general that the firearms bureau was bringing too many minor cases against straw purchasers, individuals who buy guns for others or traffickers.

Yeah, too bad the 2,000 plus rifles smuggled south with a wink and a nod -- with the deliberate failure of the ATF to inform the Mexican authorities despite their own Mexico City attache's loud protests -- got a Border Patrol agent killed. So, what do you think the next IG report is going to say? After the hearings, I mean.


Defender said...

"Court records do not indicate that the agents deliberately allowed weapons to cross the border into Mexico. On at least two occasions, agents stopped and seized arms shipments headed for the border.

Lone Wolf issued a statement in defense of the ATF, stating that the agents operated "in a very professional and proper manner."

COURT records. Well, it hasn't been a court matter yet, has it?
And what else is Lone Wolf going to say, "ATF is the new Gestapo but they hold our testicles in an iron grip and we like being in business"?

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping the hearings take place, but the game is rigged from top to bottom. No reason to trust any of them, the Waco hearings accomplished nothing in spite of obvious perjury, cover ups, and misdeeds.

Defender said...


Their Presidents Day special. One of two presidents to ever be impeached. Cheerleader for Obama, and look at November's elections.
One week after Waco, signs saying "We love you Bill" along the motorcade route...

Anonymous said...

Having no faith left in our government, or I should say those who populate it now, it will be the story that sticks to the wall like pasta, among the many others that they will throw against that wall. This also means that I believe that the "sticking" will be allowed to happen because too many insiders have their balls on the table including far to many republicans and other rinos.

Any push we get will come from the net because we know what the media, including fox news, will do with this. It also may come to pass that talking will have to end.

Mark Matis said...

Of course, the REAL question is whether the hearings will even begin before we have OUR "Egypt"..

Dedicated_Dad said...

I can't find my post, maybe it wasn't here, but I posted both writers contact info and my challenge to them which included links to here and David's stuff within the last couple of weeks.

Glad to see they noticed, though it would have been nice if the slimy pikes had given some credit to those (Mike/Dave) who did the yeoman's work for them and the rest of us...