Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Actions louder than words. Eric Holder just told the President of Mexico and Senator Charles Grassley to go fornicate themselves.

"Slap the Mexicans once more for me, Melson," says Eric Holder, "And piss on Senator Grassley's leg while you're at it."

Yesterday it was announced that William D. "Bill" Newell, the architect of Project Gunwalker, and, subsequent to the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, the Cover Up King of the Southwest Field Divisions, will be handed the job of Mexican Attache for ATF. A brief email exchange with a well-informed source:

From: georgemason1776@aol.com
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2011
Subject: Re: FYI

So, if I have this straight, Newell, who told Gil to screw the Mexicans, that they weren't telling them squat, is now supposed to work with them?

To which he replied:

You got it. Announced yesterday. Unf--kingbelieveable. They NEED to subpoena Newell's and Gillette's civil depositions in (the Jay Dobyns') case. That promotion won't happen.

Meet William D. "Bill" Newell, Special Agent In Charge ( SAC ), Phoenix ATF

This promotion of Newell in the middle of the "Project Gunwalker" scandal is so outrageous that it prompted another ATF agent, posting under the name of "Jumper," to issue "An open message to Senator Grassley and all members of Congress."

After an ATF Agent was retaliated against by ASAC Gillett in Phoenix for speaking with your staff, your letter to Ken Melson put ATF on notice: "This is exactly the wrong sort of reaction for the ATF. Rather than focusing on retaliating against whistleblowers, the ATF's role sole focus shold be on finding the disclosing the truth as soon as possible."

With all due respect to you and with appreciation for your present interest and efforts in Arizona, this type of behavior is routine, historical, accepted by ATF management and routinely defended by ATF counsel, especially with ASAC Gillett but, also throughout ATF management.

ATF's leadership could care less about Senator Grassley, Congressional inqueries, the No Fear Act, Victim-Witness laws, truth, honesty, integrity or anything that gets in their way of intimidating their workforce. I appologize for the harshness of my tone but your small exposure to ATF retaliations is a way of life for us.

If you expect ATF to now "find and disclose the truth" based on your censure, it is simply not in the character of the individuals involved, ATF leadership as a whole and most definitely not anything close to a priority for ATF's attorneys. THEY DO NOT CARE!

When your staff investigates the Phoenix allegations they will be met with answers packed with hollow mitigation and a series of, "I don't know", "I don't recall", and, "I thought that someone else was on top of that" answers. Expect it. This is a stone cold lock guarantee because none of the people involved have ever been held accountable for any of their bad acts. They have always won out by deflecting responsibility and lying. This is fact and proveable on dozens if not hundreds of occasions. ATF management has stuck their collective heads in the sand and allowed these people to remain in place and continue to do additional and more comprehensive damage.

If you are not directly and personally insulted by ATF attempting to sneak Bill Newell in as the Mexico Attache' under the wire, and in the face of your inquiry then you have missed the point. That is what they do. The theme on ATF's 5th floor is that it is harder to get him removed once he is in place. ATF has mocked your interest in Newell's mismanagment. They have ignored numerous examples of his failures and turned a blind eye to his bad acts. He can't run a field division with any effectiveness so what does ATF do, they give him a whole country!

Newell and Gillett are inept but ATF management will back them to the end of the earth. Expect that too.

This move, which -- given the present scandal/crisis -- could only have been approved at the highest levels of Main Justice, is Eric Holder's message to the Mexicans, whom Newell deliberately kept in the dark, and his answer to Senator Grassley's ominous letter.

By this action, which is shouting far louder than his words, he is saying: "Slap the Mexicans once more for me, Melson. And piss on Senator Grassley's leg while you're at it."

Eric Holder just told the President of Mexico and the Ranking Member on the Senate Judiciary Committee to go fornicate themselves. He's saying that his cover-up is more important to him than truth and decency. All this from a guy who spoke soothing, meeching, insincere words upon the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Senator Grassley, if you want to clean up the ATF and protect whistleblowers, you'd better start with the guy who just told you to go take a flying copulation at a rolling doughnut.

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters


Anonymous said...

Hope none of these agents goes "postal" on the ATF leadership.

MadDawg308 said...

News like this makes me feel that there is no justice for those in Govt. agencies that aim to destroy our Constitutional rights. No matter what we do to shine the light on those who abuse their power, they control the system, and the media outlets put them in a good light or ignore the stories altogether. I fear that there isn't much we can do to restore our great republic with the system stacked evermore against us...

Anonymous said...

Eric Holder....

Another recycled Marxist.

I love that little smirk of his. He knows exactly what he's doing and allowing to be done. That's the reason he was appointed to his position, twice.

I seem to recall that Bush refused to remove all the assistant attorney's general appointed under Clinton, so the full apparatus is still in place. One thing's for sure, Bush was a dummy when it came to that, well probably some other things as well, but I guess the apple doesn't fall far from it's tree.

Still trying to believe in accidents and oversights. But that defense and excuse, is growing thin.

Defender said...

President Calderon seems to be no stranger to the code of machismo. He's tolerated about 50,000 of his people -- including cops and soldiers -- being slaughtered in his war on the cartels.
That time I visited Mexico, most of the men looked like Edward James Olmos and that long-haired knife-throwing assassin in "Desperado" and "Machete," only not as wussified.
If I lived in the Southwest, I'd be loading up every boomstick and magazine I owned. They're turning a secret international arrogant incident into a deliberate provocation.
Qui bono? Who would benefit from it? There's nothing like a Red Alert state of emergency to get people begging for martial law.

Bad Cyborg said...

So Holder basically told Grassley to "piss up a rope". No surprise there since the White House's reaction to the Florida Federal Court ruling on Obamacare was for all intents and purposes the same thing.

These people believe themselves to be untouchable. They do not recognize the authority of either of the other two branches of government. Courts and legislatures are fine in their place but when they step out of their place they are to be ignored and ridiculed.

NOTHING is going to change until and unless executive branch personnel - and by that I mean VERY HIGH RANKING executive branch personnel - are doing hard time in a federal penitentiary. Even then I am not sure things will turn around.

The executive branch has the bit in its teeth. How do you stop a horse in similar circumstances? Can ANYTHING stop the executive branch short of a bullet to its collective brain? The rule of law is hanging on by an extremely slender thread - if it is not already utterly ended.

Shit's gonna get DEEP, friends. It's gonna get WWWAAAAAYYYYYYY deep!


Sean C Young said...

I would not be surprised if Newell becomes a "victim" of the Mexican cartel violence before he has a chance to save his own ass by ratting out the higher ups responsible for this scandal. After Newell's assassination, he will be labeled as a rouge agent who acted on his own.

If I was Newell, I would not be taking a job in Mexico. It's just too easy for someone to disappear down there.

Sedition said...

No justice, no peace.

Anonymous said...

Funny... I see this right after I see a South Park episode that featured the BATF...

Scary that even cartoonists have got the memo on those guys.


ranamacar said...

Sen. Grassley called in to a local radio show today. I tried to get a question to him, but he was only scheduled for about two minutes and the host already had three inane topics to discuss. Guess I'll just have to keep up the letters and e-mails.


Concerned American said...


Holder led the second coverup of Waco, resulting in the Danforth Report.

If you haven't done so yet, read David Hardy's book on Waco.

Once you get that BATFE and the FBI got away with multiple murders of women and children at Waco, you'll get why the AG was smirking today.

And we ain't seen nothing yet...

Mark Matis said...

How long before WE are Egypt?

Anonymous said...

kinda hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel, isn't it?
Lots of you may think me very cynical, I just saw through it a long time ago. Those of you that still think we can vote our way out, or write letters, ad nauseum, to your congresscritters, lots of luck to you. It's a rigged deck.

We are backed up against the wall, right now, today!!! There is no more way out. You are in denial of the inevitable ending to all of this! The USA ended years ago and those in power have played you for fools for years. Just like Fox News and the NRA. Tell the people we're here to help, and they line up for miles to be told what to do. In this case, give us what's left of your brain and send lots of money.

Very soon, you will see isolated gunfights with the authorities, and the rest of the sheeple will condemn them just like they did the folks at Waco. Freaks and nuts that don't belong here anyway. That's how they will get rid of us, a few at a time with full co-operation of your friends and neighbors. There will be no revolution, just a slow takeover. I take that back, things are moving pretty fast these last months. Enjoy yourselves, we are almost there, the death throes of what we once thought was freedom.

Semper Fi, 0321

Anonymous said...

Sen. Grassley might want to consider revising his security detail, or getting one.


DB said...

Very nice. On another note following the following link will bring you to a bumper sticker to make any Threeper proud: http://www.libertystickers.com/product/What-would-the-sons-of-liberty-do-SH/

Defender said...

Did you know you don't have to be a constituent of Sen. Grassley to email him? I reminded him of the 18-year gap between Waco and justice. Defund, disband, indict.
I also told him I'm frightened by some of my fellow Americans' blind faith in government agents. Basically they say the Branch Davidians had it coming; they shouldn't have joined a "cult."
Some of those saying this are Authorized Journalists who also hope to see our semi-auto firearms taken away very soon. I guess we're a cult, too.
Tactical instructors have said that if the residents of Mt. Carmel had wanted to, they could have done an L-shaped ambush on those twoscore ATF ninja turtles and left no survivors. I guess even then they had some faith in the humanity of their government, that some "mistake" was being made.
They didn't understand that they were no longer citizens but a tactical problem to be solved.

DC Wright said...

Why is it that these gubmint slugs all have that same predatory look to them? Int'restin'!!!!

DC Wright
USMC Retired

Mickey Collins said...

Mark Matis said...

How long before WE are Egypt?

Well, Mark, that's not going to happen until We The Sheeple grow enough balls to fight back. Until then, we'll just have to settle for being a poor imitation of Soviet Russia.

Anonymous said...

Semper Fi, 0321

What we have left is hope and faith and determination. The most dangerous weapon known to man is the human brain and human thought. It's why our enemies foreign and domestic, spend 90% of their effort attempting to un-Americanized us, through the schools and media, and still we stand.

Little gunfights can become big gunfights real quick. What you're saying is that you have no faith in the American people. You're wrong. What the Marxists have accomplished can be undone in a week, when the people are provided with the truth and begin to see the lies and then realize the intent of those who are lying to them.

There is only one thing between the people and truthful information and that is the media, who are Marxists. Sooner or later, their lies will be recognized for what they are and represent. People do not like being lied to and especially so if they are made to pay the bill for the lies.

Roll over and die if you want but I have children to think about.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you say. But you're still operating on the premise that Americans have courage and fortitude. You are living the propaganda that was America. I truly wish I had the optimism you do.
Take an honest look at the masses today and you will find 90% + of the population are just brain dead sheep. Not my numbers, statistically proven over time. Most people will not do anything on their own without permission from someone, be it church or gov't. So where are all these folks going to come from that will rise up and save this once great union? They're all dumbed down by the media,(and for all you Fox News groupies, let's see how far Fox goes with reporting the truth on this Mexican/ATF gunrunning story).
We are already living Orwell's '1984' and you think things will get better once the masses rise up, like in Egypt? They also are being played, replace one tyrant with another 'chosen' one. Look at all the stooges rioting in favor of Mubarek, they don't want to be free, just fed better.
We, the gun owners and patriots, are billed as kooks and whackos by the media, the masses want us dead and gone. Because of us, there is crime in Amerika. So where will you get your support from????
As a former Recon Marine, the last thing I will do is roll over and die, that's not an option. But I do wish you the best in your endeavors to keep your family alive.

Sincerely, 0321

fireplaceguy said...

I'm grateful this is happening while the internet is still up and running. We should be thanking BATF for making the pervasive corruption in American government undeniable.

We can either let the corrupt continue to police themselves (and us) or we will have to do as the founders did and fix things.

Any change of course is entirely up to us, as it always has been. There's one remaining question for Americans to answer: Got cojones?

Dan III said...

Didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

If you have faith in the people, take a look at the future of the country;

Anonymous said...

Even the "informed" know nothing;
The people got the gov they deserve and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. I'm not rolling over to die, just realistic, we witness the final days of the empire, that's a fact Jack.