Thursday, September 2, 2010

Gang vs. Gang: Unofficial gangs complain about treatment from the Official Dailey Gang.

Ironic as all get out.


Anonymous said...

Where's The Onion link?


TPaine said...

It's drug-related, not gang-related? But I repeat myself. Who stands on the street corner selling dope? Those thugs don't want jobs...they're making mega-bucks pushing drugs, pimping their ho's...and someone expects them to work for minimum wage?

I think the cops ought to resort to drive-bys. Gangs attacking gangs.

Defender said...

What Daley and Weis have been doing hasn't improved the city, so they plan to do it more and harder.
The complainers err in believing that their bleak conditions are the result of government neglect. No, it's all in the plan. Can't have a crackdown without aggravating the problem first. Can't control the masses of they're not totally dependent.

Taylor H said...


Sean said...

When the SHTF, which gang will run things in Chicago? And when I say run, I mean which gang will oppress, tax, lie, cheat, steal, wound, beat, and murder, as a policy? Why does anyone stay there in the first place?

Bad Cyborg said...

That goes BEYOND irony. It's nothing less than a slave uprising. Actually I almost feel sorry for the street gangs. They have decided they don't want handouts - of food and money etc. - so now they are asking for a handout - of jobs. But they cannot help it. The state has so conditioned them and indoctrinated them that know no other way than to approach the "massa" hat in hand to beg for different crumbs from his table.

Someone needs to tell those young men that THEY must create the jobs they want. They're the only ones who CAN! But at least they have some dim awareness that their current situation is not one that engenders self respect.

I saw a vid yesterday (9/2) where a young black conservative woman tried to tell a bunch of liberals that the Democrats are the authors of most of the problems in the black community today. She said that before LBJ went to work 90% of black babies were born to 2-parent homes. Add to that the vast numbers of black babies slaughtered in the womb (utterly out of proportion to the blacks' numbers in the general population) and a picture of outright genocide begins to emerge. And she tried to tell them that.

Bad Cyborg X

Chuck Martel said...

You know what they need? A good public relations agency. That's what they need.

Anonymous said...

Life is imitating art. This situation is chapter one of a scenario which has been played out in end-times movies since the sixties. These gangstas look like extras from ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK.
The feds will not come to the Police Commissioner's aid because they are even a bigger, more powerful group gangstas. And their "boss man" is Mack Daddy Barry. Stay tuned.

Bitter Clinging Texan said...

Chicago has a history of gang activity dating to pre-prohibition, along with a long and rich history of govt corruption and nepotism.
To the guy who made the comment about these guys not wanting jobs because they already make way more money selling dope, your average nickel and dime street corner dealer doesnt make that much more money, when you factor in the cost of doing business, than a semi-skilled construction worker, not to mention the very real legal dangers and physical dangers involved.
The guy that said that these guys are gonna have to be the ones to create jobs themselves is bingo on target. Instead of buying gold chains, gold teeth, and big rims, INVEST YOUR MONEY. buy tools, get a doing businsess as permit, open up a checking account and make the transition. Here in north Texas, that is how so much of the mexican organized crime stays above water and under the radar. Having grown up in inner city Dallas, Im not going to automatically condemn someone for turning to a very lucrative, and too often glorified by the media, means of getting money or "coming up"; but these guys got to realize, there is no such thing as an old retired dopeman. The same streets that feed you, bro, will eat you.

Anonymous said...

Gang vs. Gang? Sounds like a good opportunity for some Mad Magazine satire ala Spy vs. Spy.


Anonymous said...

While you're all bad-mouthing Daley, don't forget to bad-mouth the voters who kept him and his old man in for decades ! And don't forget the sorry-ass Chicagoans who didn't vote at all.

We always MF the politician. But the more culpable entity is the sorry-ass citizen who keeps scumbags like the Daley's in office.

Democracy....yeah, right....mob rule + 1 !

We get what we deserve.


Anonymous said...

QUit stealing (and dealing dope).
The Gubbment hates competition.

B Woodman