Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And while the EPA is busy banning farm dust, these collectivist green weenies also want an EPA ban on lead bullets. Period.

Dave Workman writes:

On Tuesday, a coalition of environmental groups petitioned with the Environmental Protection Agency asking that lead-based sporting ammunition and fishing tackle be banned. . . This column does not entertain conspiracy theories, but it would be negligent to ignore the fact that many people who dislike guns also dislike hunting, and many advocates of gun control have suggested that instead of attacking firearms, the focus should be on eliminating ammunition.
"Eliminating ammunition." Hmm, can you say "casus belli"?

OK, the excuse here is that we must ban lead ammo because we must save the little birdies and fuzzy creatures. Question: what would the green weenies rather have? Dead critters or dead people, including them?

Now Dave Workman and the National Shooting Sports Foundation have taken a lot of time and trouble to argue facts and logic with these pukes, but they mistake their audience. Green weenie-ism is a religion, and thus impervious to both facts and logic. It would be better to distill it down so even the most obtuse collectivist can understand. If I may paraphrase myself, "If you try to take our lead ammunition we will kill you."

Simple enough?

And if the EPA wants to join in on the "Let's start a civil war with people who have been shooting all their lives" bandwagon then I say, let them try.

As for the rest of bystanding country, including the limp-dick Lairds of Fairfax NRA, they may hide and watch.



MikeH. said...


I think it's time we put a ban on bureaucrats and green-weenies.


Carl Bussjaeger said...

"Question: what would the green weenies rather have? Dead critters or dead people, including them?"

Voluntary Human Extinction Movement

Answer: Dead people.

Amusingly, VHEMT's founder is still alive. I think he should lead by active example.

Taylor H said...

Yeah...let them try.

Toaster 802 said...

They tried to do this in Vermont ten years ago. The putz brigade did make it harder to open new firing ranges, but part of the deal was grandfathering old ranges, and made it harder to sue to shutdown ranges for noise, lead and other issues.

This kind of ruling would kill the surplus ammo market. Now who would want that?

They just keep pushing. So, let them keep pushing until they slip a disk...

Anonymous said...

Isn't lead naturally occuring in the ground?? We do mine for lead don't we??? Buffoonary to the nth degree.


Little Sally Sunshine said...

Let's look at the silver lining!!
Yes, it would cause a problem with surplus ammo, and yes, it would raise the cost of factory ammo - BUT :
It would help many nice people get involved with the wonderful world of reloading, and- as for factory ammo that is lead free -

Have you looked at the fascinating ballistics and performance data of all copper bullets? Near 100 per cent weight retention, devastating expansion when the bullet is properly fabricated, and as a bonus, a non-fragmenting solid copper bullet will penetrate all manner of barriers from heavy glass to moderate sheet metal, as in vehicle doors.
So, lift your heads up high and smile, oh friends of the environment and puppets of the State - perhaps one day soon, 180 grains of non polluting, earth friendly, high velocity copper will be coming YOUR way :o)_

Dennis308 said...

I have lead and lead core Bullets of various calibers and if they want my lead they can have it all.
Just come and get it, I´ll serve it to em Hot. Nothing like a home cooked meal.


root@localhost.localdomain said...

The Seattle Times changed the link to:

Anonymous said...

Molon laabe. Come and get them.
I'll fire them at you, you catch them as best you can.

Another example of biased and half-truth studies. A deeper study found that the lead from ammo shot in the wilderness was fixed, and did not migrate through the ecosystem into the living animals.
(Only the shot-dead ones).

I abstain from saying any more, as I don't want to be banned from my church and this site for excessive profanity,

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

This must be the reason for all those .40 cal Glocks the EPA got last year.

They should probably re-think their choice of weapon if they plan to take on the 3%.

Defender said...

Lead comes out of the ground, and we put it back in the ground, in the berms and backstops of our ranges, where it stays, until we dig it out and recycle it and rebuild the berms.
The city near me is going to replace the historic brick steps at the State Capitol with porous pavers to keep "pollutants" from cascading down the hill into the river. Yeah, that dihydrogen monoxide, it's horrible.
And the lead paint abatement program goes on, 30 years after the stuff was made illegal. Except on toys made in China.
Cue segue...

Anonymous said...

Don't laugh any of this off. You have a leftist regime controlled by an illegal alien. That regime is doing all it can to destroy the foundation of this country.

Marxist obama is willing to do anything to turn this nation into 3rd world socialism.

How ready will we be ? ready ?


tom said...

I've got a pile of wheel weights and sources of heat...

Justin said...



Happy D said...

That is ok. I like copper bullets.

Happy D said...

Do they have any many places we can get lead from?
Oh right dumb question. I keep forgetting how ignorant and/or stupid they are.

Defender said...

Jay Leno said last night that the Muslim government of Nigeria destroyed 80,000 bottles of banned beer confiscated there.
I didn't know Nigeria was Islamic. And that's a hell of a lot of a forbidden substance to be found when it is absolutely illegal. Remember the Islamist thugs who KILLED PEOPLE watching a forbidden European soccer game on satellite TV because there were BEER COMMERCIALS
And this is not Nigeria.

Defender said...

Having trouble with the Seattle website, but has this: "The prohibitively expensive ammunition... would essentially kill high-volume shooting like trap, skeet, and sporting clays, which encompasses nearly 25 million people. It would also ban the use of the estimated hundreds of millions of rounds of lead ammunition that exist in private hands right now.
It's obvious that a significant drop in ammunition and hunting/shooting equipment sales would have a catastrophic effect on American wildlife.
The 11 percent federal excise tax manufacturers pay on ammunition is a primary source of funding for states' wildlife management funding."
So they're going to hurt the animals to save them?
Worse than idiots.
It's not about the little animals, it's about the little PEOPLE.
Meanwhile, in Minnesota, a boy is killed when kids improvise a giant slingshot from a swingset and some rubber tubing. Hit in the chest with a 6-pound rock.

Anonymous said...

Main ingredient in Primers is lead styphnate. Lead nitrate and lead thiocyanide are minor ingredients in some compositions too.

How fast can you say Gramscian gradualists?

Fat Baldy Caver (retired)

FBC said...

Almost forgot;
Lead peroxide too

Pat H. said...

The ban of lead in ammunition isn't new. Ted Kennedy, the Laird of Chappaquiddick, attempted that a long time ago, using hazardous materials laws in addition to the lead content of most rounds.

Even Teddy was unsuccessful.

However, vigilance is the watchword with regard to these fascist thugs, reinforcing the idea of their personal deaths should they pursue this deeply is not a bad idea.

Is anyone keeping up with where these criminals live?

Anonymous said...

Do we actually have a point where we will no longer back up and take any more rules or regulations from these socialist scum???

Is there a real line in the sand or is this just an imaginary point used in works of fiction.

Just wondering.


Anonymous said...

Why do I keep thinking that the EPA needs a Claire Wolf moment??