Saturday, May 8, 2010

A review of the poor man's precision guided munitions throughout history.

Medieval Precision Guided Munitions waiting to be launched.

Medieval English Longbow PGM Launcher.

English longbowmen at Agincourt.

Modern Precision Guided Munitions waiting to be launched.

Modern PGM launcher.

M14 operator in Iraq.

Questions, Mr. Henigan?


Dennis308 said...

The M1-A1 a Very Fine Launcher.Have one and one is on it´s way.And the 7.62x51 is a Very fine Modern Pression Guided Munition.


Taylor H said...

If only they weren't over $1000

Carl said...

The M1-A1 is my dream, my reality is a bolt action PGM launcher. It still delivers the message.

Concerned American said...

CMP Garand (go to Perry or Anniston and gauge it yourself): $495 with ME/TE < 2

NC Greek HXP .30-06 192 rds in spam can on en blocs w/ bandoleers: $96/can

M2 .30-06 AP (possibly corrosive and definitely old); headstamps from '39-'52; 192 rds in spam can on en blocs w/ bandoleers: $60/can

Details here

Anonymous said...

No doubt about it. The M1-A1 or M1 Garand will beat the bow most times.
I shoot the Garand myself. Best rifle ever made.

Still, I think of Crazy Horse and Gall on Custer's flanks armed with the bow and thousands of arrows and almost no firearms. Custer's men didn't have the 7 shot Spencer as his Michiganders had in the Civil War. They were armed with the trap door in 45-70, 405 grain carbine load. 40 rounds they had and 20 of them were in their saddle bags, the other 20 around their waist. The men, dismounted, had one horse holder holding 4 horses.

Arrows pin cushioned the horses and there went their reserves, 20 rounds. Their belt of 20 rounds didn't last long and then nothing was left in the fight, but arrows.

Custer didn't have resupply even though he had sent a message to Reno to, "Bring Packs, be quick, bring packs."

I know I won't have resupply and I sure hope my enemy doesn't have any arrows.

Just the same I'll tuck my 5 foot bow in my boot. Might be some arrows laying about.

Agincourt, 1415, was a little before the Greasy Grass so I didn't think you'd mind.

Mountain rifleman

Longbow said...

Jeepers! Ya think?