Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Now here are some great May Day sentiments from our well-intentioned "undocumented brethren."

What? You didn't see these on MSNBC?

Phoenix -- He's just here "to do a job an American won't."

Los Angeles: They just want to be Americans, you know. Live the dream, overthrow the capitalist system, that sort of thing.

There are more of these at the link.


Anonymous said...

Could it be photoshopped?


It seems just a little too crazy

Dennis308 said...

This attitude of you OWE US America and waving flags of Che Guevara(the communist murdering revolutionary) is EXACTLY why more than 70% of the Americans that are already here don´t want these PEOPLE in Our Country and as far as I´m concerned they need to go home while they still CAN. This Country is a Democratic CONSTITIONAL REPUBLIC and will remain so as long as I am alive.
I will do WHATEVER it takes to insure that My Constitution is Protected by Force of Law or by FORCE if need be. I will NOT allow these People or ANYONE else to turn MY COUNTRY into a SCOCIALIST NATION!!!
If these PEOPLE Want a Socialist or Communist or Nationalist Country let them go to China or Venezuela or THEY CAN GO TO HELL as far as I care. JUST GO!
Enough already the time is now if Reid,Pelosi,and Obumass dare try PUSH ANY AMNESTY for these ASSHOLES upon me I will revolt. And DAM´N the consequences.
Where are our leaders, Who are our leaders?


skybill said...

Hi Mike!,
The top photo says it all!! With friends like that, never mind the enemies!! Just keep at least 3 clips loaded at all times with one locked in place and a live round in the chamber!!

Glad I'm not an "AZ police!!" Who's this guy holding the sign gonna shoot next?? He's being "Facetious??" Right??

'Twaz trippin thru the archives the other day and ran accross an old Frank Zappa album...somewhere the lyrics rang out..."It Can't Happen Here!...I'm Telling You My Dear that ..It..Can't..Happen..HERE!!



Taylor H said...

Not really helping their cause any...

Orygunner said...

That first one looks like a total Troll job... I place as much credibility for this protester:

As I do this one:

John said...


I don't think that I speak out of turn when I say that "A 'shit-ton' of other Texans feel the same way".

Texas (Republic)

Anonymous said...

From the look of these photos, we're not talking about "undocumented brethren", we're talking about "undocumented Democrats".

Anonymous said...

Now, where have I seen that sentiment before? Only it was Ronald Reagan on the flag.

Give us free
armies, police, courts, roads, utilities, parks, schools,
retirements, defense plant jobs -- no taxes
You owe us America.
We will shoot more resisting taxpayers until we get free.

It is collectivism to conclude that all Constitutionalists and illegal Mexican immigrants have this attitude just because some of them do. It is collectivism to conclude that all Constitutionalists and illegal Mexican immigrants are collectively guilty for the attempted parasitism of some of them.

In a free country, both Constitutionalists and illegal Mexican immigrants would be free to enter and make public speeches demanding other people's money. Then they would both be disappointed when they didn't receive it.

What was that rule for radicals about 'make them live up to their own values, they'll fail because they won't'? Only the libertarians clear this hurdle.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry. The Three Percent is here to do another kind of job that Americans find distasteful.

What time does my shift start?

Anonymous said...

Please sign this petition to help "We the Citizens of Arizona" put an end to the violence. The Federal government is too afraid to do anything for fear of upsetting the growing Latino voter base. In the mean time American Citizens are being murdered, Our Police Officers are being murdered, Your Sisters, Mothers, Daughters and Grandmothers are being raped and tortured, Your Children are being poisoned by the drugs that are walked across our broken, wide open border. Washington has refused to do anything for more than a decade while we citizens pay the price in blood and treasure in the path of this Invasion of our Sovereign Nation. Our Governor Jan Brewer has said enough is enough. Stand with us and declare:



This link will take you to the petition

Anonymous said...

Healthcare, jobs, houses, and food have peacetimes uses. If they appeared by magic from the sky at no cost to the human race, it would be a net improvement in the human condition. On the other hand, a Southern border fence has no peacetime use. Its only purpose is to reduce human liberty.

The Christian Identity racial genociders, the Southern border fencers, big military fans, gun banners, and the National IDers are all working in synergy with each other -- an increase in one's desired result strengthens the grasp of the others' results. These groups may all believe they have different motivations, but their effects are synergetic. Explain to be me how a bigger German army, adventuring in more foreign countries, would have better defended the German Jews from...itself.

Phil in Ohio said...

And my kid says that i'm paranoid for always taking my pistol when I leave the house, even to go to the store a mile away .I'll be sure that he reads this article.

oldsmobile98 said...

Photoshopped, probably.

No amnesty for illegal aliens, be they from Canada, Mexico, or Mars.

Anonymous said...

This is complete BS! You right-wing nutcases are at it again. Spreading lies and rumors and hate and racism!!

If this were true ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and all the other honorable networks that have done such a great job for the American people the last couple of years or so would have it plastered all over the TV. But, NO. Not a word on any of the mainstream media! So ya'll are just racists, gun-nut, right-wing extremist spreading lies and hate. I bet ya'll even think Americans have the right to own and carry loaded guns!
(note the sarcasm!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Dennis308 said.


tyrantsbane said...

The first sign was most likely a provocateur or a photo-shop job...beyond that, I wish all of the ILLEGALS would just go back home. [***clicks heels three times*** there's no place like Mexico, there's no place like Mexico]
There is no doubt that the sentiment shown on the sign exists, I just argue that it is likely a phoney to provoke angst (like we need to be anymore pissed about this bullshit!). They have tried to get more American flags and less Mexican flags because of the backlash following past rallies.
Mike, would it be wrong to throw rocks at the guys out front of Home Depot?...okay, what about eggs instead?...bags of doggy doo-doo?
Love the link to the John and Ken Show...I listen to them often.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the comment "a Southern border fence has no peacetime use".
I don't entirely understand your sentiment. You obviously are comfortable with illegal aliens crossing the border and consequently staying in this country until the government finally relents and gives them citizenship. How could any American want that; it equates to open borders. In 1986 we gave amnesty to 3 million illegals and the deal was they would pay fines and back taxes and the government would secure the border. Well as it happened the government later decided these poor peole couldn't afford the fines and back taxes so that was waived and the border was never secured it was ignored. So as a result today we have between 10-20 million illegals and what is the left saying will "FIX" this problem??? They say give them amnesty but require they pay a fine and back taxes and oh yeah, we will secure the border this time!! Does anyone believe them? If we give the illegals amnesty this will only encourage millions and millions of illegals to come here. After all we won't enforce the laws and we won't control our border so why not?? So next time, perhaps 20 years from not it will be 50 million illegal aliens and guess what the left will suggest to fix the problem... Thats right!! Give them amnesty but fine them and have them pay back taxes and, oh yeah, this time we will secure the border.

Anonymous said...

America doesn't have a border problem or an illegal immigration problem, it has a Socialism problem. Get rid of the Socialism and minorities can no longer be politically threatened by the changing composition of the majority. I want abolition of borders, immigration quotas, green cards, first dibs on jobs reserved for citizens, and majority vote. A maximum of human freedom is itself the goal.

I believe in the American values of free enterprise and honest competition and the same legal rules for everybody, no matter the circumstances or location of their birth. It may be that some Americans who went to government schools are unable to compete in the workplace with illegal Mexican immigrants. These Americans can go pick strawberries until such time as they are replaced by robots.