Sunday, May 2, 2010

I would appreciate if any Threepers can give me some more info on the arrest of Darren Huff.

This smells like BS to me.

My thanks to bacsi for forwarding the link with this comment:

FYI: Things are escalating in the Tennessee, Fritzpatrick -vs- Monroe County case, with the Feds arresting Oath Keeper Darren Huff Sunday on charges of inciting to riot, etc. The FBI did this... Stewart Rhodes, that fine Yale educated lawyer, had said earlier he wanted no part of trouble makers Carl Swensson and Darren Huff's nonsense so I'm sure neither he nor his fine group of Simon pure Oath Keepers will get their lily white hands dirty even commenting on the goings on, less alone taking action.

If you are not aware of this case then maybe you need to be. It is as in your face as the Feds are going to get until they proceed to round you all up, line you up along the trenches, and put bullets in your heads.

Go check out:

If this is too much trouble for you all then maybe you should make some cutesy videos to share with the prancing Eighty Deuce boys, maybe you can talk that fine Yale trained lawyer, Mr. Rhodes to star, it's his old alma mater after all and who knows, he might be very graceful all dressed up in drag.

Restore the Republic!



Taylor H said...

I'm not going to lie, the information in the link was hard to read, but I got the jist of it.

Not the first time a suspicious arrest was made. Remember the man in Oregon? We'll see how this plays out.

Toaster 802 said...

After watching my sister go through a custody case, and having the judge say to our face off the record that 5k in "cash" money would make things go her way, I know first hand that you cannot get justice in a Tennessee court room without a fist full of dollars.

Dakota said...

I can only tell you that I know someone who was there personally. I have too many memories of the old Common Law (Writ writers) from the old days to get involved with or waste any of my time with this. If this Jury forman is in violation of the law then a law suit thru channels should remedy the situation. Trying to deliver a "citizens arrest warrant" will get you arrested most places.

Going to his home and confiscating a legal firearm however is a different matter. This does alarm me somewhat. I will look into this further and report back to you.

CorbinKale said...

I don't know about the arrests, but the OK state forums have been hit with people bashing Rhodes over this for not providing legal defense, or something. Sounds like more BS to me, too.

Tennessee is notorious for fleecing its citizens through the courts. I was a victim, too, when I was stationed at Ft. Campbell. NEVER make the mistake of getting a Tennessee driver license.

John Robert Mallernee said...

It's been a long time since I've seen that term, "Bac Si".

How did you learn it?

Brutus said...

Interesting link ... watch the video AND read the comments:

Rhodes ... wake UP! Either you are a fake ... or you are being mislead by fakes in your ranks.

Anonymous said...

BS... Mike didn't exactly clarify what he meant by that, although I am interpreting it to mean that he believes the arrest is bs, not that Darren is.

For those who get confused and have difficulty following the write ups at jaghunter's, I sympathize as not everyone writes as clearly as Mike does here, but this arrest is about the Federales arresting Darren Huff over his drive on 20 April to attend Fritzpatrick's hearing at Monroe Country - he was illegaly pulled over by three State and two unmarked SUV and questioned on the shoulder of the road for almost two hours.

In early April, Fritzpatrick was arrested by the Monroe Sherrif's department, Darren has been arrested by the FBI. Darren was not involved in Fritzpatrick's actions which led to his arrest so comments about that, whether intentional or not, simply blur what is going on here.

This arrest has no legal foundation, it is simply intimidation by the federal powers that be, of not just Darren but every one of you who claim the rights we have as free citizens of this country. If this arrest sticks, every one who ever attends a right to carry rally will be subject to arrest; everyone who attends any kind of rally to support our country will be subject to arrest for inciting to riot. You all had better be organizing to put a million or two or three patriots out into the streets to take this country back or it will be gone. Bunkering up in your hidey holes in the boonies isn't going to get you anywhere.

John Robert Mallernee said... "It's been a long time since I've seen that term, "Bac Si". How did you learn it?"

Probably the same place you did, and it was a term I was referred to at the time.
btw: are you the singing former member of the 101st Screaming Ch.. err.. Eagles? and were you born in Ellensburg? did my bachelors at CWU a long time ago and the locals were still talking about you.. ha!

348 said...

Citizen's Arrest? WTF!

In most states a citizen's arrest can only be legally conducted if a felony is committed in the arrestor's presence, and even then the arrestor opens himself up to possible legal action for false arrest.

In most states a criminal complaint can be filed by a citizen directly with the courts, but for an arrest to occur the court must issue an arrest warrant, and in that case the police execute it.

Putting local law enforcement on notice that you intend to arrest somebody is a good way to get arrested for kidnapping, disturbing the peace, etc. Go and do it with a group and you will likely be charged with inciting a riot.

Cross a state line with a firearm on your way to conduct said arrest is a great way to hand yourself over to the feds, who always use an overbroad interpretation of the Interstate Commerce Clause.

Pure stupidity.

rexxhead said...

Seems to me he broke rule #1: never telegraph your punch.

I tell my daughters: never threaten; do; retribution should always come as a surprise.

John Robert Mallernee said...

I suspect the average subliterate, but thoroughly indoctrinated contemporary American citizen (to include military and law enforcement personnel) will not understand the significance of these issues, and therefore, there will be no popular support or outcry.

This is not the spark that will begin the revolt.

So, the established political and bureaucratic power structure will win - - - again.

When I searched the OATH KEEPERS web site, I did not even find any reference to "DARREN HUFF", although the video of his arrest distinctly shows "OATH KEEPERS" prominently displayed on the doors of his pickup truck.

Anonymous said...

shades of the "guardians"?


Dennis308 said...

More voter fraud Nation wide via Accorn and now Grand Jury fraud in Monroe Co.Tenn.for the last 25 years something stinks to high heaven here.
I haven´t been one to buy the ¨Birther¨conspiracy but I´m starting to think WHY don´t Obama just show his Birth Certificate and be done with all this Bull Shit.Unless he don´t have one from Hawaii or any other of the States.
Maybe someone in Tennessee can investigate this Monroe co. B/S sure as heel got me curious.


Jay Stang said...

I heard that Darren Huff is mixed up with Christian Identity. Is this true or false? If it is true, that might be why Rhodes is not going to support Huff. Also, instead of making a citizen's arrest for something that probably isn't a felony, why didn't they file a lawsuit?

This loose cannon approach is going to get a lot of people killed. Cooler heads need to prevail.

Dan Galena said...

Why would anyone be surprised with the synthetic and artificial "Oath Keepers" not having anything to do, in support of Mr. Huff ?

The moment Oath Keepers started to censor paying members from making comments, in opposition to OK's cowardly pull-out of the Fort Hunt event, is the moment OK members and OK supporters should have awakened.

As I've commented here and at other locations....Stewart Rhodes and his Board of Directors are a joke and a fraud perpetrated on well-meaning Patriots. Patriots who believed OK would work to SUPPORT and DEFEND the United States Constitution; that OK would support and defend Patriots standing against this ever increasing tyranny of the left and the obama regime. Well, Oath Keepers are worried about one thing....increasing the size of Rhodes' bank account.

Live and learn.

Dan Galena said...

To CorbinKale at 4:01 pm....

Those anti OK comments on their state forums won't stand the scrutiny of the state moderators for long. I can tell you that the the OK Moderator for Pennsylvania, Armbruster will, if he hasn't already, censor any commnets challenging or questioning Oath Keepers. In fact to make his job easier, Armbruster will just BAN you from the Pennsylvania chapter.

Anonymous said...

This seems to be a better way to do it:


Anonymous said...

This subject has exercised me enough that I am breaking my normal routine of not bothering to read responses after I've posted something, much less alone make additional posts. If Mike wants to ban me that's fine as it's his site.

But for those of you who think it is just fine to muddy the waters and stir the stink, I'll take a few minutes and respond to some of your nonsense:

A) 348 said... "Citizen's Arrest? WTF!"

Yes, WTF are you on about? This post is about the FBI's arrest of Darren Huff, for driving to a support rally. If you want to go off about Fritzpatrick's arrest by the Monroe sheriff's department, go do it somewhere else; preferably the john since you obviously don't know jack about either subject. "Pure stupidity" - could not have said it better myself - you get an 'A+' for self anal-ysis.

B) Jay Stang said... "I heard that Darren Huff is mixed up with Christian Identity."

Gosh, I forgot Darren, a navy vet, is a preacher or pastor or something. Hell, hang the bastard. Thank God err.. Satan err... David Rockefeller, the FBI arrested Darren for his 'Christian Identity' before things really got out of hand.

Actually, the same response to 348 will suffice for you: WTF are you on about? Maybe you should try sticking to the topic and not worry about cooler heads except for yours which obviously has been fried one too many times.

Regarding questions and observations:

Dennis308 said... "Maybe someone in Tennessee can investigate this Monroe co."

Fritzpatrick and the American Grand jury did. Fritzpatrick got arrested. A free natural born US citizen, Darren Huff, got arrested just for driving to a support rally and having Oath Keeper signs on his vehicle.

John Robert Mallernee said... "When I searched the OATH KEEPERS web site, I did not even find any reference to "DARREN HUFF", although the video of his arrest distinctly shows "OATH KEEPERS" prominently displayed on the doors of his pickup truck."

Brutus posted the link that explains that:
Rhodes called up Carl Swensson who filmed and put up the video about the State Troopers illegally stopping Darren on the 20th, with the sole purpose of distancing himself and _His_ organization from any action taken by Carl or Darren, both who are, or were, members in good standing in the Oath Keepers organization. Rhodes wanted the video taken down.

To hell with Rhodes the Yale lawyer nobody and sell out, who will never stand with, much less alone back any veteran when it comes to a face to face confrontation with his, Rhodes', masters.

You folk are either going to get off your duffs and join with other like minded people and eventually put one to five million patriots on the street Constitutionally organized as militias and/or Citizen Grand Juries and Deputies, and take this country back, or you are all going to go down the same road as Darren, Fitzpatrick, and others. The ones who finally do take this country back will by necessity need to make some changes to prevent this nonsense from happening again, and some of these changes will reflect who did what in the restoration of the Republic.


bullbythehorns said...

" Brutus "


-A parasite is an organism that benefits from a close prolonged relationship with its host, which is harmed.
The parasite grows, feeds, or uses shelter of the host organism (including the host itself) contributing negatively to the relationship.
A parasite is an organism that has a deleterious symbiotic relationship with another organism or host species. The parasite usually lives on or in the host and needs the host for energy and nutrients to survive.
Parasites sometimes cause the eventual death of the host although not always, and this can lead to the parasites demise if it cannot leave or find a new host.

From Latin parasitus < Greek παράσιτος (parasitos), "'person who eats at the table of another'")

I like to think of lawyers as parasites ?

Tom said...

Bac Si Hear! Hear!
& Ooo Rah!

Old Scribbler: What is BS?
I posted over at Pro Libertate hoping WNG would get on it.

Anonymous said...

The 4th turning

BrownWaterNavy said...

The first step in resolving differences and correcting inaccuracies is to fully research the subject you make comments about.
Yes Jag Hunter is difficult to follow especially if you're just now getting involved with this issue.
There are links to this story that have been around for quite sometime.
Follow them and read before making judgments about the principals involved in this case.

Darren Huff is a Christian. So what? Like me he's also a Vietnam Navy combat vet. Does that also condemn him? Me?

Educate yourself on the Constitution and the law.

This link is to the U.S. Grand Jury on Blog Talk Radio;

Listen to the archived shows to get details. Yeah it will take some time but if you are truly interested it is worth your time.

More links;

Despite what you might think about Carl Swensson, he has many articles and You Tube videos that can also get you up to speed; and here;

The men involved in this are patriots. They have uncovered corruption at the highest levels in the TN justice system. Corruption that has been there for generations. These men are dedicated to exposing the criminals and bringing them to justice.

Anonymous said...

"The moment Oath Keepers started to censor paying members from making comments, in opposition to OK's cowardly pull-out of the Fort Hunt event, is the moment OK members and OK supporters should have awakened."

The OK board doesn't have to be deliberately evil to have censored; simply being mistaken is sufficient. OK tries to walk a line between waking people up and not scaring the brass. The brass' job is to squeeze the space in which a moral argument's wedge can enter down to zero. Censorship is always wrong and always serves evil, but it takes a whole lot of awakeness to understand that in the face of constant bad examples from every direction.

Dennis308 said...

Anonymous 02:59 what I meant by investigate Monroe Co. was that do it more discreetly(outside of the County to start)and with the assistance of someone that would be impartial or motivated against the Powers that are in the County if they exist. And then use State or(I hate to say it)Federal Authorities.And this time don´t lead with their chin.


jeepers said...

Despite all the back and forth about the dubious OathKeepers Organization, I still haven't seen anyone answer Mike's question.

Like most readers, I don't care what the mamby pamby Yale educated lawyer and his bunch of loonie hall monitors have to say about this guy. I want to know exactly what it is that is happening.

I read a bunch of gibberish about FBI Agents raiding his home and stealing one firearm. I read about him being pulled over and arrested for inciting a riot- which is very strange to me assuming that he was actually on his way to the place where the incitement was allegedly going to happen?

So, could anyone please clear this up?

Exactly WHAT was it that this guy was arrested and charged with?

He couldn't very well have been charged with attempting to make a citizen's arrest if he was simply on his way to a rally to support the other guy.

He couldn't very well have been charged with inciting a riot if he was on his way to the place where the riot was supposed to be incited.

What did he do?

If you can't answer these questions it becomes a null issue.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read all of the posts yet so maybe this was already stated. Oathkeepers gave Darren the boot! I think the leadership of OK is succumbing to the liberal media, trying to protect their butts instead of standing brave and tall for their cause and their members! Where's their principles?

straightarrow said...

Rhodes has certainly been a disappointment. Looks like you couldn't melt him and pour him on any situation that requires courage. An issue I raised at OK many months ago. I quit regarding them simply because they aren't even hot air, just air.

As for the issue of Huff, no surprises. He may be let go as having committed no crime, which it appears, he hasn't, but it will be well after all his resources are drained.

Let me know when it is time. Until then I don't think I'm going to be too serious about any of it. I know what must happen, I don't like it, but I'm wasting no more energy pretending it doesn't have to happen. It does, because nothing else will stop the disintegration of the founders' republic. Evil men will heed no other response as long as they get to make and/or interpret the rules.

I'll be napping over here in the corner or playing with my grandkids or tending my garden. I am no longer wasting my time or emotion on people who don't believe themselves. Holler if you ever get serious.

Anonymous said...

"Gosh, I forgot Darren, a navy vet, is a preacher or pastor or something. Hell, hang the bastard. Thank God err.. Satan err... David Rockefeller, the FBI arrested Darren for his 'Christian Identity' before things really got out of hand."

I think you're confused man. Christian Identity is a Neo-Nazi group.