Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another country heard from. . .

Pretty funny.

Mike Vanderboegh (.com)

Mike Vanderboegh, Pinson, Ala - Idiot

Anarchy, Racism, Revisionist History, Hatred, Ignorance, Stupidity, Destroying America

Mike Vanderboegh is a TERRORIST? Hitler never personally planted a bomb.

Mike Vanderboegh is far more deleterious to liberty, freedom and the American way than say, Lou Ayres, or anybody like that ever was.

Why allow his TERRORISM to pollute America?

If you say "Geeez, man haven't you ever heard of free speech"? Yea, I have.

Have you ever heard "you can't yell fire in a crowded theatre"?

That is precisely what this P.O.S. does on a daily basis. Intentionally fueling, even creating ill-will and divisiveness with no regard. Infecting our society with cancerous abject hatred.

His life is nothing but a hate-inciting legacy, his contribution to society a negative. A human who deliberately and with intention demoralizes society, divides countrymen, and instigates malevolence in his own nation.


ranamacar said...

Dead link- file not found. Must have been deleted after you noticed it.


Dutchman6 said...

Works for me, but I'll copy and paste.

Anonymous said...

How can one nation Stand when There is such a differance in thought? I'm I expexted to Defend such aborration to my ethical,moral code of conduct?How can one be unequally yoked with such filth?

Witchwood said...

How can one be unequally yoked with such filth?

Simply put: we can't. We're not all in this together, not anymore. We're not all patriotic Americans. The left isn't just disagreeing with us; it wants to crush us.

A lot of people realize there's a civil war coming, but what the country will look like after that is anyone's guess. My feeling is that there will be 2 or more sovereign nations where the old U.S. once stood.

jon said...

this is not a parody website, and not protected under copyright law.

the wayback machine will have copies of this version of the website from today within six months (they copy quickly and archive slowly). google cache will do very much the same, on a shorter time scale. the site owner can block these websites from indexing his domain, but that will make him look even more culpable during dispute resolution. he may in fact even read this and react immediately, but it is already too late if he has actually violated policy -- i have seen the results of proceedings where such as this was attempted, and it is laughably pitiful. this is a private ICANN justice system; the administrative judges don't have to be the least bit polite to violators.

oh, did i forget to mention that? under the ICANN uniform domain-name dispute resolution policy, ownership of this domain name can be transferred to you if you can demonstrate a reasonable enough interest, and show that the current owner has intentionally parked it to resell it to you, has used it to violate laws, misrepresented himself to the registrar, and so on.

read the UDRP and collect materials for a petition, and with your case built, contact this person to settle the matter privately prior to submitting a proceeding. you usually do not need a bonafide lawyer for any of this, but you might want some counsel. hire a paralegal's intern, for instance.

Administrative Contact:


James Powell (


Fax: +1.9545097544

43 S. Pompano Parkway

STE # 1104

Pompano Beach, FL 33069


you do not need to censor this information; domain contacts are "as is" public record in the WHOIS system. the administrative contact is often a representative of the site owner and not the owner himself.

Anonymous said...

Mike - since the idiot used your name, you can easily acquire the domain name from them and have the last laugh.

Anonymous said...

Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientTransferProhibited
Updated Date: 24-mar-2010
Creation Date: 24-mar-2010
Expiration Date: 24-mar-2011

Uncle Lar said...

In fact you can yell fire in a crowded theater. You just have to face the consequences if you do so with the intent to cause harm.
The progressive left have misused that famous quote to justify all sorts of restrictions and limitations on our constitutional rights, but twist it to suit their purposes ignoring it's original intent.
You do not get fitted with a locked gag before entering a theater or movie house, so no prior restraint is intended. If your speech or actions cause others harm your First Amendment rights to free speech do not absolve you from the consequences. Yet the left continue to insist that this reasonable restriction on immunity from responsibility is cause for their imposition of prior restraint on any number of our constitutional rights, speech and firearms possession being the two most often addressed.
Bottom line, all of us, and Mike in particular, associated with the three percent movement speak with the full understanding that we are responsible for every word we utter. From what I can tell the left feel no such responsibility for their pronouncements.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Quite venomous I'd say the whomever is!! Another Country,Hmmmm...and we're living there (inside this dude's head!) Rent Free!!


Dan said...

Ya' know, as I read this, I could easily insert obama's name in place of Mike's.
It speaks more accurately of the Dear Reader than the Dutchman.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Link working for me ATM.

I agree Mike should get after this moron and take his domain.

In the interim, we should just let it make a fool of itself.

"Enciting" violence?

Seriously - doesn't messing with this thing feel more than a bit like picking on "the 'SPECIAL' kid?


rexxhead said...

@Uncle Lar: If the theater is on fire, shouting "Fire!" becomes protected speech...


Oldfart said...

Whatever. You might as well take him off your Christmas card list, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Freakin Asswipe don´t know how Mike keeps some of us reined in.
If the Government goes after just One Threeper.....well we are everywhere.Hell Boy I´m Your Neighbor ya right next door.
Guess Who

MikeH. said...

"Hitler never personally planted a bomb."

Mike Vanderboegh never personally planted a bomb. Well, not that I ever heard about or assume he would ever do. But if he did, I'd hope to God he'd plant one square in your pie-hole, ya limp wrist leftest hermaphrodite.

I think I feel a little better now!!!


Slobyskya Rotchakokov said...

Just echoing what a couple here have already said -
The crowded theater IS on fire and for over a year now the size of the conflagration has grown.

The illiterate and illegitimate children of Waco's SS and Ruby Ridge's SS are now feeling strong enough to frighten into silence, the voices which are crying out 'Fire! Fire!" But the leftist commie bastards all need to understand. Fire does not care who perishes in its flames. They stoke the fire at their terminal peril.

thedweeze said...

I left a comment that was less than complimentary of the individual's computer skills as well as an observation as to the individual's having not quite attained puberty.

It's been deleted. I guess I got a little too close to the truth.


johnnyreb said...

Lou Ayres?

Uh, he was an actor, not a bomb thrower. Just another under-educated leftie baboon.

Makes it very easy to tell the ones that read/research on their own from ones who just parrot what they think their Commie heroes are saying.


Anonymous said...

That website is either a joke or written by someone with less than full command of the English language.

CorbinKale said...

Denounced by Clinton and now a personal attack website dedicated to you? What other proof is needed that you are on the right path?

Thanks for all you do, Mike.

Son of Sam Adams said...

There really ought to be a Godwin corollary/variant for every two-bit wannabe censor who misquotes Holmes in Schenk. I wonder if the dweeb knows that "shouting fire" was to argue that the military draft violated the 13th Amendment (which, on its face, it does).

David Codrea said...

I made just that observation in comments over there, JohnnyReb--didn't know how to post my name so did it without--I see now they have deleted it and corrected the post to say "Bill Ayres"[Bill spells his "Ayers"], so it lets you know what a dishonest piece of crap the worm behind this site is.

Temnota said...

I note with some amusement that the comment I left now says something other than what I typed. This is like being mugged by the kids from "South Park".