Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Angle of the Dangle: Small Penises and Professionalism at the TSA

Your tax dollars at work.


Anonymous said...

"It was shrinkage!"

Anonymous said...

Strip search is strip search, manually or by electronic means. This is Bravo Sierra that this country has allowed this kind of 'inspection' to take place. To h### with the airlines and TSA.

Bob K

Taylor H said...

Even the TSA doesn't like the scanners!

Wyn Boniface said...

I think we should charge the government with obscenity charges and child pornography due to these scanners!

Anonymous said...

This case may be dismissed due to lack of evidence. The prosecutor has already expressed doubts it will stand up in court.

Dennis308 said...

Don´t do nothing to make his tiny winy any bigger. snicker-snicker


triptyx said...

I still maintain to those that say "I have nothing to hide", or "lose some weight if you're embarrassed about being scanned", would you really want these "professionals" looking at a scan of your teenaged daughter?

Dakota said...

Speaking of small penises Waco Jim was just on Rachel Madcow ..... what an asshole. Hasn't lost his ability to lie right into the camera.

Oh yes the Davidians caught themselves on fire on purpose. They must be crazy.

Dedicated_Dad said...

@ Dakota: Just like all those folks that shot themselves in the head -- in the BACK of the head, or 8 times, or ...?

As to the OP, I submitted to this ONCE - because I just didn't want to deal with the usual hassles of flying with metal in my bones.

I declared THEN that I would never do it again - even before I saw this.

I actually have nothing to hide in that department, but that's not the point.

I always wear shorts when I am forced to fly, so the simians in the TSA-SS suits...

(insert Barney-Fife "TSA-SS" poster (I couldn't find it) here)

... can see all the scars and skin-grafts and - hopefully - avoid causing me more pain by poking or squeezing what any toddler would know *MUST* hurt. Doesn't usually work, but I keep trying...

Having given this a lot of thought, I figure every minute they waste with me is one grandmother less who gets to be hassled.


Anonymous said...

So which is the tinier body part?
His penis or his brain?
Sheesh! The things some people get upset about.

Idiots. Idiots all.

B Woodman

Newbius said...

I think that the Statist-Collectivists who deride Second Amendment advocates have it wrong. It is not the gun that is is the BADGE on the JBT.

I don't need no "steenkin badges"..



Anonymous said...

The amazing thing to me is that anyone finds this outcome at all surprising.

To me it looked like a straight forward A->B->C->D evolution.

My only surprise is that the fellow didn't kill the guy.

-Bubba Man

Anonymous said...

So much for the argument that 'it doesn't reveal intimate details.....'

TWOTMC said...

Don't you just know that the TSA perverts will fight over "its my day to watch the scanner". Yeah and sure they will respect your privacy. Until you see scanner pics on youtube.

straightarrow said...

I fought him for his meanness
because he dissed my penis

'Twas at the 'port
where he made sport
of my woefully short
but small around
cause of wife's frown

He has a thing for my thing
I should have given him a ring
but of course, he has a public
from which to choose
a size that fits his fancy
for his mouth or pantsy.