Sunday, March 14, 2010

Praxis: M-14 series cheek rest.

These look pretty interesting. Anyone have any experience with them?


Anonymous said...

Ah, is this for a lefty or righty?

Anonymous said...

I use the left handed 1.5" version for my Socom II with an Eotech. I am happy with how it has held up and functioned. Matt

Pat H said...

I can't tell precisely, but it appears to be a more recent version of the cheek pad in use for the M1 Garand/M14 for a long time. It's of practical value as a cheap substitute for a purpose built stock such as the McMillan M1A stock or one of their other M14 stocks that they've built for years. The ultimate stock system for the M1A/M14s rifle is the SAGE EBR chassis system which modernizes the M14/M1A fully. This is what the US government's military is acquiring now. Information on Sage International may be viewed here.

thedweeze said...

It depends on the rifle/scope/shooter (doesn't it always?)

For my K98k with LSR mount, the elevation was great, but it was too fat to easily line up with the scope. I've got a Blackhawk! lace-on that was $20 that works perfectly.

On the No2A1 (Ishapore 7.62 SMLE) it was perfect. I ran the back strap *under* the buttplate to keep it in one place.

So far as I can tell, they're ambidextrous, and you can unthread the straps from the buckles without cutting and resewing.

The Trainer said...

These are ok...but a better one is this one from Desert Warrior Products:

Why? Because you can easily access your cleaning equipment without taking the rest off. Also, it takes paint much better than the cordura.

It works best with the USGI synthetic stock.

Worth the money!

tom said...

While people are discussing Emma parts, never hurts to plug one of my neighbors.

Nice scope mounts iffin yer gonna scoperize one and they return to zero nicely if you take them off and put them back in the field for whatever reasons one might need to.

Anonymous said...

A notice on the website says they have stopped making them. I have used the 1.25" in Multicam for over a year on my M1A/DSM clone with a Pride Fowler 10x42 RR800-2. I have found no faults with it thus far. When secured properly, it makes a solid, easily repeated eye relief/cheek weld. In the heat of the desert, the fabric is more comfortable when your holding a cheek weld for long periods of time. With the synthetic stock and rubber recoil pad, I don't have to worry about accessing the opening USGI butt plate. If you want one, better hurry because the website says they are only selling what they have left in stock.